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  1. I could cry, I ordered the sapmler set and the pay pay order didn't go through. I thought it had, I went camping the day after and here we are. I am so disapointed. I realized today when another order I had placed didn't go through.
  2. Thanks! My issue is the BF doesn't react well to the mix i wear for work, and the mix for him is not something I'd wear for work. But the locket is a good call! I've used wipes with differing digrees of sucess. I was wondering if there was something known or better. One of the places I apply is the top of my hands and jaw line. The top of my hands because it's an easy way to difuse the phero/ scent. and easy to wash!
  3. You know I didn't think of that!!! The popularity is hit and miss. the open windows and cuddle bunny were one and done. I will have to try again. with cuddle bunny he didn't want to touch me at all.......... which was so odd IMO oppsite of the intention.
  4. Hey all! When at work I wear Popularity potion or Swimming with the sharks. But when i go out at night I want to change the mix. What is the best way to remove the daytime scent/ pher and switch to another?
  5. Let me ask the experts: My guy reacts very well to Lace, Gotcha, and AJA (although that speeds things up. He reacts badly to Cuddle Bunny, populairty potion, and open windows. He's a quiet and strong type - he like's that I am self reliant but also likes to take care of me. He get offended if I don't let him open the door for me
  6. Oh the struggle!!!!! I have so many to currently choose form - do I dare try for a sampler set???
  7. LOL thanks for the image I needed that today!
  8. Well This seems to be exactly what I have been thinking of..... I am an artist and I have decided to start my company back up. Creativity, focus, and determination - total win!
  9. You can get jewerly that is a perfume vial, or ones designed to hold a felt or cotton pad full of sent. the Body heat warms up the pendant and tada!
  10. I have to say I am in love with this!!!! I can't stand EOW. I've tried them in different spots and if I get a whif . The best thing is the BF reacts to all pheros well and to this amazingly well - too well. Seems to speed things up if you know what I mean. But the best reaction I have noticed from the BF he's very attentive and cuddley - which I adore. Also, he becomes a total gentleman. The other day it was raining. Normally we run from the car to the store etc. This day he came around opened my door, had an umbrella and held it over my head as we walked to the store. I am a lucky woman to have him and love the way this affects him.
  11. Ah that's why I couldn't find it. I have 3 ferrets. I love them! but yes they create all the mischief.
  12. You know I've nerver thought of that - Thank you!!
  13. Hi All, I forgot I had AJA, I just tried it and I love the dirty honey smell. I had no adverse reactions. The BF was entranced I have a really hard time with cops - I can't stand the smell. Anyone have experience with AJA? Has there been a discussion?
  14. I've had the same experience - almost no sent. Which is good, but makes me wonder if I've gone nose blind. Thoughts?
  15. Well I couldn't wait . This is so addicting! I had to place another order. I'm so excited now! More sniffies to play with!
  16. That's the truth. Although I don't care for the way leather and cops smells (mostly the cops). It really seems to work. This weekend I tried smooshing it in and letting it dry. It did dry and honestly I timed it so I could see how long I needed to let it dry. So that was a much better experience. I am still experimenting to see what pheros/ mix I like the best!
  17. TY. @ Dolly I didn't know if I didn't wait for it to dry I'd get bleed through. Hummmm.. Ok so 20 min drying? I don't know if I can do that. LOL @ Lynn yes this is the first experimentation with cops I've done. So it's all new. Yea the hit was a bit extreme. lol couldn't have missed it if I tried.
  18. I was using Dangerous Games as the cover. Then I thought it may be too much pheros or I may not like that sent. So I tried some of the other non phero scents I ordered. I don't think I care for the "musky" scent in DG. But the sent is so complex it's hard for me to tell, if its the Leather I don't like or something in the scent itself. I've had good luck with Girly Twirly. I really like that scent and the phero mix in it.
  19. Hi All I have a question about leather with cops. I am new to this product and I am having a hard time getting it to work for me. Well that’s not right….. It seems to be working but I am having a hard time with the smell and the way I feel while wearing it. I’ve read the how to posts and tried a few different things. I do have a hard time waiting the 20 min for it to dry – because I can’t stand the smell. I notice the hits and men really seem to notice me while wearing it. But because of the sent I don’t feel very attractive, so no matter what I smell like I don’t feel like flirting etc. I’ve applied a dab to wrists (my usual spot), neck, and chest. I’ve tried these all singly and together. The last time I wore it a young man (27) I’ve been flirting with couldn’t keep his hands off me, not in a bad way but in a teasing flirty way. It was cute. He had a bit to drink and the second time he came over he lost his mind and did a face plant into my cleavage. No I didn’t yell – one I am semi used to this (stories for another post), and two I figured he was reacting to the phero’s and wasn’t entirely in control of himself. I mean how outraged can I get if I dosed the boy?? Anyway it lasted about 2 seconds and when he looked up he looked a bit shocked with himself. LOL Unfortunately, and here’s the issue, I smelt the mix/ cops the entire time I was wearing it. Blech! After 3 hrs I had to wash it off. I used alcohol wipes. I didn’t feel good, or really flirty while wearing it. I seem to react better to Lace. Humm… Am I applying too much? Is it something I’ll get used to? Am I reacting to the smell more during different points in my cycle? Also I got leather because I was looking for a replacement for IS/A. I loved that stuff and it worked well for me. Any suggestions for a better alternative would be welcome. IF anyone has any advice or tips I could use it. Thanks!
  20. Ferret


    Wow thank you all for the warm welcome! I am sure after that art show this weekend I will have stories to share! I can't wait to see what sort of mischeif I get into. :kyrii_green_wink:
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