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  1. luna65

    Petticoat Lane

    Okay all you Spider Silk/Gossamer Threads lovers who wanted MOAR of this, here ya go! Also for those who love scents like LP White and Sneaky Clean. I'm not typically a "sheer 'white' scent" kinda gal but in this version I'm really enjoying the way the myrrh just makes everything so lovely, usually the white musk is a little too much for me in this type of blending but the myrrh totally saves the day. Silky sheer pretty powdery!
  2. Because this is a variant of Tunnel of Love, I wanted to contrast the two scents when discussing this one. I think these are both sweet scents, but in different ways. As I said about ToL, it has a certain warmth with the combination of the honey and coconut. The floral aspect of FoD lends a different kind of sweetness, and brightens it up. It's very pretty and feminine with a bit of a beachy vibe but rather more subtle overall, I would say. It's a beautiful example of a white floral scent with a tropical aura.
  3. It doesn't - hence the difference between LFM and LFN. But neither does SS4W.
  4. luna65

    Bower of Bliss

    This is the most obviously flowery of all this collection, IMO. It's interesting because the combination of the honeysuckle and gardenia is an almost tuberose-like kind of vibe in terms of how intense it is. In an absolutely good way, but it reminds me how potent white florals can be. I get a bit of the outdoors vibe, but not much, it's sort of floating on top I guess you could say.
  5. It's unisex, but it's somewhat more slanted towards masculine, I would say. I think I would depend on how you like to wear resin-type scents.
  6. They're both social-sexuals but I think La Femme Mystere is maybe slanted more towards the sexual.
  7. luna65

    Fancy Article

    I actually think this is a pineapple that a dude could wear, if he was open-minded about fruity scents in general. Because this one is not blended to be sweet overall. It's really interesting to think of pineapple in another context - I know we've had it in more of a "fresh" kind of scent (Summershine) but usually it is pretty sweet overall. But in this case the sage and amber really give it a more neutral grounding and therefore emphasize the more tart citrus-y kind of evocation. The pineapple is anchored in the center of the construction, giving off that bright tangy shine. Conceptually I think this is more along the lines of something like Eternal Sunshine or Poseidon or maybe even Manda Panda just in terms of who can wear it. It's really interesting in that it's so different, a very pleasant surprise. Over time it develops a soft smooth powdery kind of undertone, it's really nice. I definitely think it's unisex.
  8. *purr* I like this a lot. It reminds me of something else, I wish I could remember what exactly - I think it's the tobacco, which is pretty prominent. I'm all about that myself, but I would say that the blend of tobacco and grasses reads as rather woody overall so I think the guys will dig it. The aquatic/ozone elements are in the back, and the musk is pretty weighty. I agree with Mara regarding how masculine this is, but I'd wear it and I'd want a guy to wear it too.
  9. For me this is quite flowery, it's actually rather a bit perfume-y than tropical - probably the hibiscus is going crazy on my skin. I get a bit of the sweetness of the guavaberry underneath but mostly the hibiscus is just ka-pow! ETA: I get more of the sweetness in the long drydown.
  10. The champagne accord in this one is wonderful, I think, but then again I enjoy "fizzy" scents. The strawberry aspect is fresh, not too sweet. I love how it reminds me of Effervescence!, which is an old school favorite of mine. It takes a bit to back up off of that thang, but when it does I get a lovely creamy undertone, but I'm not sure that I'd call it cake, exactly. It is yummy, though. I just love the idea of scents like these, and it was fun doing a bit of a sardonic spin on the notion of Georgian propriety intersecting with carnality.
  11. luna65

    Mount Pleasant

    Mmmm, I love this! The mango and grapefruit really compliment each other so well - they're both really bright fruit notes and then the sweet/tart aspect mingles nicely, although maybe just a hair on the tart side. But it's fairly subtle in that respect. The coconut is like a sweet little undertone, while the sandalwood is a satiny smooth base which everything else plays against. Again, one of those perfect Summer slathers for whatever you might be doing in warm weather (or whatever you're not and you just want Big Summer Mood vibes).
  12. luna65

    Cupid's Cathedral

    It really does add such an intriguing characteristic to the perfume for sure. Kudos to H for her great idea!
  13. This is really nice! A perfect Summer scent for the fellas, but honestly I think anyone could wear it if they're into this kind of combo. The sandalwood makes for a nice smooth base, but it's kind of "clean" I would say (in this particular case) and then the citrus notes are just sort of swirling brightly on top, but nothing is too loud and I would also say this isn't sweet citrus (although I suppose it may read on some as sweet anyway, but it's not meant to be). The musk makes it all stick and I don't really get the coconut as such, more like the way it blends with the sandalwood just gives you a bit of that beachy kind of vibe. And it's the sort of blending which I don't think will really strike people as too cologne-y or perfume-y so it's good for work in that way. It's not entirely neutral but neither is it in your face. ETA: once the citrus notes recede, this is a nicely wearable sandalwood musk.
  14. luna65

    Cupid's Cathedral

    I'm really surprised by this one, and what I mean by that is I didn't think I would be into it. Lily doesn't usually wear well on me at all but this scent is SO PRETTY! It reminds me a bit of Vampire Bait in terms of mood. There's an equal amount of floral and sweetness and the balsam just pulls everything together nicely. There's even a sort of creaminess happening but not a foody type of evocation, more in terms of texture. I think lily lovers will love it, but anyone who enjoys the more feminine type of aura will also want to try it.
  15. To me, AJA doesn't have a "dirty" evocation, so I've worn scents enhanced with it as I would any non-phero scent (applying on my neck) and haven't had an issue as far as I can tell with anyone perceiving me negatively.
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