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  1. This is really wonderful and will go on my "big bottle" buy list! I'm not a fan of pink sugar - at one point I was wearing it all the time and now I can't stomach it, so I was a little worried about how LP Pink 2009 would be. In the vial it's LP original with a bright pink note - not the pink sugar I'm used to, more like cotton candy. I slathered it on and fell in love with it! The pink sugar is grounded with the LP base, it's so perfect!
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    It was really weird. She had her nose to my wrist and wouldn't budge, if I moved she moved with me. My other dog was totally fine, she didn't notice anything.
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    Yep! It was Compromising Positions, but last night I tested Flying Potion 2011 and the only time I got near enough for her to catch a trail of it was when I was putting her leash on her and she didn't care. Thank you all for the warm welcome! And thanks, Molls for fueling another new addiction. LOL Oh and Black! I love it now! =)
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    Today, just a bottle of the Original =). My first order (received Saturday) was a few testers, Black, Pink 2009, Flying Potion and Autumnal Equinox 2011. I haven't tried Pink, Flying Potion or Autumnal Equinox because I've been too busy wearing Original and Red. LOL! I tried Black lastnight and it's not for me or maybe it needs to age a bit! With the gifted testers, I can't wear the phero ones I received. My dog goes nuts! So I'm sticking to the regular ones and am a little leary trying Flying Potion and Autumnal Equinox.
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    Hi everyone! I recently discovered LPMP after a really awesome and generous person gifted me a large amount of samples. I immediately fell in love with LP Original and LP Red. I have been neglecting all my other e-tailer bottles now! I put in an order for bottle of LP Original this morning, I can't stop sniffing my wrists!
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