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  1. Thank you for the suggestion GoddessLynne. Unfortunately I live somewhere in Asia and we're nearly 12 hours apart. I've just emailed Mara. She's so sweet and helpful. Apparently my Hotmail account went rogue and decided to randomly block contacts off my list! The emails popped up once I added her email back onto the safe senders list. Phew!
  2. Dear Mara, Im not sure if you've received my email, hotmail is temperamental at times, so im posting my question here *just in case. I recently made an order of LP purple (summer solstice 09) but I received an LP Sunfire instead. What do I do now that I've received a wrong order? I still want an LP purple. Im relatively new to LP and im not too sure what to do in a situation like this. Also, would it be possible to get another sticker for my bottle of NoCo brown sugar? my poor bottle leaked and the label washed out. D: Thanks and many blessings,
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