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  1. Again, for me this is the definitive take on orange-vanilla, even as we have had so many variations of it with the Darlings and Atomic Mandarin/Inspire Desire, as well as Orange Fairy Cake, Chakra: Sacral and Melted Dream. Just the perfect blending of the bright juicy orange and buttery rich vanilla swirled together...YUM! If that's an all-time favorite combo for you then you need to grab this one STAT! I can envision this one being especially good for layering, like, I bet this would smell so amazing with some Sugared Patchouli, for example. ETA: in the long drydown the vanilla basically takes over, but it's delicious.
  2. They are offered for Pherotine which is the February collection.
  3. Agreed. I was thinking it reminds me a lot of Blackstone, and I mean that in terms of the dark chocolate coffee part of it. This, to me, is a rather definitive take on mocha, like this is the mocha you need if you really like that particular style of coffee fragrance construction. I think guys (who are into wearing cops) might even like this if they're really into coffee fragrances because it's not sweet. It has a bit of sweetness in it, but it's not categorically sweet as a scent. I love it when Mara does this sort of thing, like, "This is all the (thing) that you will ever need." And she just does it, no big. *swoon* Better yet, I can actually wear it without it going weird on me, huzzah!
  4. I don't think so? It's sweet, for one thing.
  5. Yea verily 'tis glorious! I think the amber and patchouli are the deepest parts of the experience, but then there's that satiny-smooth sandalwood sort of layering on top, and then the sweetness. I get just a hint of the oud and (fortunately for me) not any discernible amount of dragon's blood. It's sweeter in the vial for me than on my skin, but it's woven in there as part of the experience entire. But the best thing is the blending, much like with Blessing Oil it's just a skillful thoughtful wonderful blending of ingredients into this sensually beautiful creation. And it's potent, but not, like, blow your head off potent - you know it's going to stick around for a long long while. This would definitely hang on during *ahem* strenuous activity.
  6. Money Honey was released prior to the first Spell Kit, back in 2009.
  7. Reserving one bottle Smooth Operator.
  8. I wore this again recently and the ylang has deepened with age; this is really so gorgeous now!
  9. Mara is auctioning off a bottle of LP Blue for charity in this thread.
  10. Reserving the following, please and thank you: 1 bottle Halcyon Daze Two-for-one PEs 1 bottle each: Denise's Warm Hug Lina's Latte
  11. Yep, every time I wear this I say to you (never mind that you can't actually hear me on the other side of the country): "Ms. Dolly, this was a damn good idea!"
  12. No; the policy changed some time ago and PEs are not be utilized as rebrew requests.
  13. There is no current version of that fragrance, no.
  14. Reserving the following, please and thank you: To purchase: Two-for-one PEs 1 bottle each: 2B: Lei's Peach of a Day 2B: Lei's Peach of an Evening Sale 2Bs 1 bottle each: 2B: Cocoa Snuggle 2B: Ellie's Elephant Snacks 1 bottle Phero Girl PG-17 (my freebie) PERFECT!
  15. I'm way past the age where Cougar would actually help () but it's an absolutely perfect scent to me, one of the best fruit musk scents I have ever experienced. Just the scent itself is enough to make me feel sparkly and vivacious (because I am normally not that way at all) and willing to extend myself in a social situation.
  16. A dupe? No, nothing which is exact. I think NOX might be the closest thing.
  17. Sooooo lovely! And some of them have such clever names...
  18. LOL no, just one Coffee variant.
  19. Since Sugared Amber wasn't brewed specifically for intent it wouldn't be exactly the same.
  20. Sugared Amber is sweeter, but there's some similar characteristics, IMO.
  21. Mara hasn't stated when that will happen, but I don't believe it will be until after the Annual Sale.
  22. I agree that maybe bringing back those which sold out so fast would be great, if you can. So the Pineapple, Midnight Lavender, and Sandal Musk ones.
  23. There's Deliciae already for an orange cupcake scent, so...and you're saying you want Wild Cherry but in an OCCO?
  24. Cops and Robbers was raspberry jelly donut and coffee, Undercover Lover was the raspberry cheesecake one. Okay so citrus and honey - would a lighter honey work in terms of not making it too totally raging sex bomb? LOL I still think that's a faboo idea though, because it's such a great combination - especially if it were, say, akin to Dolly's Hot & Sticky (maybe with a smidge of lime instead of grapefruit). I guess you're right about Titillating Temptress being an OCCO Mocha, although it didn't work on me (*sad kitteh face*). I guess I'm thinking of something like Sungold Mocha but all chocolate, like both light and sweet types.
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