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  1. I took a phero break and ran into a close friend that I don't get to see much due to our crazy schedules. I was going to go phero free on the non phero products, but she likes to try them out and finds them interesting. I will do non phero tests with the scent but this night T talked me into "spiking" her choice, which was elementary. A little back round on T she's 5'4" about 130 and is mostly into masculine scents if she's given the choice. personality wise she is very easy going and everyone loves her no matter where you take her. T is very outgoing and will make new friends wherever you happen to take her. T is gay so that always makes testing more fun, but certainly not the reason for her choice of masculine scents, she does wear some girly scents but always gravitates to the more masculine stuff. T shows up at my house after not seeing each other for a month and a half we talk have some dinner and decide to go out for the night. I swear it was pure luck that it happened to be ladies night that we went out and was T's choice not mine. She chose the place where the EX tends to be at most, but the EX never bothers me when T is around so I know I will have fun no matter what. T and I have similar skin types so what smells good on her will smell the same on me. I will review elementary on my own but her choice of wearing it tonight gives me a good idea of how it will smell on me when it comes time to test it. T and I ran into the EX...... lucky us. I won't disclose what we used for the spiking, so don't ask. I really like the smell of Brother Brimstone, clean, powdery and just an all around good scent. The scent isn't hit you in the face but not super subtle either, a very well balanced scent overall. We grabbed a pitcher and found a table to catch up at while enjoying our drinks. T and I ran into a few people we knew and made some small talk with them, we kept the conversation light and soon were left to talk amongst ourselves again. T and I talked to a mutual friend shared by the EX and I, T had never met her but they hit it off well and talked for quite awhile. The EX of course had to start her normal drama and told her friend not to talk to us or she would leave....we could only hope she would. A left the table and then was stuck sitting by herself as the EX made her way out to the dance floor. J came over and talked to me and I introduced her to T. They got along well and J called A back over to our table, so she wasn't sitting alone. T and I were getting ready to go over and get A but J beat us to it. J grabbed T and they went out to the dance floor and cut it up for a couple songs, there was an older guy out there and T said someone should dance with him. A and I said she should, T said I'll take that dare and before leaving the table we dared her to grab his butt. T danced with him and at the end of the dance gave him a lil grab, then came back to the table. We all talked for awhile and some guy the EX was talking to came to the table as well, T grabbed him and took him to dance and while out there warned him of the EX and her craziness. The table next to us joined us and we hung out for quite awhile getting to know each other. The EX came to our table and hung out and I don't know if it was how much she drank or what but she took T to dance, I would have never imagined that one happening. They were actually getting along which I knew they could as T wasn't the one with the issue, it was the EX that always had the issue. T and I got comments all night on how good we smelled and as usual T was the life of the party. We ended our night and made our way home, I cooked T breakfast and we talked about the crazy night we had. T couldn't believe the EX danced with her either, but said she would try and catch up with me again soon and maybe even try on a night we would run into the EX gain as she wanted to if wearing the same stuff again would get the same results. I really like Brother brimstone and it kind of reminds me of Angel men, not an exact match for it but the vibe, I will test this again when I get the chance but work has had me running crazy so the reviews may be a little more spaced out than the voracious review was.
  2. Ravenwing glad you enjoyed the review, I say get your bro a bottle and he should be good to go. I never had any of the ladies I encountered say they didn't like the scent, in fact they all came back for at least 3 or 4 more smells throughout the night. Skye, I have pretty cute friends but they prefer to ignore rather than deal with her, besides she is a vey poor communicator and hears only what she's thinking in her own head. I have literally talked with her and will just say something random like "hey I'm going to have sex with a goat" and she just hears the word sex and focuses on that, she totally misses the important part.....the goat. hee hee hee
  3. That's awesome that you winged each other and got together. The EX she is an anti-wing on a roid rage....hee hee hee
  4. Maybe I need a couple of you guys as blockers you sound like you'd be more effective than my friends
  5. Thanks for the thumbs up snoop...sorry for the delay in getting it posted but it's been pretty crazy for me the last few days. Potion no way I'm ditching the scent....the EX was ditched a long time ago but hasn't seemed to grasp that concept a year later now. If you meant ditch as in avoid her...I try but if she even thinks she may bump into me she shows up to where ever I might make an appearance. I'll post my review of whatever I switch to when I figure it out
  6. Voracious Day 4 The other night was certainly interesting so let's see how things go, B and the EX will be there as well as a few other friends we have in common. I will test again tomorrow and that will be the end of this review and on to a new product review. I met everyone out around 10 or so and the bar was not as busy as expected,but crowded enough for meeting and mingling. I walk in to see J (C's gf) and C (J's bf) at table joined by the Ex and W (single guy like me). J gets up and greets me with a big hug as usual, I say a quick hello and tell everyone I will be right back going to grab a drink. I walk to the back bar and my buddy JM is working and says that the EX is here and he will be more than happy to eject her if she starts any of her nonsense. I tell him thanks as he has saved me on a couple of occasions but tell him things should be ok as J and C help to keep her in check and from driving me nuts. I take a few moments to prepare myself for having to be around the EX and then make my way back over to the table. We all talk and catch up on the latest stuff we have going on our lives, I try to keep the convo to a minimum with the EX. The table were sitting at is in one of the more crowded areas and we have a good amount of traffic as they people past. The EX is doing surprisingly well and I am hoping that she acts as she did the other night, so we can all have a good time out and not have to deal with the mood swings and jealousy she likes to dish out. I talk to C and W for awhile and everyone at the table is getting along well although we are all not fond of the band this particular night, we discuss heading to another place but still have 2 pitchers sitting on the table. I head off to grab another drink and when I return C asks what I did that for, as I needed to help them empty the pitchers. I tell C he knows I'm really not a fan of the beer they chose but will think about helping them out after I finish the drink I have in my hand. I get up a few minutes later and bump into a girl (L) I know and say hello real quick, she asks me to stop back by after I use the restroom. I stop back by and we talk for a minute or 2 and then she asks what I'm wearing, I give her the usual line and continue talking about the topic we were focused on. I take a quick glance over at my table and they are all doing fine, as I turn back around I have L sniffing at my neck. I kind of surprise her as she was trying to be stealthy about it and looked at me and said she just wanted another sniff. I talk with L a couple minutes and then make my way back to the table, I really want to get out of here and try some place new. I get to the table and C gets a glass from the bar and tells me to just drink it any way, they are taking too long on the pitcher for him as well. The pitcher is finally gone and we prepare to leave in a moment, the EX was going to go home but J said we were going to the other place which she isn't fond of, but J offered me up to give her a ride. I ask J why she offered me up when she was going to go home and her response was they all came on bikes tonight. I guess I should have taken mine as well then I wouldn't have the EX to deal with on the trip over. We get in the car and make our way to the next place when were about 1/2 way there B calls and asks where we are, apparently the EX called here and told her to meet us at the other place and she had already arrived there 20 minutes ago. I walk and see B sitting at a table with some people she met while waiting on us to arrive, I give a poke as I walk by and head off to grab a drink. I get to the bar and order my drink and while waiting for it 2 ladies start chatting with me,asking what I was wearing we talk for a few minutes and exchange numbers before parting. The ugliness begins when I return to the table as the ex starts her normal stuff although she had quite a few shots of tequila and a couple beers. I had hoped that this would go down like it did the other night, but other than the EX it works fine on normal people. I talk with B and W for a few and since they both are interested in each other and they've never met I met introduce them and then leave them be. The EX of course starts her jealousy stuff and I point out how I was trying to hook those 2 up. I turn to J and C and start talking with them as I really don't have it in me to deal with the EX tonight. We talk for a while and I head over to the bar to get some space from queen kaos. I am approached by a girl that walked up to get a drink and she starts the convo with the what am I wearing question. I really think this is a very effective product and despite the buzz kill that's out with us tonight I am still managing to have a good time with very good results. The bar closes and W and I say we'll leave in a few minutes as we were invited to follow the EX and B home. W follows me to where they live and we stayed about an hour and when W offered to walk B home I made my exit as well. Voracious Day 5 I had a long day of work and was undecided as to whether or not I would be heading out tonight. I got a call around 10:30 from J asking what I was up to, she asked if she woke me up as I don't normally go out on weekends due to work. I told her she didn't wake me up bu I hadn't been up long, she said that her,C and B were out and I should come out. C was leaving for the week for work so I said I would meet them,but needed to take a shower and stuff. I arrived and funny that J left out the part that the ex was here I just suck it up and deal with it. B gives me a great big hug and sniff, then J gets up and does the same. I say hello to the Ex and say I will be back I need a drink, I will be back in a moment. I make my way to the bar and get my warning from J and the usual offer to bounce her out if she starts drive me or anyone else nuts. I talk with J for a few minutes and catch up and then wait for my drink there is quite a few ladies at the bar and get into some convos while waiting on my drink. I get the typical you smell good stuff and when my drink arrives I say goodbye and head back to the table. I sit down and we have a good table and bad... the good lots of traffic and the bad is people bumping into your chair while sitting here. I Talk to B for a minute as she is to my right and of course the EX is on the other side, as close as she can get to me. I ask B how things are going with her and W and she says good but it won't be anything serious but that he is a really nice guy. I talk with W a while and while we're talking a ladie walks up to are table and starts a convo with me. The EX of course starts her nonsense but we both ignore her and continue talking. We talk for a few minutes then she walks away and I say I need to go refill my drink, the lady meets meets me at the bar and we pick up where we left off. The lady gives me her number and we part ways as she heads back to her friends, I make my way back to the table hoping that things calm down over here as this is getting old fast. Ok so back to the fun, we sit at the table talking and having a good time. A drink arrives at the table for me and a second later and so does the lady that sent it. We talk for a minute and then make our way out to the dance floor. We have a slow song so we get the chance to talk while out there, the song ends and we go our own way when the song ends. I go back to the table and jump back in the convo, a few minutes later the lady I danced with shows up at our table. She leans over and whispers something in my ear, then smiles and walks away. Everyone at the table wants to know what she said but I tell them she wouldn't have whispered it if she wanted the whole table to hear it. I just sit there grinning cuz everyone wants to know what she said so bad, but I refuse to give in. A young blonde woman walks by our table and says something as she passes on her way towards the dance floor I stand up and ask her to repeat as it was too loud to catch what she said to me. She comes back by again on her return from the dance and stop her to ask what she had said as I couldn't really hear her. She whispers it again and makes sure I hear it this time, then walks away. Turn out that we were sitting under the intake side of the ventilation system and that my scent choice was being pumped all around the bar. She had said that her and her friends were trying to figure who was wearing the scent and she had walked all around the bar trying to find the scent. When she figured out it was me she passed the information to me when she whispered and slid me her number under the table when she leaned in. The EX starts her whining and everyone at the table tells her to chill out and have a good time, C asks if I want to go to breakfast with them as they are pretty much done here for the night. I tell him I would go but really have had my fill of the EX for the night, C says well so have we and we weren't planning on inviting her. I tell him that is going to be hard as B and her rode together so we will probably have to put up with her if W wanted B to join him at breakfast. B and the EX get in there car and luckily I get to drive alone so I will have a small break during the trip over there. We are at the counter next to the table everyone chose, C says to come sit with everyone at the table and I say they are already crowded and I would just make things worse. C gets us all at the same table and says we'll make it work. The waitress comes over and takes our orders we have some small talk while waiting for our food to arrive. C tells me they are all going to take a ride on the bikes tomorrow and that B is going to go with W. I tell them have fun and ask C to give me a call when he gets back in town from his trip. Our food arrives and the waitress makes a comment to me asking if I was with the EX? I just shook my head no as nobody had heard the comment and I didn't want to draw attention about it. We finish our food and the EX heads off to the restroom while I go to pay for breakfast, the waitress teases me about her and I just laugh and tell her I hope that she has a great night. I walk outside and everyone is pretty much ready to go, J yells out to me that the EX is driving her nuts and she just needs out of there. J comes over to give me a hug and tells me she's sorry for sticking her in my car the other night as she never realized just how much the EX probably drives me nuts and she would never put me in that situation again. I say my goodbyes and hop in the car and head home, B and the EX are right behind me. The road comes to a fork taking you to 2 different sides of town, I take the left and make my way towards home. My phone rings about 15 secs after taking the left, the EX wants to know if I would like to hang out, I decline of course and say I just want to go home. Sorry about all the EX stuff guys but I did warn you it was hard to review with her around. I really do like this product and still stand by what I've said about it. I never got any aggressive guys in fact they were all very polite and buddy buddy with me whether I knew them or not. Voracious did well on every outing drawing in curious noses and opening the door for convos. I am going to miss wearing this but need to try out some more of my order. I will take a few days phero free then move on to the next phero product. I hope that this review provides some valuable information for someone in the future and if you are thinking about trying it, just go for it, I don't think you will be unhappy with it in any way. Voracious testing complete
  7. Girl I love your tude you're a total straight shooter I have to agree but I have never seen her hit with the shut up and fly straight shot ever, no worries I can take some teasing.
  8. I guess I needed to clarify what I meant better, I was referring to the whole super jealousy thing she normally does. I didn't mean the sexual vibe part of it, but I don't remember reading anywhere in the description that it would cure that issue. I mean she always wants 100% of my attention and gets jealous regardless of if it's a guy or girl I'm talking to. She has been exposed to many pheros but never have I seen this reaction before as she is concerned with anything. Pheromaster thanks so much for chiming in with the info, your wisdom is always appreciated. I can't believe how well this worked to take the wackiness away and make her dare I say it normal. I don't trust her either...not as far as I can toss her 4'9" frame. I will be biting my nails as well cuz I really do hate the drama she brings down. I hope I don't come off as the drama king with the soap opera comment you made....you know I'm just picking on you Mara Let's hope things go as well in round 2, thanks to everyone for the support and encouragement, best wishes and love to everyone I really appreciate all of you.
  9. OK so wasn't going to test last night but some times things just present themselves...day 3 is in my journal now.
  10. Voracious Day 3 I wasn't going to go out but had friend called after the storms passed last night so 12:30 at night and out the door I go after grabbing a quick shower but skipping the shaving thing. I'm unshaved and not exactly dressed to kill,but drop the voracious in my pocket and make my way to the car. I put a spray on in the car while waiting at a red light, figuring I should probably let this settle in a little before getting there. I get a call about 1/2 way there asking if I'm on my way and and tell my friend I should be there in a few minutes as I'm not far away. I arrive at the bar and am surprised that there is as many people as there is given the whole tornado thing we had going on,it's certainly not packed like it normally is but enough people here to test on regardless. I walk up to the bar and order a drink, then out of nowhere my worst nightmare is standing in front of me. The friend that had asked me out to shoot pool, get some drinks and catch up as we haven't seen each other in a month is friends of an EX of mine, I met her from a friend of a friend so I had no clue they knew each other until tonight. I haven't even got my drink and my ex is like hey how are you doing? I didn't even get to answer before she chimed in with "B and I are over there shooting pool, come over once you get your drink". The EX really isn't a bad person but just wasn't a good match for me and had started as blind date, set up by a different friend almost a year ago and we only went out on a couple dates over about 2 week period, at which point I said we were better suited as friends. That's when the fun began, in her mind we were a perfect match and if she couldn't have me nobody else would get the chance either if she had anything to do with it. I literally had to move as she would stop by unannounced which really isn't a big deal but when it's 2am or later after the bars have closed and you got the drunk brain and lungs kicking in like she did it is a problem especially when she wakes the neighbors. I know you guys could really care less about this for the most part but it really does play into the whole story, I promise. The EX normally makes testing almost impossible if we happen to be at the same place, so I am expecting the worst here tonight. I will now return back to the topic at hand....... the bar and the blend I walk over to the pool table and notice that they have 3 guys chatting them up, I say my hellos and let them know I won't be staying long as I have a really hectic day in the morning and grab a seat to watch as they finish their game of pool. The guys all come over and introduce themselves and begin by saying that they hope it's ok that they were shooting pool with my friends as they thought I may be dating one of them. I tell them no worries, it's all cool we're just friends and they had asked me to meet them out. I talk with both while they wait for their turns to shoot, B and I do a great deal of catching up with what's going on in each others world. The EX and I maintain a pleasant but very light conversation, not looking for any of her crazy antics tonight. B comes over next to me and talks some more and then just leans in and takes this huge sniff of me, I look at her and say is there something wrong? "Nothing wrong" she says, "I just really like what it is you have on." I tell her I wasn't sure what I put on before running out in the middle of the night as some crazy chick called me at late hour and asked me to go out, but I will check when I get home and let her know so she can get her BF a bottle. B laughs and then with no hesitation she looks me dead in the eye and says "we broke up so I can just smell it on you...and why is it we never dated?" I said well for starters you had a BF, don't think that would have gone over well with him. I asked where all this was coming from as we both have been single at the same time in the past and she is not shy at all and has no problem saying what she thinks, including asking a guy out. B says "I don't know, I thought you were cute but there's just something about you tonight that's a little extra than normal, I tell her it's probably the stubble on my face as I am normally shaved and the stubble is definitely an extra. We both laugh, I shrug and tell her if she says so, then tease her and tell her she better stop thinking like that before she messes up our friend zone, we both laugh again and just start watching the game again. I really expected the EX to jump in at any time and start her normal BS, B walks away as it's her turn to shoot and up walks the EX once B is fairly far away. The EX asks what I think of B and I tell her the truth and say she's cute but we've been friends a long time and wouldn't want to mess that up. I am really expecting the whole jealousy crud to come popping out at any moment as if anyone so much as talks to me she jumps in the middle of the convo and causes kaos and killing any chance of even being able to talk to that person. The EX tells me they are neighbors ( I had always met B out, so I had no clue where she lived) I continue to keep the conversation light waiting for the antics to start......THEY NEVER DID!!! I was completely floored, as the EX offered to wing for me and wanted to know if she wanted me to have her hook me up. I know we had storms, but was there some kinda full moon with it too? I tell her I am capable of doing things myself but thank her for the offer...I want to believe she truly means it but after a year of this nonsense and her killing any possible hookup she was present for I keep thinking...I smell a trap. The EX walks away and talks to one of the 3 guys standing near her. B comes over and leans on me while watching the guy make his shots, I ask her if the EX got hit over the head or did some crack or something as she was acting really out of character. She said they just had a drink or 2 before they came to the bar so no crack that she was aware of. B takes a big whiff of me again and says "Dam you smell good, they got laws against doing the things I have running through my mind right now!" I love her subtlety (I'm being sarcastic of course) but she really is easy to talk to as there has never been once when she wasn't direct or told you exactly what's on her mind. I give her a look and poke in the ribs with my elbow and tell her "watch the friend zone over there...you know the rules." I make a short and quick exit... I can't believe the EX and B are competing over me and even more so that it hasn't gotten ugly like it did last Saturday night when I bumped into the EX despite her being on a date. I head over to the bar and get another drink, and to let the convo that was going on at the pool table die down a little bit. I ask the bartender for another drink as mine was broke it was a glass with nothing in it. The bartender tells me she'll fix it for me and walks off, the girl sitting at the bar next to me was minding her own business just having her drink. The bartender returns and hands me my drink and out nowhere i hear this huge SSSSSNNNNNNNIIIFFFFFFF!!!!! I look at the girl next to me and just say "god bless you!" She says I didn't sneeze, I took a smell of whatever it is that you have on for cologne. I introduce myself and get her name asking her if she normally does that to people? She says no, but if the smell is that good I will. We talk for a couple of minutes and I ask her what she thinks of what I'm wearing in a little more detail if she wouldn't mind. She tells me it's food like but manly all at the same time and she really likes it a lot, I give her my normal don't know what I grabbed response and talk for another few minutes with her. I tell her I am going over to the pool tables as I have people over there waiting on me but thanks for the talk, she grabs my arm and asks me to wait then grabs a pen from the bar and hands me her number while asking if I come there often? I tell her a fair amount, she says "well now that you have my number you should give me a call sometime and we can meet up some time and talk again." I tell her I will keep that in mind and she then says, "well if you don't call and we are here at the same time again I'm sure I'll find you"...she takes another big sniff and tells me "I could find you very easy by what you wear, no matter how crowded it is in the place." I thank her again then make my way back to the pool tables. I make my way towards the chair I was in and one of the guys had sat in it to talk to the EX, as soon as he noticed me he hopped up out of the chair and said "sorry man didn't mean to take your seat", I told him it was fine he was talking and I would just go grab another chair and bring it over. He insists I take that chair and goes and grabs a new one for himself and puts it on the other side of the EX and they continue talking again. B finishes the game and everyone decides one more drink and one more game are in order. I tell them I think I'm going after I finish this drink as it's pretty late and remind them I have a pretty hectic morning to look forward to. They say that's fine and drop it, and we talk here and there as I slowly finish my drink. B comes over and asks when did the friend friend zone thing happen and since when were there rules about it? I tell her I guess it just kind of worked out that way for whatever reason. B looks and me and says well maybe we need to look into changing those rules as she doesn't like them very much, I tell her I'll have my lawyers call hers with the details when I get the chance. I hear the bartender yell out last call...man what was I thinking closing this place in the middle of the week? I'm like I really have to go home , B and the EX say why don't you come home with us? I remind them of my busy morning and B says, "Just follow us back for 1 drink and this way you can finally see where I live." Despite my better judgement I followed them back to where they live and we end up having our drink and talking at the EX's place for a few minutes then B takes me to her house which is right Behind the EX's place, I mean that literally, their backyards back up to each other. I finish my drink and tell them thanks for the invite but I really need to get home as I'm getting tired and should be ready to pass out shortly after I walk through the door. They both say I can sleep in the bed with them that they will wake me up in the morning, then B says "you can sleep in her bed or my bed or the couch at either of our places or any couch you want to sleep on" I thank them for the offer and tell them I really need to be at my own place as I have no clothes our anything and I need to meet with some clients in the morning and it's a suit and tie type thing. I give each of them a hug and neither is willing to let go when they do hug me so I pry them off me and head out the door. I don't know what Mara has in this stuff but she just solved a year long problem for me with her magic in no time flat.... I wonder if she sells it by the gallon? It may come in handy in the future. I still had a stuffed sniffer so I couldn't give you any details as to the smell on me tonight which is why it was left out, can't tell ya what I don't know. I had really good results and although I would never date the EX again, I found the response from her very interesting. I guess if someone has a lost love than can test that out for themselves as the EX was helpful but still very interested. I can only go off of what B had said to me and I did bump into the EX last Saturday night while I was out and it was her typical antics that night, although I'm pretty sure I wasn't wearing voracious that night. I felt bad for her date as she was more concerned about women talking to me then she was about her date. Mara thank you so much for ending my year long debacle with the EX! I continue to love Voracious and while I will finish out my week with it ,I don't expect any negative results I really am going o miss my voracious, but I need to test the other stuff I ordered. I really don't feel like testing to see if you can od on it, when it works just fine with one dose, I'm not about to waste any of this product just to see if you could. Dose the way I did guys and you should be fine, no need to go all crazy and spray happy with it. The sexual side of this product tonight showed me just how potent it was and the offers to stay at either of the ladies houses was anything but innocent or platonic in nature...not with the evil grins they had on their faces when they offered. I would also like to say that the sample size bottle is really easy to keep on you as it's just the right size for stealth dosing on the fly or if you needed to have it on you for a really smokey venue where the smoke was overpowering what you were wearing. I will be going out on Friday and the EX already told me she was going to be there so at least I have fair warning and since I will still be using voracious it will interesting to see what happens when I see her again. I should be able to see if it's the Voracious or if the planets just happened to be in perfect alignment tonight, but I really believe it was the Voracious cause Saturday isn't that far back and she was still pulling her nonsense. We have a few mutual friends so that is part of the year long issue as I couldn't avoid her while hanging out with other friends we shared in common.
  11. Yes I am but that crazy weather last night had me wondering why I moved from Alaska back to the lower 48. The softballs did some real damage knocking out windows on houses and cars to say the least.
  12. TG it got really nasty here the hail was getting up to softball sized and coming down blizzard style. Thanks ....yup I survived but not used to a tornado/hail watch lasting 12...now had it have been a hurricane would have totally expected it..hee hee hee.
  13. I will have to apologize for the lack of a review tonight, but we've been dealing with thunderstorms, hail and tornadoes since 2pm this afternoon. No damage at my place but did see a couple of touchdowns and still 2 hours left to ride this out.
  14. To be honest it really will be, so I may use them up while waiting for refills to arrive or gift them to friends. I am by no means saying I never got results out of them as I did well with them, I just doing better using Mara's products. To those that checked out my journal and couldn't pull up the myspace vids they have all been changed to youtube links. Turn your speakers down as the clip volumes are all over I wasn't the one filming so I didn't have any control over that part.
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