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  1. JJL

    Hungry Heart

    not sure about this one it smelt like burnt sugar at first, even when it dried down .May leave it for a while and then go back to it
  2. JJL

    Mistress of Fate

    Lovely scent, jasmin and rosehips seem to come out . I really have had a great deal of success with this scent intent
  3. Well sniffed my sample last night and wow! The self effects where amazing that warm berry scent yummy........ I tried to buy some more and even the samples were sold out. Is this going to available again!
  4. I want the all now!!!!..... When will they be available...................
  5. I loved this very much ,very fruity and delicious . Received lots of compliments....
  6. Got a bottle this after having a sample. Love .... Love.... Love.... this scent .
  7. So the actually meeting is only 30 minutes and the rest is socialising. I'm thinking LP RED or Goddess of the Blue Moon as my SO will be there.
  8. Further to this I now know that 70 people will there including my SO. Just thinking which of the above will give me the best results!
  9. Totally agree.I have also worn Goddess of the Blue Moon and people just respond to me in a way that makes me feel Fabulous............ They just see me as a filmstar!
  10. Thanks ladies,I did wonder what scent to wear. I have LP RED,LP NO9,all of the kitten collection so much to choose from!
  11. Hi Ladies, As part of my strategy to grow my business, I realise I am going to have to network a lot more. Can you suggest some appropiate mones/perfumes for this. Something that can really act as a "Ice breaker" Lol Joan.
  12. Hi Dolly, It sounds delicious and naughty ..... will it be available to others for purchase
  13. Hi Ladies, Need some advice on what pheromones are helpful to break down the barriers ( sexual and communication) my Special One has. I have the following: Cuddle Bunny Closer Heart and Soul Road Opener Desire Me Wheel of Fortune Love Drawing At 52 I know he's going through changes, as women we know we do (menopause) but we forget men do. I want to reassure him at this time that I'm there for him. Many thanks in advance for your suggestions.
  14. I'm going to wear this (Blue Moon) and cops. wondered is this a good combination as i read somewhere that the LP's added with pheromones are at a lower amount.
  15. Tried to buy some but its all sold out. Will it be coming back.
  16. I am 50 and have never worn COPS. I brought EOW and Cuddle bunny and not sure how to wear them. OCCO looks like great to wear. I already have LP Red which I adore should i get a OCCO that matches it ? . I really want to experience that sexual hit everyone talks about when using LP products with COPS. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. LOL Joan
  17. Got my sample this morning this is a devine scent! . Fresh and aquatic. Loved so much I immediately bought a full bottle. Hopes my SO loves it as he seems to respond well to Alpha-N .
  18. Well this one smelled so awful that I washed it of!!!!!. I'll give it another go as I like the premise "pouncing" LOL
  19. JJL

    Eternal Sunshine

    I've ordered this as a sample.
  20. I have brought road opener with the intent of taking my relationship with SO to the next level. Really lovely to hear such a moving and inspiring story . Has anyone used this in a romantic context.
  21. JJL

    Kitten Heels

    This is a beautiful elegant fragrance . Self effects have been feeling mentally and physically uplifted. Starting dancing around the house while doing chores and other work.Definately going to be a permanent fragrance for me
  22. Firstly the scent smelled quite strong and then mellowed . I had forgotton that this was a pheromone blend. Self effects were more optimistic in my outlook, focused and a sense of being more discerning and astute. One to buy in a full bottle or spray
  23. Can I have a bottle of Lady Victoria's Sparkle a plenty please. Thanks
  24. JJL

    Lap of Luxury

    Absolutely loved this one!!! Warm notes Spring flowers in a warm bouquet .Self effects were very focused, felt respected and people listened to what i had to say ( a client and my little sister who was a little needy!). Definately buying this in oil and spray....
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