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  1. Love you right back @halo0073❤
  2. Hi Mara, may I please reserve: 1 fb Baby Boo 1 fb LP Brule And these twopees: 1 fb Lei's Peach/Day 1 fb Lei's Peach/Evening Thank you ❤ Thanks @halo0073 😘 EGGERS!!! ❤️
  3. @Potion Master Lemme think on it. 🤔
  4. It looks great! I love how easy it is to navigate. And I love that the phero'd scents are listed under the unscented version. That's a nice feature. I've only searched around using my phone, but the mobile version seems to be working well. Great job! 😊 Are you planning to put up there, the phero wiki that used to be on this site? (Or is it still here and I just don't surf around enough to know where?). Just curious. It was a handy little wiki.
  5. Phew! Thanks Mara! I guess I'll use up the car bottle first then. It's such a soft scent, it'll be perfect for summer work nights.
  6. Ha! My nose must be broken! 😅 I still have both bottles and they still smell the same to me. Maybe I should ask the opinion of someone else's sniffer... 🤔 I found the bottle under the front seat, caught in the floor mat. It would have been out of the sun, but it was under there for a good two months at least? I wonder if it was slightly cooler under the seat? Or maybe I've been walking around smelling funny and nobody told me. 😬😅
  7. I once lost a bottle of Shen Tao in my car for a whole hot summer. When I found it under the passenger's seat in the fall, it still smelled exactly like my other bottle. Edit: DERP! I just realized you were asking about pheros, not scents. Still, it was great to find out how durable these scents can be.
  8. Hello! Welcome to the forum! 😃 Have fun with your experiments! Some of my favorite pheros are the social ones. They're good fun!
  9. Dude's noses are so frigging bizarre! 😅 This is exactly why we don't trust them with scents. Omg. 🙄
  10. @halo0073 Yeah, the scent thing is a non-starter. If I went by his nose I'd have to eliminate tons of my favorite notes from my daily wear. Coconut and cherry are 2 that come to mind. I try not to wear cherry scents when I know I'll be around and in close proximity to him, because he really loathes cherries (WTF? Who hates cherries?). But as far as coconut goes, he just has to eat it. It's in too many of my faves. He doesn't often comment anymore anyway, unless I ask him to, or unless he strongly objects. On the other hand, he's smelled some at different phases, from straight outta the bottle right up till dry down and occasionally his impressions change. When it comes down to it, I've realized that it's more important that I like what I'm wearing.
  11. Omg! Wow! I think I've tried this combination before, but it certainly didn't end like this!!! 😮😮😮 I honestly couldn't say if that's normal. Maybe you should try it again! I haven't noticed that my pheros work less when I have my period... 🤔 I have noticed that they're more likely to backfire on me in some way just before and during the first couple of days.
  12. Yeah, Cappies are pretty funny peeps, on the whole. My old Manager Dude was a "late degree" Capricorn, and LOOKED very stuffy. (Okay, who's kidding whom? He's a pretty stuffy dude). But his extraordinarily reserved delivery of funny comments was particularly entertaining. Sometimes it was shocking, like hearing a priest tell the raunchiest joke you've ever heard as part of his Sunday service! I think it's pretty neat how signs can present themselves so differently (on the outside) depending on which house they land in in the natal chart. BF's are all in his 3rd House, so his Gem traits are all being played through an amp that goes to 11, if you know what I mean. We have giggles and secret jokes too. I love those moments!
  13. I just meant that sometimes you've gotta do stuff for yourself, regardless of the opinions of others. If I left every perfume that BF didn't like on the shelf, I'd NOT have quite a few of my favorite scents to wear and enjoy for myself. There are so many notes he's not fond of, and a few of them are my favorite notes - coconutty things and cherry things in particular. It's just too much work to navigate his likes on top of my own. Yeah, it's nice when he enjoys the scent I happen to be wearing, but since I have to spend the day with me, I'd rather I like it. Besides, most men's noses are weird and unsophisticated discerners of notes. Half of them say that everything smells like baby powder or "flowers". Those aren't noses I'd want guiding my scent choices.
  14. @anchoredinopulenceYour Moon is either in my 8th House or conjunct the cusp of it! I love Leo Suns & Moons. I also have a strong preference for Gemini people, men or women. You might be onto something with your theory. Wearing what feels like too much beta-nol makes me feel vulnerable, almost like I'm see-through and that others don't like my unintentionally exposed bits. My Cappy Moon might have something to do with that. It's in my First House, in a tidy little stellium with my Sun and Jupiter, (Jupiter also happens to be my chart ruler), which tends to make my moods quite big and visible, whether good or bad. That high visibility - especially when I'm in a bad mood - definitely contributes to my feeling vulnerable around my emotions being "seen" by others. Maybe too much beta-nol accentuates that sense of vulnerability and the feeling of unwanted transparency? Interesting theory....
  15. We totally need a "GOING OT" thread, where we can just copy/paste, and continue on our merry way! This. All of this. Every last thing you said up there. No Lycra, reinforced waistbands, paths of least resistance, and thighs sucking shorts upwards. Horrible business, all of it. I work with 3 girls who wear these pants all the time, and I feel SO physically uncomfortable whenever I look at them, it's like I'M wearing the horrible jeans. As far as shorts go, I've taken my own path of least resistance, and started cutting my jeans from my chubbier days. Yeah, they're baggy and loose and look like sh*t, but man, they're comfy. And given that I'm in the middle of my "f*ck it forties", I'm okay with that.
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