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  1. Also can pheromones still affect the other person after one has left.The deep emotional affected was still felt after I had left him
  2. Okay I wore this today to meet my man,greeted me with a broad grin on his face and a upbeat strut! Worked directly on him, did not get any hits from anyone else. Also felt a bit more emotional similar to the effect heart and soul gave me so not sure if its the est. Would like to have seen a little bit more of a sexual vibe but maybe the timing was not appropiate( he had some training to deliver to delegates).
  3. Thanks everyone that was really helpful, I will be wearing it with a lovely scent Mara sent as a gift" Caroline's Wild & Woody Vanilla"
  4. I have it in oil form and intend to try it on friday. Just a bit concerned about how close one has to be before it effects are felt. As I have been advised to wear it on it's own ,I wonder on what part of body should it be worn for maximum effect. I live in the UK and it's quite cold at the moment. LOL
  5. Thanks everyone, so i tested it on myself to notice the self effects. Very relaxed -chill out vibe. Didn't have the " mind in the gutter" feel i have when i have used mixes with cops( e.g cuddle bunny)
  6. Ladies, Hope you are all well. I have taken the plunge and brought BANG! unscented. Needs some advice should I wear it alone or with a social pheromone?..... My guy is quiet sensitive alpha type who is very tactile. I have Cuddle Bunny& Heart and Soul already. Lol
  7. I have just ordered it unscented, looking fwd to getting some great results
  8. Although i'm new i wouldn't mind being a guinea pig....
  9. Thanks everyone for your advice, I noticed that they were unscented. What perfume should I use from the LP collection? I like CK one, Oscar Delarenta ,Estee lauder so anything that has that kind floral scent would be good....
  10. Hello Ladies, I am new to the forum and have used pheromones for six months now so a relative newbie. I am a very young 52 and have met a lovely man who is 50. He is vey much a alpha male but in a polished sophisticated manner. we are both very educated ,fun loving. He is more of an deep thinking man so the quality of the communication tends to be deep but also light and easy to begin with. He is very romantic ,touchy feelylikes to feel loved and listened to. I like to dress in a sohisticated girly glam way which he loves I was wondering what mixtures would help( i'm new to the love potion products) to : Have nore Intimacy Nesting Feel the love Sophistication Passion (lots he is not a player) deepen the level of love and bonding Thanks very much
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