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  1. AlienChangeling

    New Releases for MARCH 2013

    ok for the first time evah, I have to have the full month sampler if I can figure out how to order one. ETA: ORDERED!
  2. AlienChangeling

    New Releases for MARCH 2013

    Is Dreams of Avalon not yet in the Artfire shop? because I can't find it...
  3. AlienChangeling

    New Releases for MARCH 2013

    LP:Gold is a rebrew too:
  4. AlienChangeling

    Stalk Talk!

    "my pretties" - a month of literary witches and wizards????
  5. Hey hon! Glad the scents and pheros are helping!
  6. AlienChangeling

    Permanent Fragrance Collection

    *has a happy!*
  7. AlienChangeling

    Highland Fling

    Retry on Highland Fling: wore it today, got the same wet vanilla, then the daffodil in the drydown as I was getting dressed. Got very busy running errands, and totally forgot - except periodically I'd vaguely get this whiff of a lovely incensy something. Not quite incense, because it isn't smoky enough, you know? Got home, got things put away and generally done, and as I'm settling I get the incense again and realize - IT'S ME! It must be the amber. I like it muchly so no problems.
  8. AlienChangeling

    New Releases for FEBRUARY 2013

    I need to lookit cash right now...might do it...
  9. AlienChangeling

    New Releases for FEBRUARY 2013

    Well, I think I figured out why I never heard about Honeyed LP until about a week ago. I can't find it on the landing page in the shop. Foo. I woulda got too.
  10. AlienChangeling

    Mara's Dream Pillows

    I keep telling myself I need to get one and haven't freed up the case from potions to do it!
  11. AC for one, who is LOVING this. Resin ho for sure. Also spice ho. Mmm, like LPBlack but with a slightly sweeter, spicier twist. I'm doing the shirt-huff thing too. Yes, this is also mindful of MRF. That slightly caramelly-sweet scent. Mm. another huff, and I think part of the sweet is the fig. Oh I love this.
  12. AlienChangeling

    Highland Fling

    Ooo! This is nice! In the bottle, I got a blend of everything. Wet, it was this sort of boozy, cakey vanilla, and reminded me a lot of a better version of philosophy's Vanilla Birthday Cake (I have the lipgloss). Now in the drydown, I get the daffodil on top of it - and I can handle the floral! Me likey!
  13. AlienChangeling

    Valentine's Day article featuring Love Potion!

    BRAVA!!! Wonderful!
  14. AlienChangeling

    Orange Almond fragranced hydrating Water

    Oh wow! Tried this one today! DROOL! First I got smacked in the face with orange marzipan! Then I practically had to wipe my mouth, the oranges were so juicy! LOVE!
  15. AlienChangeling

    Essential Vitality fragranced hydrating Waters

    Mine isn't very strong and isn't very camphorous, and my skin eats it. I get slightly minty green. It is, unusually, a green that I LIKE, however, and that doesn't give me a headache.