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  1. No medicinal notes on me ,liked the lavender notes. Well ladies I wore this day and boy the world was right for me. Went XMAS Shopping in London and received all sorts of goodies free and lots of attention . I know Gotcha is meant to erode his fears but my SO showed the green eyed monster WOW! Not sure if that is meant to happen ! Has anyone experienced this before ,I have used UN Gotcha and not got that response....
  2. Eggers. it also smelt like plastic to me when I put a little on the back of my hand. I will try and increase the dosage
  3. Still waiting for mine, what scents in the new collection would you think would work well with this. Never tried honey scents before as I tend to like floral sophisticated scents and they like me....
  4. Nu Trix I have , ordered mine on the 6th and have not seen notification that it has been sent. Usually a 2 week turnaround , but noticed since the summer sale that things are taking longer. Hope its here before the 29th as I move out of my apartment then
  5. Loving the conversations here ladies, I must admit I love Bond....... I have every Bond filmed ever made !!!!! as to a favourite its between Pierce and Daniel.. So Hot but in different ways
  6. Do you think this would work with PM or Gotcha Unscented?
  7. OMG how beautiful is this..... brought the BAM version .Just naughty naughty naughty..........
  8. Hi Ladies, I have just brought a FB of this and wondered if any one had layered it with other combinations.
  9. Lady Victoria, I totally agree that is exactly what happens when I wear it !
  10. Hi Mara, Do I have to create an account on artfire? Joan
  11. Hi Fluffy Girl, How did you apply Gotcha and LFM, want to wear this tomorrow when I see my BF
  12. Aniko, IMHO he sounds like a ex of mine , he sees you as the "Banker" always there...... What ever you do don't let this be your experience as it will colour other relationships down the line which is unfair . Good luck i hope it works out .
  13. Hi Ladies I have ordered OCCO samples and testing them at the moment my favs so far are Green Purple ,Red ,Black and Blue. I now want to use them with some of my other scents and wondered if any one had used any OCCO with spring equinox 2009
  14. I have road tested this in UN scented version and Fuzzy Wuzzy OMG Today I had a waiter, 3 ladies in a department store telling me their life stories. One guy looking me up and down and saying "Hello Beautiful" while trying to open his rather nice sports car. I applied 1 spray in my hair and 1 to the back of hand. Fuzzy Wuzzy- lolipop this was tested alone yesterday with my daughter being a lot more open than she usually is Haven't tried this on my SO but if todays results are anything to go by it could be very interesting.
  15. Hi Aniko, I have tried PM and Cops and loved the results , so ditto what calii has said.
  16. OMG well ladies thank you very much for your forthright and honest opinions. Katz'"Hopefully this is something more in the line of 'hey, I really wanna break out of my usual scent/phero mode, and need recommendations'... OR, 'In order to catch so-and-so's eye, I've been told something more bold/daring would be effective'! You were spot on and thanks i didn't express myself well enough. Saying that , Tvey : "but who is this who is telling you that you "Need" to be anything? fuck them" Thank you for that . I have become a little conservative in the last two years as a result of something someone said and as Callili et al have said i have struggled with it because that is really not me.... So its back to me being bold ,just needed a little LPMP help Love Joan.
  17. Hello Ladies, I need some advice , i have been advised that I need to be more daring and alluring........ Can you suggest some perfumes/pheromones which can help me with this Many thanks and lots of love Joan
  18. I agree with Beccah, in my experience Perfect Match has also helped me rebond in my relationship in a way I never thought possible. Good luck and I hope things get better
  19. OMG I'm in heaven going to break the bank have all the women scents and UN pheromones in spray form ....... yeah!!!
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