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  1. so an update - I wore H&S with OCCO and dabs of LP red. I felt happy but calm, like go with the flow. I feel more hyper with Rainbow Falls, maybe because of the a-nol. And even though CB is a touchy feely one, I actually felt more touchy feely with H&S. I also noticed he was a little out of it sometimes, like he had trouble focusing so I had to repeat things. Conversation was nice and natural though, but there were a lot of pauses, where he would just be looking and kind of smiling and not saying anything and I would just do the same back. He also asked more questions to get to know me and it was interesting that talking could go light-hearted or deeper. It seems a nice mix, though I wonder if reactions are more because of H&S, OCCO, or LP red, or just the combo!
  2. I guess with RF and CB I feel very social and cheerful and "up", which is not a bad thing, but I don't feel like that all the time, so I wanted to be more natural and also I had been feeling reserved and wanted to open up more. Like things are still on the surface in conversation. I know that takes time too, but was thinking something with b-nol might help encourage that. I wore some H&S with OCCO yesterday and noticed I felt happy but more calm than with RF. I noticed some glances at the cafe too, especially one guy talking with some girl nearby. She would look over too, I think to see what he was looking at! I guess I want to encourage more depth but keep that want to see you again feeling. If H&S can have both, maybe I can try it. Otherwise, TH + CB +.... a smidge of TMI somewhere(?!) Or... TH and something with sexology?
  3. So, there is still the happy light quality and not all deepness? I haven't really tried b-nol, so I have this impression that it's all serious or something (even though I want that option but not to feel heavy when with someone, if that makes sense) I like the nesting thing with TH, does H&S have a similar vibe? (if you've tried both) Or, say you've been wearing TH (or any phero) around someone, do they remember that feeling even when you aren't wearing it the next time?
  4. So, I love Rainbow Falls with TH and a-nol in it. I also like to use Rainbow Falls with un-CB. The combination seems to encourage a guy to want to see me again, want to take care of me, plus I feel happy and chatty. But sometimes I feel like I'd like to open up more on a deeper level, and encourage the guy to open up more as well. Would it be weird to simply add BAM to the above, or is that getting to be too much with extra cops?! I also have H&S... would just adding an OCCO be close to what I'm looking for? Does H&S also encourage a nesting vibe the way TH does? Any other ideas?
  5. qingwa

    Dream Lover

    I've been wanting to write about this one. I love the combination of chocolate and orange and thought this smelled really great. But either the chocolate or vanilla turns plastic on me unfortunately (I'm starting to suspect vanilla). However, for the intent, I started adding a few drops of this to my bath every night for a week or so, and I actually met a guy who I find really attractive and think would be a dream lover! Of course, as it turns out he's not available, but it sure was interesting. (And inspired me to order another sample!)
  6. qingwa

    Nookie Cookie

    This one sounded too delicious not to try! I love the way it smells in the vial and on me it smells great for about a minute. Nice, toasty cookie. I mostly smell coconut with a hint of chocolate. Then it turns into plastic cookie on me, but that's because my skin does that with anything that has chocolate. Lucky other people who can get the toasty cookie though
  7. qingwa

    Pleasure Valley

    I really like this scent, love the green fresh smell. I don't get any grapefruit, just green. It smells very refreshing, feels like taking a deep breath while out on a walk. Well, kind of like the picture on the label! Unfortunately, this disappears pretty quickly on me.
  8. I'm glad I could get this before it ran out! I wasn't sure I could wear it at first because I wasn't used to wearing perfumes much and thought it was kind of strong. But I tried again, and I liked the watery scent even though I usually can't deal with florals. But the reason I love this one so much is the phero blend. It makes me feel very happy and upbeat. I get a bit chatty, other people get chatty. I remember once I was feeling down and got dragged to a party. I put some on, and by the end of the night I was all smiles and making new friends. I've also had men express interest in keeping in touch after talking with my while I wore this. (A guy on the plane talked to me the whole trip. Maybe not the best to wear while traveling, depending on who you end up sitting next to!!) Yesterday, I had some on while out at a cafe and a few guys looked back at me when they came in and out. I know it's not a sexy phero blend like the others, but maybe because it makes me feel happy, others are drawn to that. So even though the fragrance is sold out, I'd definitely keep the blend in mind to add to other scents. I like to wear this in my hair too, or spray it on scarves. I tried layering it with Pleasure Valley yesterday, and I liked it, kind of like hawaiian forest vibe.
  9. Thanks so much for the welcomes and suggestions! I had already ordered Rainbow Falls and unscented Cuddle Bunny, so now I am thinking of maybe one or two others to try. Has anyone used CB and LAM together? or CB and BAM? I've been curious to try something with b-nol but kind of scared of it affecting me, making me more emotional. I've been reading about Heart & Soul too, does that sound like what I'm looking for, or is that more of a friendly social kind? About OCCO, I read that the perfume scent is stronger than LAM. Is it too strong to layer with other scents? How is the pink one in combination with other scents? (mostly foods, greens, watery, since I can't do much floral) Thanks again everyone! I don't know how to quote different people in a post, but LadyVictoria and JOC you are right about feeling sexy being a lot of what's on the inside. I've been working on bringing that part of me back, to feel like it's ok for me to be beautiful and sexy and enjoy being a girl.
  10. Hi everybody! I am new to the boards, though I read and browse a bit now and then. I'm pretty new to pheromones and have just been trying some samples mostly. I'm in the middle of an order and got stuck because I don't know what would be the best to get next! Since I noticed I get effects myself from the samples, I was thinking I'd like to have something that could help me feel sexy, and even more, to feel comfortable with feeling sexy, in a way that fits me. Personally, I'm more of a sweet, friendly, natural type. I'd like to keep a friendly approachable vibe but also something that tells of sensuality and earthy-ness (if that makes sense). Though I don't know that it's meant to be a sexy one, I really like Rainbow Falls for the cheeriness. I tried Cuddle Bunny and liked how I felt wearing that, but I couldn't really deal with the scent personally. So I was wanting to try the unscented. I also liked how I felt wearing Girly Twirly (and it seemed like a someone I like also was into it), but the scent turned mediciney on me. I was considering getting Lace plus an OCCO (pink) as well. Or would LAM and CB be similar to that combination? I've tried a sample of Cougar and so far haven't felt much with it for myself or others. Same with the Rocket Fuel that has SS4W. Is it a matter of finding the right amount or maybe something else suits me better? I'm kind of curious about the newest mysterious one since I think I remember something in the description about remembering one's femininity. Because of some things that have happened to me, I ended up hiding that part of me for a while and I really want to open it up again. So, that one sounded interesting. Well, any suggestions? I really appreciate it!
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