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  1. just to be safe then, i'll wear it with a cover! thanks for the info, luna!
  2. i just got my package! i tried putting on some unBang (oil version), it was smelly from the bottle but when i swiped a few inches on my wrist, it dint smell at all after a few seconds! i think i cn even wear this with no cover! (null)
  3. wow, Mara! i just got an email confirming my order has been posted! yehey!!! it'll be here before the 24th!!! thank you!
  4. it's okay, Mara! but i appreciate the concern! i'm actually leaving on the 24th and it takes 12 days for the orders to arrive. so as long as it'll be shipped before the 10th, i should be fine.hahahah but no worries,
  5. i hope my order gets here before i leave for a really long vacation i was really looking forward to pherobomb my dear bf w/ Bang! lol looks like the plan backfired as i might not be getting it before my flight. (null)
  6. hey guys, im not really so good with notes and all so by just reading the ingredients in the perfume descriptions doesn't really give me an idea how it would smell like! but i really love this one. i have a VERY TINY sample vial that Mara included in my first LP purchase and i really love it but my heart was broken when I tried to search for it and found out it was sold out. i use it on my FIRST BLOODY DAYs bcoz it's very calming... SO, my question and i hope you guys have patience with me being a total noob, is there any other perfume in LP that's close or similar to this one?
  7. wait, SS4W is kinda sexual right? but i use it sparingly so im excused.
  8. Hello, Joc. No, unfortunately, i haven't tried sexpionage yet. and unBang is the first sexual phero ill be trying out.. actually, i have occo white but i dont really use it much, just a few dabs on some days but i dont use it much since I'm mostly around friends or officemates and i didn't want them to have sexual attraction towards me. i have a man back home whom i love so much and i have committed myself to only use the big guns with him around. the friends can admire me with PP or SS4W but something like Bang will be for the BF ONLY!
  9. awesome hits, JOC! this is my most favorite phero to date. it works like MAGIC! i always use this when im out with my friends. we tend to be grumpy after 4hrs of being together because we're all IT professionals and we find computers to be better friends than real human sometimes, they're easier to talk to. but ever since i started using pheros, i always use this when im around friends and we ALWAYS have fun and we dont tend to kill each other even after 8hrs of being together. but im off to buy unBang because im going home and will be seeing my longtime BF who i havent seen for 2months! want to try sexual pheros and hope i get lucky.
  10. i'm not a good person but at least i'd smell good. i'm so excited to try UnBang and Velvet Kisses plus my very own full bottle of SE2011!
  11. or maybe i'll skip buying gifts for the lovies and be selfish.... hmmmm... i should just shut up before my mind picks up and start to scheme things up just so i can buy some LPs and risk being scorned by family and friends! lol
  12. i shouldn't have checked the forum! iv been avoiding it since i know id be green with envy knowing i cnt shell a few $$$ this month and the next bcoz im a dime close to being broke! and now, all i can think of are the fun things im missing coz i psyched myself up to only buy ME stuffs on january. and until then i will have to make do with my stash! T_T but now, no amount of unPP or unSS4W or occo white or cougar or lp red or lam or all hallow's eve or a few sample vials will keep me satisfied! i want more!!! lol i better sleep now or im bound to do things id regret in the mornig!
  13. i love lumina in AHE! im pretty sure id rock this one too BUT due to dwindling finances, i might wait another 2 months to try this unscented. until then ill make do with my AHE ~ good thing i have a full bottle!
  14. Spray 1x (60-40DPG) and i spritzed once on my chest and once for the hair! i slathered LP Red first then spritz it on top. no dry down. and with my success with unPP, im thinking unPhero is the way to go for me.
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