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  1. Black Cat

    Private Editions for APRIL 2018

    Sigh. Could I also get Lani's Heavenly Lei? I am a sucker for ozone and sea weed!
  2. Black Cat

    Private Editions for APRIL 2018

    Thank you!!!!! I'll email for invoice later today, just need to check and see if I will be adding anything to it. OMG a Cat's Eye reboot!!!! Happy birthday to me.
  3. Black Cat

    Private Editions for APRIL 2018

    OMG -- Mara is Ruthvah a masculine blend? Because when I read previously appeared as "Cat's Eye" I can only say PLEASE RESERVE ONE FOR ME!!!
  4. Oh my gosh are we time traveling?? They all look gorgeous. And a PM blend!!! So excited for notes.
  5. Black Cat

    Boo Berry

    Damn it! I held off from trying because I knew it wouldn't work for me... strawberry and pumpkin? Mulberry and allspice? But oh, right, Mara is a fricking genius and this might be my favorite-- it's so yummy and warm and festive and stealth sexy! I want to snorfle my wrist all night long.
  6. Black Cat

    White Velvet Pumpkin

    I can't get over how non-foody the velvet pumpkins are!!! This is haunting -- I get a whisper of coolness that reminds me a bit of Hauntings, and then the whiteness really announces itself. The pumpkin musk thing is totally happening, and while I can pick up the spiciness JLisa mentions, it isn't cozy or yummy at all, but deeply sophisticated. I have this one on my left wrist and Black Velvet on my right. Amazing!
  7. I am really surprised -- when I read this description and saw "mash-up between Blue Smoke and Cuddle Bunny" my eyes almost started out of my head because I am a huge fan of both... but that is why we get the sampler! I've tried this twice now and it just doesn't go with my skin. I don't get the blueberry at all (and I know it's my skin and not the scent because of Eastwood's review) -- it's like Smarties smashed into powdered form and rubbed onto my wrist. I am secretly relieved to have at least one thing to check off the full bottle list. Glad to have my sample so I can enjoy the adorable label!
  8. I love this -- the grapefruit/currant combo is reminiscent of my Big Cat Mojo, but while that has a kind of dryer veldt-like quality this one is so surprisingly rich, as others have commented. I wanted to love original Cougar Potion but something in it was headache inducing -- this is amazingly smooth. In many ways it reminds of Glamour Puss (the first one) but with a simpler, starker, and darker feel. I don't have anything boosted with Cougar, and this is seriously tempting.
  9. Black Cat

    Black Velvet Pumpkin

    Oooh, Beccah, you nailed it! I hadn't made that connection but yes -- I tried LP Black a couple of times over the years and it always regretfully doesn't quite work. This is pure sexy darkness -- sophisticated and badass at the same time. And hi, StacyK! Yep this feels like you.
  10. Black Cat

    Butterscream Lemon

    Keep meaning to come rave about this one.... somehow I didn't think I needed it, but it is so delicious. It is like the lemon version of Inspire Desire, which is an all time favorite, but unlike that this has enormous staying power on me! Normally the delicious citrus foodies are glorious for the immediate application but on drydown they get wispy or turn a bit sour. This just stays mouth wateringly delicious for hours and hours! Out of all the samples, I have reapplied this one the most frequently. It is the perfect balance of sweet and tart, and I should say it also differs from Inspire Desire in that ID is cakey, and this is pure frosting. Yum!
  11. Caved over the long drydown and ordered a bottle. Holy wow, this stuff is amazing. And that's right, Resin Ho!!!!! Can't wait for your reviews on this one!
  12. Dolly, I'm remembering Decadent Diva (spacing on the name of your PE that inspired that, sorry) and whoa, lady, this was probably made with you in mind!
  13. Black Cat

    Molly's Forest Retreat

    I still have a few drops left in my bottle... gonna go and sniff now because this remains in my top ten fall scents of all time!
  14. Black Cat

    Black Velvet Pumpkin

    Oh ye gods and goddesses! This is THE non-foody coffee scent to die for! Vetiver, frankincense and myrrh makes a stunning base, and the smoke adds a tinge of cold autumn air. The pumpkin is very subtle on me, and maple (which can amp like crazy) is totally subdued and just gracing the whole thing with some faint faint whisper of sweetness that never quite makes it to the surface (which is wonderful for me, since sweet foodie can turn on me very quickly these days). This one could totally be unisex. This one reminds me of my beloved Black Cat Mojo.
  15. First of all, Luna, that story is so full of win! This was hard not to go full bottle on -- rare ingredients, resins -- but I am so trying to confront the hoard and start using things up that I made myself stick to sampler. This is stunning. It reminds me of Bewitching Hour, but that scent is full of late afternoon sunlight and this one is so Of the Night I can't begin to describe it well. The herbs and resins somehow temper each other in perfect balance and the apple ( which is clearly from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil), while a dominant note, doesn't read fruity or foodie. It's much more serious than that. This is a grown-up scent but not ladylike in the least. Complex, sophisticated, deeply female and oh yeah, also pure sexual power. If you are looking for a Sexpionage scent, jump on this.