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  1. Hello everybody, thanks for all the help and advice. I just ordered a sample pack with: Dad Pendragon Legend Top dog Excaliber LE Bodice ripper Velvet moss Thrill of the chase Voracious Evil in carnation I'm looking forward to trying these when they arrive. Have fun, Bboy
  2. Hi everyone and thanks for the welcome! Yes, my plan is to get a sampler pack. I read in another topic that LP would make up a sampler pack to your request, so I thought I would ask here for some choices first. When I looked at the list of perfumes it is overwhelming, there are so many. Being a mere man, the descriptions don't help me. For example, a combination of amber, violet, sandalwood and moss, (Bodice ripper) means nothing to me. I have absolutely no idea what that would smell like, so I think getting a sample pack will be essential for me. Another question is how much to get? One third of an ounce, oil based, how much to use and how long will the bottle last? The same question again for the one ounce sprays. I just looked at my Acqua di Gio. It is 1.7 fluid ounces and has lasted me for a year and a half so far and there is still plenty left. I know that I have a lot of questions, but please be gentle with me, I am new here. Have fun, Bboy
  3. Hello everybody, This is a slightly changed copy of a post I made on the Pherotruth forum, since I didn't get many replies I have decided to try here. I'm new here and I am looking for some help. About me, 58 years old male, tall, fit, in very good condition for my age. Looking to attract women. Not an expert with perfumes, though I like Aqua di gio and Black code. In September, I will be starting a job for one year in an eastern European country. The postal service there has a reputation for parcels "going missing", so I want a complete years worth of Scents/Pheromones before I go. I will be working in a school, I do not want to affect the students, (age 14 to 19), the teachers will probably be 80% female. I would like the following: Could be Pheromones for using with a cologne, or a ready mixed combination. Two different Pheromones/scents to use daily in work. Obviously must be work friendly but since I am already confident, maybe something not too dominant. Two different scents so that I don't always smell the same. Again, two differents Pheromones/scents for going out in the evenings. I will be in bars/pubs where perhaps 90% of people will be smoking (not me). Assuming I meet a lady, I want something for when her and I are out together socially, on a date or at a movie, and something for when I want to acheive more than being just friends. More problems, how much will I need? What concentrations? So to all LP users, your advice would be appreciated. Have fun, Many thanks, Bboy
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