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  1. Eggers

    Hi from melisse in california!

    Welcome Melisse! It sounds like you've got quite the little collection started! Have fun experimenting with it, and be sure to come back and tell us all about your results. And cat. We like cats around here.
  2. Eggers

    New Releases for APRIL 2018

    OMG, Fluffy, and that eeny-weenie strawberry baby! Does that baby come with the bottle or is it extra...? (SO CUTE!)
  3. Eggers

    Private Editions for APRIL 2018

    Wow! These all sound outstanding!
  4. Eggers

    Forum Upgrade!

    YAY! I was really going to miss this guy:
  5. Eggers

    Forum Upgrade!

    I was able to edit a post a couple of days ago, I think? Since the upgrade. It was in one of my journal threads. And I was able to make one of the old emoticons with the code. I'll try it again here: Yup. It works that way.
  6. Eggers

    New Releases for APRIL 2018

    I'm here! Beautiful labels! They make my ovaries ache! And SO excited to see H&S in a blend! I thought it was being discontinued! The PEs all look gorgeous and intriguing, too!
  7. I'm very fond of this one, too. The scent wears so softly I can hardly believe that it covers Cuddle Bunny! The scent and phero feel very congruent with each other. I used to avoid wearing CB to my old job because EST heavy blends caused the chef I worked for to get into a pissy mood. But I've worn it at my current place of employment and it works really well for me. I almost think I might need a second bottle of this one...
  8. This is super-sexy on me! OMG! When I first applied I got a good dose of cherries, (which I love - BF, not so much). And then when it dries down the cherries run off together and leave behind this sexy, chocolaty musk scent that smells so incredible it makes my knees weak! Lol! I'm not generally fond of vetiver. The essential oil itself makes me feel really anxious for some unknown reason, and I've avoided it like the plague for about, oh, 20 years or more. But I think it's the vetiver/amber/chocolate together that's giving me the musk impression, and I absolutely ​adore ​it. WOW.
  9. My package arrived today, containing the Wild Cherry sample I missed last month - Thank you!!! It smells divine! I'm glad I got a chance to try it. My other things are lovely and perfect, too!
  10. Eggers


    I use 2-3, usually, and if I need to refresh it a couple hours later, I usually only do one spray. I try to go pretty light-handed with DHEAS, because the self-effects are so good, I don't want to become "immune".
  11. Sexpionage itself has never "flipped my switch", but I suspect that's because I wear tiny amounts, and have rarely worn it for anything but to enhance sex. However, pretty much anything else that has alpha-androstenone in it (Dominance, Leather, Blatant Invitation and La Femme Noire) has ​flipped my switch in the past, BIG TIME. Alpha-androstenone is an "alpha male" kind of phero, and when it's added to women's blends it's in tiny amounts to add the air of a "dominant" vibe to a blend. It's also famous for flipping switches. From what I can recall from previous conversations, it's a "sticky" phero, too, meaning that it can stay around for a few days after application. So if you wear it one day, and then apply more the next - even to sparkling clean application points - you're effectively adding more alpha-androstenone to what is still clinging to your skin. It can flip your switch though, even if you haven't worn it in a while, if you've applied too much, or possibly at different times in your cycle. Personally, I find I can only wear blends containing alpha-androstenone in the week following my period. Otherwise there's an excellent chance that people around me will die. If I DO wear these blends at different times of the month, I tend to wear much, much less, in order to avoid manslaughter charges. Strangely, they still tend to work for me in tiny doses - everything but BI, which seems to make me want to slaughter whole towns, no matter how much or how little I wear, or when I wear it. At any rate, I have had to be pretty meticulous about figuring out how much I can wear, and when it's best to wear it. Like Halo said above, androstadienone is the one that can make you angry if you're in the mood and aren't getting any. I suspect this is the reason I can't wear BI - not its inclusion in the blend, but maybe the proportions just affect me badly. Blends containing -enone (alpha-androstenone) tend to make me overly-fiery, but BI makes me feel so angry - and out of nowhere! - that I feel like my head will explode (and then maybe some huge Godzilla-like monster will leap out of my body like it's an "Eggers Suit", and then indiscriminately devour all the townsfolk).
  12. That's how I'm thinking about using it, too: LFN & Sexpionage. Good to know it covers! Thank you!
  13. I had to check the notes after I put this on - it smells soft, like a smoky marshmallow on me, and I love it! It must be the tobacco and vanilla? I don't know. I'm not even sure how else I could describe this scent but to say, "smoky marshmallow". And by that I mean one that's been maybe sitting near enough to the fire to get warm and start getting a little gooey & soft, but never made it onto the end of anyone's stick. The dry-down is to-freaking-die-for. OMG.