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  1. Thanks for all the warm welcomes! I didn't see many guys while wearing it, but it seemed like they were nicer and trying to stay around me more. At the same time they seemed to have more respect and probably tried to keep their distance because of that. Cops + Alpha 'mones maybe? Now i feel flattered! To be fair, she saw me make out with a girl i just met in a club and apparently already was very jealous. Though heart throb definitely seemed to make things even more intense.
  2. Hehe. Thanks, halo! Good to see you, too. I see there's quite a lot going on here, though i'll probably just occasionally drop by for the men's phero-mixes.
  3. I've tried Hearth Throb unscented in a silicone base, 3 drops applied to my chest for a few times: - My female friends were all over me, hugs became full body-rubs, conversation turned sexual and i was 'the man'. - Younger girls in clubs were more than afraid of me, like i was grizzly bear - older girls in clubs seemed VERY interested at first, but lost interest quickly. I probably was too nice for my dominant phero signature. - AWESOME mix for sex, even though the girl i tried it with seemed to be shy at first - NEVER wear this around a girl who is emotionally stressed, it can turn girls into furies Also it seems to intensify emotions. I suspect that that's mainly the Beta-Androstadienol in it. All in all i really like it, maybe it's a tiny bit too aggressive for clubs, but for other occasions it's awesome. It's probably the best mix to get out of the friend-zone. Also it seems to trigger strong emotions in girls. A bit like: "You're a jerk, but i can't help falling for you." One girl literally told me: "I think you'll cheat on me, but i don't care."
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