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  1. Apparently I am making up for the last two years and ordering the store... Occos Mocha, Creamy Almond, Lemon Buttercream, Lavender Buttercream, Raspberry Rhapsody full bottle set now of all Chakras with backup bottle of Heart Gargoyle Gargle Butterscream Lemon Cougar Potion Panther Madeline's Hot Memphis Nights Hauntings spray boosted with CB (soooo sad no Gotcha! but ah well) Undercover Lover spray Fairy Cakes -- oatmeal, pumpkin, lavender, lemon, rose, strawberry and my mystery boxes, over which I am quite frankly losing my mind with excited anticipation -- a Black Cat box and two spells It's good to be back!!!!
  2. Also-- are you charging me enough for shipping?? I expected that number to double with the extra mystery boxes, and I'm getting sooo many bargains I don't want to cost you extra there! 💕💕
  3. Dear Mara, thank you for the updated invoice and the delightful news that I can do two more bottles! I did want 2 bottles total of Heart Chakra, and I will keep that on the paid list because there are two bottles I have been waffling back and forth on and now I can request them both! So if available, I'd love to add full bottles of: Cananga Coco Cacao Cougar Potion: Panther Thank you!!
  4. You are the AWESOMEST; thank you for putting my mind at ease! I emailed you for a *monster* invoice, so please don't rush! 💕
  5. So I've reached Sinfully Indulgent Which, given my sale extravaganza, seems just about right
  6. Not sure if this is the same as Cheesey's question but just double checking that store stock is different from sale stock and my bottle of Chakra Sacral is still there for me? Sorry to bother you, just finalizing my email for invoice and wanting to be sure!
  7. 1 bottle Butterscream Lemon 1 bottle Glace au Cafe Thank you!
  8. Welp, this escalated quickly! HAHAHAHA! Please add Chakra Solar Plexus Chakra Throat Chakra Third Eye Chakra Crown And if any are still left, 1 additional bottle of Chakra Heart YES, thank you.
  9. Prince and the Showgirl -- $15.00 Damn it @halo0073, I had forgotten this one until you bumped the review thread and I read all my raves about it! ❤️ Totally off topic but I no longer seem to have emojis besides my ❤️❤️? Is anyone else having this issue?
  10. Yes, I have to go back to my stash and see if I have any unscented left. This is my all time favorite; I look forward to its return!
  11. Sorry Mara, these are all small bottles!
  12. @cheeseburger79 you are a bad influence! 🙂 Fairy Cake Gingerbread Fairy Cake Lavender Fairy Cake Lemon Fairy Cake Pumpkin Fairy Cake Rose Fairy Cake Strawberry
  13. Ghost of Christmas Past-- 25.00
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