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  1. Haha I think I am resisting Cougar because of the name! Ok, I will reconsider! I can't argue with so many of you singing its praises! I'll just have to hide the bottle. And yes it does sound like what I'm looking for... just to have some fun with! I also do like the youngins (well not THAT young - maybe 29-30 yr olds... I always seem to have more in common with them than 40+) I assume there is no difference in results between scented Cougar and unscented (Stone Cougar)? Because I'm leaning towards unscented for all of these, so I can mix with my own fragrances... well with the exception of OCCO. (I'm scared of EoW on its own!) And thanks Halo, I will start with 1x for now until I figure out what the heck I'm doing! So true! I'm already pretty receptive and usually meet men when I'm out at bars or wherever... but even more would be nice! I don't know what it is but I think a lot of men in my town are a little shy - they'll stare and stare but may not actually DO anything. I do my part with a big smile and staring back... hoping that pheros give that extra kick to *compel* them to come over and say hi. Ok, so my list is now: 1. Stone Cougar (unless you guys think scented is better?) 2. Lace 3. OCCO White Unless there is anything else you think is absolutely essential I need as a first timer with pheros?
  2. Oh wow! Thank you ladies for the very warm welcome - y'all are so nice here!!! I can definitely see this becoming my new hobby - I'm already a huge fragrance collector and was always curious about pheromones but didn't realize I could actually BUY them now! This totally combines two things I love - boys and beauty stuff - haha! Thanks! Believe me I would LOVE to be more risque and uninhibited myself but I bond so easily (even with just kissing someone I'm really attracted to) that it's really painful for me if things don't work out. Learned this the hard way - although that hasn't stopped me from kissing lots of guys!!! I've slipped up a few times, but I try to draw the line at sex - at least until I know we're in a relationship that's not casual. I just wish the ones I'm crazy for would feel the same way about me! There were a couple of guys I met this fall that I could 100% see myself with, but both sort of went MIA after a hot and heavy start... not sure if they were players or not ready or what. Sads! Meanwhile there are so many that I feel lukewarm about buzzing around, but I don't have the feelings for them... Anyway - back to pheros! Thank you for all the suggestions! So far I've made up my mind about two... 1. Lace. LOVE the sound of this one - and that it's very feminine and amps up attraction but not too sexual (lest I get crazies coming up to me while I walk down the street!). I would love this for everyday wear and also first dates when I don't necessarily know how things will go. I will probably take Halo's suggestion to do it in a 60/40 spray - that sounds perfect. Will get sans cops so I can layer with and without... 2. OCCO White (in an oil). I'd love to combine this with the Lace for when I know I'm going to be with a guy I like... or if I'm somewhere that I don't mind dialing up the sexual attraction. There are soooooo many others I want to buy too but I can't make up my mind! Lumina - sounds lovely but I think I prefer the Lace since it's without cops and then I can layer in as needed. Cougar - Seems like everyone has good results from it, but maybe a little too "confident" for my personality... I don't want to necessarily be the centre of attention in a brazen way, just want more approaches from guys who are attracted to me (but *they* can be the ones to make all the moves). Popularity Potion - Feeling the same way as Cougar... Open Windows - I like the sound of this but now thinking that I'd probably reach for Lace over that just because Lace seems more feminine... I feel like I maybe want one more blend for over-the-top va-va-voom times when I want loads of attention! I like the sound of Bang but thinking I should just get SS4W instead since it's without cops, and then I could layer. But what has been your experience with SS4W? Do people gawk but not approach? What is the best one to entice men to actually walk up and talk to you/start hitting on you? What I want from this is opportunities for dates, not just googly eyes! And of course I'm getting all caught up in the sexy stuff and losing interest in Heart & Soul/Cuddle Bunny/Empathy Potion.. haha! Maybe I'll save those for a 2nd order since I've gotta get their attention first! Oh - last question - I assume the 1x, 2x, 3x choices for the sprays means the strength, right? Should I just be getting the 1x?
  3. Hi everyone! I am looking to enhance my dating life and wondering if you folks can help me out with recommendations. I stumbled across the AD offerings first in my research but I find these blends sooooo much cuter and more fun! A little bit about me: Female, just turned 36 and actively dating. (**not sleeping around - I reserve that for a serious exclusive relationship.) My goal is marriage, kids, the whole shebang... but it has to be with the right person, and I figure the more guys I meet the more chance I'll find that special connection. Sexual chemistry is super important to me but I'm also more traditional than most... I appreciate very masculine guys who are confident and like to lead - I don't feel comfortable approaching men. Most people think I'm still in my 20s and from researching cops I'm pretty sure I'm still producing them at least around ovulation time. (I don't know if I'm the prettiest girl in the room but men have always found me sexy and I believe this may be part of the explanation since I don't blatantly dress or act that way.) Anyway, I would love to dial that up some more since it's the sexual attraction that compels a man to come approach you and want to spend time with you! Here's what I'm looking for... I don't know if one product would work for all of these scenarios or several: 1. Something to encourage men to approach when I am out and about 2. Something for first dates (usually blind since I meet a lot of men online) 3. Something to encourage both attraction AND bonding on dates 2 & beyond 4. Anything to help put me in a better mood before a date So far the blends that have peaked my interest include OCCO White, Cuddle Bunny, SS4W, Like a Magnet, BAM, Blatant Invitation, Open Windows and Heart & Soul. But obviously I need to narrow down that list for my first purchase! And I want to have products that fit my personality... What do you guys think? Scented or unscented - is there any difference in strength/ease of use? I'm already a Pink Sugar user so layering is no problem... Also, should I be buying oils, silicones or alcohol sprays? I live in a colder climate and summers don't get crazy hot here. I would like maximum diffusion! thanks in advance for your advice!
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