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    I love baking! Reading, quilting, and knitting are some of my favorites hobbies. I am learning to sew some of my own clothes too.
  1. My goodness!!! Such fast shipping! I placed my order on Thursday night (Dec 8th) and it was already sitting in my mailbox when I came home from work today (Monday, Dec 12th) Thank you so much!
  2. I just ordered one of the bath scrubs. I'm not sure if there are any of the Darling Clementine scents left, but I hope that is the one that I get. It sounds so lovely! My skin is always very dry and cracked in the winter and this sounds like it might help a bit. Not to mention that I love the perfume verision
  3. Thank you for that suggestion! Regal Confection might just have to be a part of my next order! There are always too many nice choices to make up my mind!
  4. This isn't a phero, so I hope it is still okay if I post my suggestion. Peaceful Home from the LP Spell Kit Collection might be worth trying. I bought a little sample size vial and it makes me feel very safe and calm. It might help you too When I've tried scenting my pillow, I've actually put a little dab of perfume on a cotton ball and then tossed it inside my pillowcase. I've never stained my pillowcase doing that.
  5. Glistening Buttons is a scent that I am so excited to try! I'll be getting the verison without pheros inside, but the description really sounds so wonderful! Chocolate is one of my favorites foody smells. Finding out that there were still some bottles left of this really brightened an otherwise gloomy day!
  6. I would always get an orange in my Christmas stocking too! It was supposed to be something special
  7. I received a little sniffie of this in my order. It is amazing! I didn't pick up on any of the marshmallow, but the chai and the caramel blend so well together. This might just end up being a little bottle purchase!
  8. My bottle of Darling Clementine came in the mail yesterday and so I tried it out for the first time this morning. The smell is so delicious! It definitely remind me of cake. The sweet scent was just right; it was not overpowering or cloying. It was perfect! The only sad part is that my skin ate the scent so quickly that it seemed to fade away in less than an hour. Maybe I will wear a little more next time. I am not experienced with pheros at all, but I want to try to make my review helpful. My work environment (a call center) is very emotionally stressful. It is not hostile, but it isn't a happy place to be either. Each day is usually a pretty big struggle for me. The pheros helped me feel a little bit better about myself, so I am very grateful for that. Even without the pheros, the scent is so yummy! And it made me want a piece of cake instead of a regular breakfast
  9. Thank you for the suggestions, JOC and Tyvey! I think that what you said may be right. Trying to be calm and tranquil might just be the way to go, because I definitely don't want to make anyone more upset. Thank you for pointing me in a direction that I hadn't thought of!
  10. Wow! So many different ideas! Thank you I think that my next purchase might be a big one. I really appreciate all the help!
  11. This is such a wonderful fragrance! It is definitely a green scent, but it is still very subtle on me once it dries down. There is a small hint of spice that comes through too. I think it is a faint touch of cinnamon. It makes me think of a cozy room with a Christmas tree in front of a fire. That might be the mistletoe part coming through. It makes me want to snuggle Normally I would not pick a green scent, but this one is not intimidating or overwhelming at all. I like it very much and I am thinking about maybe getting a second little bottle.
  12. Thank you both for your ideas! Both Open Windows and Lace sound so nice!
  13. Hello! I've been reading all of the threads here about different pheros trying to learn as much as I can, but it is all a bit overwhelming. I'm hoping that someone with a little more experience then me might have a suggestion on what to try. So here goes my question I am hoping to find a phero that might be good for happy, self-effects. I work in the client relations area of a call center and most of the clients that I help are not very nice. Since no one is going to smell me through the phone, I am hoping that something might be able to put me in a happier place. Many days I come home from work in tears. Any ideas on what I should try? Of the new releases, I did place an order for Darling Clementine and Velvet Kisses (although I definitely don't think that I'll be wearing the latter for work). Thank you for any and all advice!
  14. That was such a sweet review. Reading it convinced me to add a bottle of this to my shopping cart. Little babies always smell so nice and cuddly
  15. I've been looking through all the scents in the perfumerie and I've found more than thirty that I want to try. There is no way that I can afford that many anytime soon though So I think I might have narrowed it down to four for this order. Here is what I think I will try out. I haven't checked out yet though, so this may change. North Pole to give to my honey. I think that if he smells like a gingerbread cookie, I'll want to be extra close to him Although he smells good anyway. Darling Clementine Velvet Kisses Dream Lover I don't really have much phero experience, so the Darling Clementine and Velvet Kisses make me a little nervous, but the scents sound so very nice!
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