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  1. You rock the Casbah, all day and all night, friend! Your art is a always a stunning experience.
  2. The thing is, though, I don't know that a pheromone blend would change someone's overall inclinations. Like, Sexpionage generally works to make a guy horny, but if their intimacy style is a certain way, it's not going to necessarily override that. Unless there was something else involved to sort of disconnect inhibition, I think.
  3. I think it was like a skin musk, but maybe a little weightier. Soft but not exactly sheer.
  4. luna65

    Shen Tao

    Ah okay, understood. I just wanted to make sure it wasn't going in the other direction. LOL, most of my PE ideas have been what i refer to as "fanfic" (meaning derivative) of things Mara created.
  5. luna65

    Shen Tao

    But the thing is, Mara has already stated at least a year ago that she is no longer attempting dupe-type PE versions of the back catalog because in most cases it's just not possible.
  6. luna65

    Shen Tao

    I describe it as a peaches-and-cream floriental myself.
  7. luna65

    Shen Tao

    Hmmm, I thought maybe there was another floriental-type scent, but I can't think of it off the top of my head. But nothing really reminiscent of this, I would say.
  8. EES SO PRETTY But anytime I change a skin it's always a period of adjustment, lol.
  9. If it is actually ED, then it's not you. ED can do a big number on a guy's head. I can't even begin to conceive of how it must feel to have something like that happen. There is somewhat of an analogy to menopause but only somewhat. It's two-fold in that he may need testosterone therapy. But he has to be willing to examine that aspect for his own well-being. And then there's what you can do. Cops and sexual blends can potentially help with the motivation but the psychological aspect has to come from support and honest communication. But that's if he's willing to talk about it. In my own experience with this kind of thing it has to be honest talk. Like, "Look I know it must be so weird and frustrating but I love you, I'm here for you, let's find a way to keep our physical intimacy continuing because I will always desire the person that you are." And that may be a whole other dimension. I think what he needs to understand, which may dismantle some of the reticence, is that you love him and while sex is important and wonderful, it's emotional intimacy which you desire most of all. Finally, maybe create encounters which aren't about intercourse, but just enjoying each other in all other aspects. That may lessen the pressure/anxiety to perform when it becomes not about performance but rather just the pleasure of being together.
  10. To be fair, she already has! That's why I begged her to make a perfume version (which is what Butterscream Lemon is).
  11. Thanks to @hedgehog for pointing out to me that we didn't have a NoCo review thread! So here's your handy-dandy thread for reviewing any and all scents in the NoCo collection, including those LE variants (like Buttercream Peach) or those which have been discontinued (such as Green and Orchid Rose).
  12. Our cover girl seems vaguely distressed to learn that there's NO Copulins in these blends (thus the name NoCo), but popular demand has swayed us to offer our popular OCCO, BAM!, and Magnet scents without pheros, so that the user may wear them alone or with other pheros of their choice. So here ya go.... Scent Choices: * NoCo: White is a yummy blend of thick vanillas. * NoCo: Pink is a flirty, girly blend of pinky cotton candy sugars with a drop of lemon and a tinge of amber for depth. * NoCo: Red is a yummy sexy spicy blend of vanilla, brown sugar, cinnamon, amber and a drop of apricot for brightness. * NoCo: Blue is a cute tomboy kind of scent, crafted of oak moss, powdered sugar and sweet pipe tobacco. * NoCo: Sugared Vanilla & Honey * NoCo: Spicy Brown Sugar
  13. This is actually kind of sheer on me? Not in a bad way, rather it not being too weighty. It's spicy and kind of creamy, definitely that classic fall pumpkin kind of vibe. The creamy part of it is in the beginning (and in the vial) but it doesn't last that long on me (because The Spice Must Flow) but like I've said of others recently - this is, like, the pumpkin that you should have if you're a pumpkin lover.
  14. I don't really get Sand Box from it as much as Soul Food but it's another one of your enchanting concoctions, twin!
  15. LOL, well hopefully you'll get something like that too!
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