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    It is time!

    Elliebellikins: Thank you. And yes, they are truly gifted indeed! Calii: Hello fellow LPMP addict. I'm glad to hear the excitement doesn't go away. Honestly, I don't see how it could. I have only just begun. So many things I want to try and so many opportunities to be had. *sigh* Now if I could only win the lotto, my life would be complete. Rosegirl: Oh I'm hooked alright. Love Potion exceeded my expectations. I decided to do a test with my Sexology at my local Wal-Mart and the bookstore today. I didn't put a lot on, but I think I put on enough. I purposely crossed paths with different men and then I would innocently lean forward give them a whiff. "Ooooh...there's a sale on Green Giant green beans? Ohhhh...let me look a little closer at the packaging...to help me decide." Hehehe, yup this stuff works. These scents are magical and I'm hooked. BTW Lace is definitely on my wishlist. JOC: Hiya, there. Thank you, glad to be here. :-)
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    It is time!

    …For me to introduce myself. Hello, hello. Let me first say what delightfully, wicked message board and website you all have here. I have spent an embarrassing amount of hours reading through the threads and educating myself on all the delicious scents and pheromones. Wow! Finally, I couldn't wait any longer and I had to rip out the plastic. Granted, I only purchased a few samples but give me time... I will soon have a full collection that will be the envy of all! So I'm sure you could all imagine the anticipation I felt. I could not wait to test the effects of pheromones (brand new for me, but oh so me) with the combination of different smell goods created in a way I never thought possible! Oh, yes! I could not wait. They put together my order promptly and I did the happy dance when I received confirmation from Stamps. I checked the tracking every day for two days, several times a day, haha. And then on the third day, the status was MISSENT. Oh noes! Long story short, it took them less than a day to make it right. I wasn’t expecting my package until Tuesday or Wednesday. However, I checked the Stamps for the 101 time and whoa – destination city! Less than an hour ago I check the mail and praise Mother Nature – it was HERE! Okay, you gotta excuse me. I’m excited and intoxicated from smelling all the good stuff. Sooo, here’s what I got and what I think of it. Love Blossom – My goodness this one is beautiful. As soon as I took a whiff, I smiled a goofy little smile and fell in love with like..everything. Seriously it touched me. Gorgeous scent. (This will catch me a new man!) Cuddly Bunny – Aww, this is a sweet one. So delicate and comforting. Hold me? (This will make that man act right!) Sexology II – Kinky. To me, this one will make you stop and try to figure out what is the real deal. Naughty right off the bat, but inhale a little deeper – it’s coyishly innocent. That’s the story and she’s sticking to it. (This will rocked that man's loins, erm..world!) Ooh and free samples? Oh how I love thee. Honey Ho – After I spent a couple of seconds giggling because of the name, I now see why honey is such a fav around here. I am a believer. It makes my stomach growl (need to eat breakfast) and I guess the Ho makes it highly seductive. Good stuff. Touch of Ebil – I giggled so more and then decided this is definitely going to be one of my favorites. Very different, this one. I can smell the ebil. It reminds me of demons slinking around in the shadows, seeking to devour your flesh, while consuming your soul…but in a good way. Very dark and deviant. Marigold & Amaranth – Another unique one. I think we will have an exciting future together. I smell a combination of herbs, fruits and flowers. I love how I can smell so many things going on. Lovely. So there it is. I love you Mara and everyone else who is involved in the process of creating these scents. Wow. Words cannot express how impressed I am. But my credit and debit card can. I want to thank you ahead of time for allowing me to become broke and destitute while I embark on my new favorite hobby – Love Potions, huzzah!
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