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  1. This one is so yummy. When it first goes on, it smelled like literal candy on me: all honey and chocolate. After a couple of hours it dries down into a soft chocolatey amber.
  2. I never got the chance to try the original Bang. Is this a blend that I could wear out on the town with the girls, or is it so sexual that it's better to keep it for fun behind closed doors?
  3. I put a little bit of this in my part on the top of my head the last time I hung out with the guy I'm seeing because I wanted him to get a good whiff when we were cuddling. About halfway through the night, I was laying next to him and he grabs my head, shoves his face into my hair, takes a big sniff and goes, "Oh my god, your hair smells SO f***ing good!" 😂 I'm glad Mara made another batch of this with the Gotcha 2.0 because it's a winner.
  4. For some reason this reminds me of Lure of the Siren from 2011? I think? They don't have any ingredients in common, but the watery character of this one is making me think of Lure of the Siren.
  5. This smells like a warm yummy cinnamon roll. I loveeee it.
  6. I've got this one coming and I'm definitely excited. Honestly I would have ordered it just for the name 😅
  7. FBs of alllll the new foodie smells: Rocket Fuel, Bon Bon Booty, Sugar Pie Honey Bun, and Raspberry Chiffon.
  8. Also wondering this! I don't want to pull the trigger on my cart yet because I want some UN Gotcha.
  9. I've already made a list of the scents I want just based on the names and labels. My wallet is crying but my nose is rejoicing.
  10. Ahhhhhh! The labels look so good! I'm so excited!
  11. FWIW, I would totally watch an interview with Luna the Cat as well.
  12. Woooooo! I'm so excited!! That's so many perfumes! I'll have to figure out my LPMP budget.
  13. Do we have any idea when gotcha will be back? I get such great hits with this and it looks like HLP w/ gotcha is out of stock now
  14. This smells delicious out of the bottle, but is VERY spicy on my skin. I'm getting all allspice all day, which is a bit overwhelming for me. I might let this one age a bit, or try layering it with something creamy to balance out the spiciness a bit.
  15. Oh this is divine. I love honey scents so much. Wet, this is alllll honey, but as it dries, the pumpkin blooms. Like the others said, it's not overly spicy at all. I love this one.
  16. I've tried it six or seven times in a semi-intimate public place like a coffee shop or a restaurant. I've tried it twice when I'm alone with a guy whose attention I'm trying to get. If he isn't attracted to me at ALL, then the pheros won't affect him at ALL, right? Thanks!
  17. So I don't seem to be getting any sort of a reaction with this... Do the wise commenters of the Love Potions Forums have any advice for me? I usually apply a couple of inches to my forearms, about two inches in my cleavage, across the back of my neck (not allowing my hair to touch it until it's dry, and sometimes 2-3 inches either behind my knees or on the insides of my ankles. Am I wearing too much? Too little? Am I possibly just oblivious? Hmm.....
  18. THAT will wake up the congregation! She probably won't put enough on to elicit any weirdness.
  19. I got this one in a sample, but I don't think I'll be buying it. It covers the cops amazingly, but the smell is just too strong and fruity for me.. It's not bad but it's not quite my cup of tea (or coffee since I'm talking about this scent, haha)
  20. Well I made my first order and was surprised with 5 little free samples (one of which was phero enhanced: Cops and Robbers). And now there's three or four more things I wanna order... I definitely recommend LAM for excitement and delightment (is that a word? It is now). And if you order that, you'll get some samples, and like me, you'll find more things you want.
  21. I got my LAM in Sugared Honey and Vanilla yesterday and have some on today. Just smelling it out of the bottle the vanilla isn't really coming through and something smells a little off (I'm assuming that's the cops). When I put it on and it dries down, the "off" smell goes away and the vanilla definitely starts to come through. It's sweet, but still not overwhelming and I smell so good! I'll post about the effects when I have someone to test them on ETA: After a couple of hours, as a couple of other posters noted, the scent started to turn powdery. I'm not sure how I feel about that, will using another scent cover the powder smell?
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