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  1. Good afternoon everyone, It has been quite a while since I've posted but am happy to report I have had very good results with all my LP purchases! I have a few situations that are upcoming in a few weeks/few months and would like to hear everyone's suggestions regarding what LP's to wear, application areas etc. 1st situation I am going to be having a meeting (s) with a business owner/lawyers where I will be proposing a monetary amount be paid to me that will be settled out of court. I want the owner and all involved to not only be agreeable in giving me what I ask for w/o doubt or dismissal, but to be very pleasant/non-abrasive towards me. That they're compelled to act quickly to resolve the matter, look favorably upon me and please me. 2nd situation I have some other meetings where I will be introduced to some power, wealthy and influential people whom may offer me my dream job opportunity/business opportunities. I wanted to be warmly received, highly favoured/thought of, respected/trusted and for them to be compelled to make offers on the spot or in a timely fashion. I have been working on some things over the past 3 weeks and want to be as prepared as possible as I was given a heads up by a little birdie that great times/things I've desired for so long are a coming lol! Let me hear from y'all now oh great ones Thank You!!
  2. Ladies thank you all so very much for your input!! Ancient Goddess Elizabeth OSP Lady Victoria Calii You all rock ! I just love the awesome feeling that you ladies radiate from afar !! Now you've made me want all the ones suggested in addition to my already long list lol.... . I want to get Cougar, Swimming w/the Sharks, Popularity Potion,Nookie Cookie, The Magician/Road Opener to start with so I'm going to check in the Trade section for some samples. This is going to be some serious fun while experimenting!!
  3. Hello everyone :sunnysmile: , As I am still trolling thru everything on this wonderful site learning and being strongly enlightened I would love your advice/suggestions for what scents to wear for the following: Meeting w/Job Recruiters Going on Job Interviews Meeting with and to also Attract Wealthy,Influential People (Potential Business Connections and/or Employers) Love Attraction from the Men Spiritual, Positiveness/Upliftment Protection Money/Open Roads/Good Luck/Success/Prosperity Overrall *I was told Swimming w/the Sharks is good for the work environment in general and Dominance if I'm correct for the more ahem overly aggressive individuals one may have to deal with. The more lethally strong and potent the better :2215: ! I want to order some samples from the Trade section and a few full sizes in a week or so. Let's get this party started now
  4. Thanks for the bright and cheery welcome Elisabeth, I look forward to sampling the goodies here!
  5. I can wait patiently for the jewelry lol .: just gives me more time to look over and pick a few pieces.
  6. Thanks everyone for all of your suggestions! I'm going to place my order next week Tuesday and get Swimming with the Sharks, Cougar and 1 or 2 more to start with . I just love all these different varieties that are available and look forward to trying them plus sharing my thoughts w/you about them. The pendants & earrings are gorgeous too so I may be purchasing a lil extra sumthin' sumthin :sunnysmile: .
  7. Thanks for welcoming me ladies! I'm so excited and am looking forward to my 1st purchase. BTW I live in New York and feel these fragrances will be even more helpful with interacting with people . Beccah I'm strongly leaning towards purchasing a bunch of them, Ooh Boy!!!
  8. Good morning everyone, I just registered yesterday thanks to Mara after much looking and reading through the forums which I truly enjoy! I am a very young-looking 44 year old female(Thank you God!) and am looking for some perfumes w/Pheros. It just never ceases to amaze me what the power of Fragrance can do. Please also accept my apologies in advance for the long message . Here are a few that I'm interested in: Swimming w/the Sharks Phero based Dominance Sparkle Fuschia Pheromone Based Love Potion Black, Who's That Lady & Cougar (Lol) Pomander, Pot of Gold, Honey Ho & Armed and Dangerous The first 2 I feel would be good for me @ my current job and also since I am currently looking for a new job: I want to be welcomed, respected and be well thought of which is not usually a problem but it doesn't hurt to have some reinforcement. The others for attraction, love, meeting new men etc. I know everyone is different but I'd like a general idea of how many sprays to start with? Also I'd love to hear of any other fragrance suggestions everyone has especially for wealth/prosperity/overall peacefulness/protection/banishing etc. I love sweet, spicy, musky and cirusy scents: depending on my mood of the day will determine what I wear. I've been learning so much from these forums and look forward to hearing from everyone. Happy Hump Day Everyone!!
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