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  1. I am still loving this one. I see girls looking a few times. Checking me out, smelling something? Who knows which one or both, but great stuff. One thing when out and about I see the hair shift to show their neck.
  2. I thought one of your blends had that in it and it was the Wanted Man one. I looked for one that did and none. I thought one had turn up the heat in it?
  3. I would love to get this in the SS4M Phero blend and I would have this scent on day and night! LOVING THE SCENT!!! But this does have the Turn up th HEAT in it so this is mostly a night time product. To me, make the scent and add the phero mix when someone orders it. Sounds simple but there must be something more to making it to me. Or maybe the ordering process seems to be the problem to me? Need more of this one fo sure.
  4. Well I would love for this to be sold PHERO FREE. Smells GREAT!!! As for the phero's in it, I can use up to 3 sprays but 4 seems to give the ghost effect for me. I just started to add some Nols and some others to lighten up the None for what I am looking for Phero wise. Good stuff!
  5. I just put this on and it smells like laundry detergent/ soap. Not my type of scent. I might have to put a drop or two of some Agar musk black attar to darked the fresh scent in the sample I got.
  6. Just got my sample today and had to give it a try. First thing that I picked up was the vanilla and maybe a boozey note. I had to keep sniffing my arm, a very different scent that changed with the dry down that me likes. I have a few Potions from here but this works for me. Got to get a big bottle for sure.
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