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  1. I actually think Tonka Musk is the perfect scent for B2.2.
  2. It was either a component issue or they just didn't sell all that well.
  3. Mara would be the one to know but it was proprietary to Dr. Stone, I believe, so there was never a list of molecules and whatnot. I do wish we could have this again because it was the one pheromone blend that was exactly me, only better.
  4. I actually wouldn't mind the return of Vampire Bunny myself, I'm still sad I missed out on it.
  5. You don't like scented Balm Bomb?
  6. -1- I mean, possibly? That's such a subjective kind of assessment, though. -2- I think Leather would be congruent with LP Red in terms of allure and overall vibe, sure.
  7. I managed to practice remarkable restraint last night when my Parcel of Happy arrived, lol. So this one has had a little rest. In the vial I do get a really nice mix of the resins and sweet notes with that tang of currant on top. Delicious! On me, and with this being newly-brewed, the sandalwood is front-and-center, and in such a way that it has a totally unisex vibe. It strikes me as one of those scents you could wear anytime. It's primarily sandalwood-amber on me with threads of the other notes interwoven throughout. The musk is more of a weight and a smoothness to the overall impression. The chocolate and vanilla are gourmand accents but not really fully noticeable, more just the suggestion, although I think sandalwood and chocolate is a fabulous combination and I like what I'm getting from this. The drydown evolves nicely to a soft snuggly feel; it does have a relaxed yet sensual evocation.
  8. Cherry Divinity is actually a choco-cherry, but it's white chocolate. The back catalog has the trinity: white (Cherry Divinity), milk (Special Delivery), and dark (Blackstone).
  9. Yeah I heard about what you're up to over there, lady.
  10. I don't believe so; I was thinking if any would then it would be Agua Fresca, but it doesn't so I'd say no; but Mara would have to confirm.
  11. Hmmm...maybe? I'll have to compare them specifically.
  12. Gotcha! is the mix which would likely be the most effective. But Perfect Match is also something to try.
  13. @Most Holy, I know you're new so you don't know this (and that's okay), but we don't allow what we call "threadstalking" in review threads. Meaning, if someone says that perhaps they didn't like a particular scent when they reviewed it, you can't respond to them asking if they're willing to trade/sell. Someone's declaration of intent to do so is limited to the Trading Post subforum. If you're looking for something, that's where you'd go. We want people to feel comfortable in stating their opinions which may change later on; it often happens that someone may not like a scent today, but will love it the next time they try it.
  14. I don't think Mara can make the Nommy Butterstuff because some of the ingredients aren't available anymore.
  15. I feel something like 1942 would be a good match for Leather. Maybe Velours Frais?
  16. LOL, just abandon subtlety and say "This is what I want!"
  17. It's just AJA, so it's not like it's going to be a complex message that you're broadcasting, necessarily. It would be akin to using copulin-enhanced body cream, which is fine.
  18. luna65

    Caramel Musk

    Right; I know you already rock some of the sweet scents, and a few of them were your idea! So I think it's worth a try anyway.
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