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  1. I fiquired It out I did not get swimming with the sharks in my package thats why I was confused
  2. I am trying to fiquire out the message boards.I was wondering if this is alright to post a topic.Also.I got the monthly sample and how do I know what moods they are for?
  3. nay1414

    Welcome Nay1414

    That's what I ordered and 2 free samples.I wish I would have waited to order before ordering but I couldn't wait to get them.
  4. nay1414

    Welcome Nay1414

    I need to calm down more lately.But I wanta try both.I am thinking of getting the monthly trial.
  5. nay1414

    Welcome Nay1414

    thank you for the welcome.
  6. nay1414

    Welcome Nay1414

    Thank You Halo.I am trying to fiqure out what is what.lol.I want to try something that would help with my moods.Then try a love one too.I am 45 and can be very moody so I hope some of this will help.
  7. I am new and would love to try something.I was trying to fiquire out what to order. nay1414
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    I found you!!
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