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  1. Yay! My 10 samples have arrived! and they all smell gorgeous. Now I have a dilema can't decide oil or spray for my full bottles. Any suggestions? my samples are: Kitten Heels Velvet & Steel Pouncing Potion Spring Fever Perfumed whisker A touch of Cerise Lap of Luxury Darling Catalina Goddess of the Blue Moon Love Potions Red Lace-Pheromone enhanced LOL Joan
  2. Okay everyone I brought the half set of 10 trial size and sooo looking fwd to them ... Has anyone else brought some Kitten Heels, Velvet & Steel Pouncing potion Spring fever Perfumed whisker A touch cerise Lap of luxury Darling catalina Goddess of the blue moon Love PotionĀ®: Red Lace ~ Pheromone enhanced
  3. Okay ladies so here it is ... SO will be with me at a function where other people will be and so i like him to flirt and be a little sexy with me... So would Heart and Soul be okay to wear with EOW covered by LP Red.. OR Bang with LP Red as a cover...
  4. Yes I do want sex and bonding. I'll look up your suggestions thanks ladies..
  5. Has anyone worn this with Heart & Soul and LP Red as a cover... Thinking of using this combination when meeting my SO.
  6. Love it! Love it! Congrats to all for some ab fab artwork....
  7. I brought this as a sample and really love the scent and the self effects. I wore it to an Interview and I felt very calm, confident, and in control. I also found when i wear it i'm very motivated and tend to get a lot done. Definately will now be part of my stable for work, definately buying a few bottles!
  8. Hi Magnanmity, IMHO too much.. I found when I wore it to close to my face i.e under chin/neck i was way..... to sensitive and emotional and blurted out stuff i wouldn't normally. Also made my SO very emotional , I think less is more with this
  9. Hi Guys, I have Heart & Soul in oil form is the spray form better? . What I mean is , is the diffusion quicker and the throw wider when using it in a spray form. I'm thinking of buying Treasured hearts, perfect match and Heart and Soul in spray form.
  10. Hi Everyone, Has any tested the above... Mara gave a sample and I love the scent would like to buy a full bootle. Also can you say whether it was oil or spray. LOL Joan
  11. JJL

    Sensual Harmony

    Hi Lady Victoria, Did you buy this is spray form or oil?
  12. Hi Mara, Ordered my Open Windows . Thanks Joan
  13. I want something naughty... very very naughty....!!!!
  14. Okay I have tested this and I ABSOLUTELY love this!!!! .I attended a seminar today and the number of hits I had from men i didn't know left me felling very confident. I also wore Heart & Soul so that helped .The biggest hit from me was from my Man... lots of attention,,mentions and focus. Thank you Mara for creating such fantastic products that truly help others to achieve their outcomes. LOL Joan
  15. Hi Mara, Thanks for the 3 bottles they arrived safely today yeah!
  16. Hi Gals, Hope you are all well... I need some advice on what are the best pheromones and perfumes to enhance bonding. Where my relationship is at the moment "Bonding and communication " is my highest priority right now. I have in my kit bag at the moment : Heart and Soul Cuddle bunny scented Many Thanks in advance... Joan
  17. Hi Mara, I am struggling to order , where do I go specifically to place the order have not done this before.
  18. Well, I have just brought this and love it. It leaves me with a warm glow, at first I thought it smelled too strong for the me. Now I have worn it alone, all the rich tones slowly waft out ... cinnamon, vanilla and the dark sugars,yumm..... Just one question though if wearing it with an UN pheromone, should i put the pheromone on first and then the scent?
  19. I'll take open windows if it's still available
  20. Hi, I brought LP Red recently and Mara (many thanks) included a sample of alzebeta which is now sold out. My questions is ladies has anyone worn it? I had intended to wear LP Red with Heart & Soul UN , but love the scent of Alzebeta sooo much and how it makes me feel (sensous and sexy) that I want to wear that combination to a romantic date . What do you think? LOL Joan
  21. As a cover scent I have LP Red or LP summer Solstice 2009 or Carolyns Woolly Vanilla
  22. Ladies,, I am meeting my love at a 4 hour practice session ( NLP) and I am unsure what pheromones to wear. I want us to have a deep communication on that day but must admit I want it to start of light,like a social lubricant and then to really connect and resonate . I'm thinking of wearing Heart & Soul for the latter , but really unsure about the former. I like the idear of using a spray formulae as i like the way they diffuse more quickly. Heart & Soul i have as a oil . Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I'm thinking about it way too much! LOL
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