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  1. I would like to know if there are any Cougar users in their 20's or below who have had the same problem I have. I seem to be like a respected supply teacher rather than the "centre of attention". If I want to talk, you listen, but there's nothing there. It doesn't feel all that friendly... Oh, and if anyone would like to trade Cuddle Bunny for some basically untouched Cougar, I am open for trade... It would be nice if people actually replied to my post for once
  2. Thanks for this post. Since I'm a new user, there's plenty of times I get discouraged when I feel that my newest pheros aren't working. But I hear so many GREAT stories about Cougar, but I have gotten absolutely NADA from it. Phero Girl has gotten some really odd hits (including being sat on by several male friends...?) but what I really wanted were Cougar style hits. Any dosage recommendations? I also have... Sample Size: OCCO Blue Shield (2 of them) Cuddle Bunny Tabby
  3. Avery

    Hello again

    It would appear that my last attempted posts have never shown up on this forum. Whoops . Well, hello! My name is Avery and I'm in Grade 12, and pheromones really intrigue me! I've tried IO and IH from androtics, and wanted to broaden my horizons a little bit. Sadly it appears that I have a little problem. Since all my other posts never showed up, my free trial vials....aren't free. Eek! Who can I contact about this? Anybody know? Thanks
  4. I know it's unrelated, but I absolutely have to ask! Since you're one of the only people I can find that have tried Tabby, how is it? What hits/reviews do you have on it? I would really love to know
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