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    PLaying video games, listening to my bf sing and play guitar for me, swimming at the lake, stargazing.
  1. cinnamongirl

    Hi :)

    I can't seem to find reviews of some of the ones that you guys are suggesting, and I cant find them on the site? Where should I be looking? lol
  2. It was a sweet kinda light floral, but unfortunately something in it gave me a headache...coulda been the sandalwood I guess. I had a spray bottle of it. It was nice, but got to be too much.
  3. Is it sad that I am literally running to the corner store in 100 dgree weather to check my balance?
  4. Is it odd that I saw that you had it in "Body Shots" instead of body butter?? Something is wrong with me I think.
  5. cinnamongirl

    Hi :)

    Tea-Less Strumpet made it onto my "oh dear god" list lol...it sounds just absolutely delishious. Im gonna have to go reupdate my wishlist now...
  6. cinnamongirl

    Hi :)

    OH dear GOD. My want list has been expanded. Alot.
  7. cinnamongirl

    Hi :)

    I saw the nookie cookie...im just scared of being blasted with coconut, which neither of us like. unless its in a mixed drink...then i can deal lol. halo's angelique...ill look for the review.... and thank you for the link, Potion Master !!
  8. cinnamongirl

    Hi :)

    Lessee... My first xp with lp was with a scent called orange blossom sandalwood amber with lace. it was really nice, but i fell in love with the line after i got to try a sample of one called caught in the act, which didnt have alcohol in it. I love foody scents, some spicy ones, especially vanilla and cinnamon. My BF likes cookies. and Yuminess. and i like him to like what i wear lol Any suggestions? I saw LP RED, occo red, lp black (maybe) and Touch of ebil as ones that I most deifintely want to try, especially touch of ebil. What has super yummy vanilla cake long lasting awesomeness to it?
  9. After reading all the reviews, I really want to try this one too...but Im a little worried about the cherry being medicinal or the chocolate being plasticky or burnt...has there been any reactions that way?
  10. This sounds absolutely delicious...and its sold out
  11. ...now i want to try lp red, lp black and this occo red. I love spicy/foody scents so much.
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