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  1. Eggers

    New Site Coming Soon

    Looks great - it's very pretty! I love that the catalogue is alphabetized, and that it shows my local prices. That's a time (and paper) saver for me! ETA, I also like that when you go to the pheromone section it shows the Unscented phero AND the scents that it's in. That's quite a nice feature.
  2. Eggers

    Like A Magnet--WOW

    No. It's not you. I can't always smell them in the scented blends either. Some people have VERY sensitive sniffers and can suss them out in the heaviest scents and in minute amounts. Even if a person can't necessarily SMELL them, the molecules are still being registered by the brain. They're exerting an effect, whether it's making the wearer come off as unclean if worn in the wrong places, or as a sexy beast if used in the right ones. They're really fun when you get it right! Have a great time experimenting with your goodies! ?
  3. Eggers

    Like A Magnet--WOW

    Try not applying it so close to your face. Apply from cleavage to navel. Cops and pheromones work better with body heat to diffuse them. Also, wearing cops so close to your face can give others the impression that you are unclean. And the stink of cops is really tough to get out of your hair.
  4. Eggers

    New Releases for Autumn 2018 - 'WEENIES!

    So no squished ghosties? Pretzels! LOL! I keep thinking a spray would be nice, too, just for that beautiful label... But then again, all these labels are pretty freakin' amazing - that's a lot of sprays to acquire! I really and truly love collections like this, when I start wishing that I could order the full bottle set, just so I can put all the gorgeous labels on display! If I could afford to do this every time a set of labels made me want to get the whole set, just so I could display them, I'd probably need a whole room dedicated to my precious LP display. LOL! (I'm not opposed to this idea; I simply cannot afford it. ).
  5. Eggers

    Steamy Daydreams

    Thanks Luna! I have a difficult time gauging whether a scent is too light to cover.
  6. Eggers

    Steamy Daydreams

    Anyone ever wear this with Cuddle Bunny or LFN? You think it would cover the cops?
  7. Eggers

    New Releases for Autumn 2018 - 'WEENIES!

    Gravenstein… earth and apples! I think I need this guy to come paint the Baby Boo label on a wall in my house. I just love that label! Baby Boo... Baby Boo... I dunno. Squished up little ghosties?
  8. Eggers

    New Releases for Autumn 2018 - 'WEENIES!

    OMG, the labels are gorgeous! WOW! (and a happy squeak for Ebil-ish! ).
  9. Eeps! Leather is awesome at the right time of the month, but it's one of those ones that can make me feel like beating the sh*t out of people for no good reason. I'll just be sad to see SS4W and Bang go because they're two of my go-to blends. SS4W in particular is a favorite of mine because it has a sort of "leveling effect" on me, between men & women in the friendship arena. Dudes treat me like the cute friend they'd like to ask out, but don't, and women respond to me in a really nice buddy-buddy way. I always liked it because it made connecting with women a little easier - they seem to find me less intimidating. I guess these two will just have to become my special occasion pheros. C'est la vie! But still, *sniff* They will be missed greatly! ETA, Mara, do you plan to keep Sneaky Clean & MRF available as scents, sans pheros? Or are the scents dying out, too? *crosses fingers so tightly, they turn blue*
  10. Oh no! That's an arrow through my heart! So no more SS4W? No more Bang? No more Sneaky or MRF awesomeness? ?
  11. Eggers

    Love Potion: Homme

    I could see wearing it as a snuggly TV scent, too. A little Teddy BB or Balm Bomb... could make for a cozy little blanket of a scent!
  12. Eggers

    Love Potion: Homme

    There's something that feels very warm about it, no? When I think about wearing it, I picture myself all bundled up in boots, jeans and a big, heavy sweater, maybe waiting out a snowstorm in a coffee shop, or having a pint & watching the snow fly with my friends. It feels really warm & autumn-y/wintery to me. I still need to get a bottle! It's one of mine, too. Someone gave me a sample a while back, which I'm keeping close at hand, because I gave my first one to my Dad, (who also loves it). I need to just bite the bullet and order a couple of bottles one of these days.
  13. Dalmatian Jasper is supposed to help one feel more playful, while still allowing one to accomplish, well, "adulting tasks". This is something I sorely need help with. I tend to get all caught up in things that HAVE to be done, and forget to make time for play. I'm so bad for this, BF will often grab whatever is in my hands (depends on which project I'm currently working on), and say, "Drop it. We're going out for a nice dinner", or "Put that thing down. We're going to the movies". I thought maybe a little Dalmatian Jasper might help me out a bit, even if it's just looking at it that reminds me to stop being such a drag! I love the pieces you sent! I love the spotted stones. I've been keeping them in my jean shorts pockets all weekend to remind me to put the broom/sponge/paint brush/whatever down for a bit. Thank you so much for sending them! And I would LOVE to see pics of other types of Jasper. They're so pretty! I like that idea, too! Mmm... Azurite! So beautiful!
  14. Eggers

    Copulin Tutorial video

    Right? Such a beauty!