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  1. Since Sugared Amber wasn't brewed specifically for intent it wouldn't be exactly the same.
  2. Sugared Amber is sweeter, but there's some similar characteristics, IMO.
  3. Mara hasn't stated when that will happen, but I don't believe it will be until after the Annual Sale.
  4. I agree that maybe bringing back those which sold out so fast would be great, if you can. So the Pineapple, Midnight Lavender, and Sandal Musk ones.
  5. There's Deliciae already for an orange cupcake scent, so...and you're saying you want Wild Cherry but in an OCCO?
  6. Cops and Robbers was raspberry jelly donut and coffee, Undercover Lover was the raspberry cheesecake one. Okay so citrus and honey - would a lighter honey work in terms of not making it too totally raging sex bomb? LOL I still think that's a faboo idea though, because it's such a great combination - especially if it were, say, akin to Dolly's Hot & Sticky (maybe with a smidge of lime instead of grapefruit). I guess you're right about Titillating Temptress being an OCCO Mocha, although it didn't work on me (*sad kitteh face*). I guess I'm thinking of something like Sungold Mocha but all chocolate, like both light and sweet types.
  7. Someone did a chocolate-peanut butter PE years ago, and it was yummy!
  8. I do like the idea of a citrus salad kind of OCCO - with honey! I think I would also like another chocolate one, either something dark and fudgy or really sweet and creamy. OCCO: Choco was rather amber-y on me. Or the OCCO Mocha idea someone had a while back.
  9. luna65

    Lady Frost

    It did have that kind of vibe to it initially. The bottle I have, it's not quite the same since citrus tends to decay after a time. But the other Italian ice scent is Feelin' Groovy and that one is still pretty intense, IMO.
  10. luna65

    Lady Frost

    I think it's the white amber which gives it that quality, kind of a crystalline impression.
  11. Given that it's a floral-aquatic kind of scent, it's definitely for daytime, IMO. But you can wear an intense scent in the daytime, you just have to be careful how much you apply depending on the situation.
  12. luna65

    Blossom Almondine

    Yeah there is rather an almond KAPOW! at the beginning of this one. But it feels very authentic to me. In the vial I get that cherry-almond thing but on my skin it becomes a nutty-spicy kind of vibe. I think it's the blending of the patchouli and the late summer honey making me think that. The floral aspect is more of a depth and a weight than specifically flowery. It's not particularly gourmand on me, though, perhaps because of the patchouli. I like it, but not in the way I thought I would. It may need some aging to fully meld.
  13. luna65

    Toujours Belle

    It's a black amber attar, so it's got other things blended with it, that's where the incense impression comes from.
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