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    Psychology, horses, sexercise and exercise, animals, people watching and social good times mixed with pheromones :)
  1. Thanks all, much appreciated. Settled on some super strength cougar & just waiting for it to arrive now. Will definitely try follow your link potion master. Thanks all x
  2. Thanks people Hmmm perfume wise my faves include D&G Light Blue, Issey Miyake & Jean Paul Gaultier. Most recent addition is Valentina by Valentino, which is more "earthy" than my usual scents. Trying to find my way around the scents with mones, but there are so many not sure where to start tbh!
  3. Thanks guys, apparently I gone for a turbo charged mix so watch this space Have LP will travel! BTW I love the format of this forum, having had a browse about today, everyone seems friendly and up for helping us uninitiated out, which is much appreciated.
  4. Hey guys & girls. I'm brand new here after recently finding mones at AD. Been looking for perfumed oil and hey presto here I am with a new order on its way. Hope to find out lots of new info and make some great bonds with peeps and look forward to reporting my adventures
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