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  1. I wouldn't say so, because hedione has a pheromone-like effect, but is not an actual pheromone itself.
  2. As a long-time user of the sugar scrubs I can also testify as to their fabulousness!
  3. No, it's been sold out for many years now - both the PE and the catalog rebrew.
  4. I received a sniffee of this in my latest order and it's so beautiful. It's truly a three-dimensional kind of rose, fully in bloom. The sweetness is like a whisper, really just meant to emphasize the full character of the rose. It makes me smile, and because the scent of roses is meant to bestow happiness, it's doing a splendid job!
  5. luna65


    The House Elves very kindly included a freebie trial vial of this in my latest order and I hadn't smelled it in a while....oh baby, Sticky! has aged beautifully. The hot spun sugar aspect is much deeper now, coming up against the sandalwood and smoke...this is sexy cotton candy for sure, wow. I can't stop sniffing myself! Thank you Elves for giving me an extra TV to enjoy - this is going to get major nighttime pulse point dabbing for a while.
  6. I realized today that I never reviewed Orchid Rose after I bought it years ago (during one of the sales, I think) and I just want to state that it's so pretty! I often enjoy just a simple two-floral blend when those floral notes are harmonious and complementary. Of course nothing is ever quite "simple" in the respect that even if it's only two elements, they are built from a layering of notes into the end result but I really love the garden-fresh vibe of this one. In the bottle the rose is stronger but once it's dried down on my skin then the orchid is more present, but like going outside early in the morning or after it has rained and giving the flowers a good whiff. As most know I'm not the biggest floral fragrance lover but Mara has helped me to evolve in that regard to the point where I can wholeheartedly enjoy something like this.
  7. This is definitely a different dimension on cherry blossom, and the hibiscus is nearly equal an element in the mix. It's really interesting because it has more of a fresh evocation to me. Normally I prefer fairly intensely sweet types of cherry blossom fragrances (Mysteries of the Orient is my favorite) but I like how this mingles that dense quality of cherry blossom with the airy/fresh aspect of the tea and hibiscus. It makes me think of another scent from...last year? The year before, maybe? Gah, I can't think of what it was. Not, like, exact, just a similar spirit. In the long drydown, the cherry blossom part comes through with a familiar weight, but softer overall than previous types. And I especially like that there's no soapiness. So this is a really nice floral blend for Spring/Summer, I would say.
  8. Avowed peachy floral lover that I am...I will say that this comes pretty dang close to Lovers in the Clovers except that it's got the peach from Shelly B's Spring Fling - or it could be that the Spring honey is making it seem that way to me. But it's a sweeter riper peach than the "green" peach note we're familiar with from other scents. But it's so pretty (so I was fairly apt in coming up with the name) and so Spring-y. The other notes give it a delicate floral bouquet kind of vibe. Peach and/or peachy floral lovers need to get this one!
  9. I know this fragrance is so beloved and I respect that, but it's not my thing at all. Still though, I'm always interested at how a scent evolves in the rebrew process. I've written some brief "vertical" type of reviews previously where I chronicle an entire multi-year run of an LP. So I'm comparing this to the 2018 version and I would say they're similar but this version is softer than previous. The '18 has a pointyness to it where I think maybe the lily and bamboo are the strongest notes, whereas I feel like in the new version there's more of a floral accord happening where it all mingles together, like there's more musk, maybe? In this version I get more of a lunar vibe, honestly - like wandering in a garden on a full moon night and when you reach the koi pond at the center you are transfixed by the reflection of the moon in the water and all the sounds of the night and the cool wet smells upon the air.
  10. Because Bang! Bang! is meant to be more specifically sexual, oil is the preferred medium.
  11. It's all about being congruent!
  12. Maybe the androsterone? Mara would know best, of course.
  13. Actually that seems to be a somewhat popular scented evocation - I've seen at least two (?) other etailers list a scent like that, and I think Mara made a PE like that for someone a few years ago. So not as weird as you think!
  14. I'm comparing this against the last version (2018), which I really loved because it has such a enjoyable sweetness to it. With this year's Girl I'm getting way more of the sandalwood, resins and musk. Girl Nip has always had a fairly unisex vibe to it because of the sweetness emerging within the other notes, and the way it all blends together. That's not to say this year's Girl isn't sweet at all but it's a different kind of sweetness, more subtle. There's a very different quality to this year's Girl, IMO. It doesn't have that same character which I immediately associate with Girl Nip, which is a dark dense almost paste-like quality. This year's Girl has a lighter evocation even as it does have a really unified expression of all the notes, like you know this is a intricate blending. I would say this is more wearable all around; I have always associated Girl Nip with nighttime/clubbing/Netflix and Chill/booty calls, all that sort of thing. With this year's Girl I'm fine with recommending it for day or night. You could totally rock a Casual Friday and a so-late-it's-early Saturday hook-up and remain totally yummy throughout.
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