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  1. How did I miss this??? We totally could have used something like this with Oliver and the boys. Great idea!!!! 😊
  2. Eggers


    Hi there! Welcome to the forum! I hope you have fun with all your trial goodies! Looking forward to reading some of your reviews, once you've had a chance to sample things. It's fun stuff!
  3. Hello! Firstly, welcome to the forum! So, LP offers scents and pheromones in a variety of ways, which makes them very versatile. LP sells unscented pheromones, which do require you to wear a "cover" scent, to help mask their smell, (and which helps draw people in closer to you, and therefore, into your "phero cloud" because you smell so good!). There are also scented pheromones, which are all of the same blends offered as unscented, but in an easier/more convenient format. In addition, all of these are available in various options - in oil or in sprays involving different bases. Unscented phero blends contain 1000mcg of pheromone, while scented versions contain 333mcg of phero. So when you wear an unscented blend, you'll not only want to cover it with a scent, you'll also apply less because the unscented is 3x as potent as the scented version. As well, LP offers copulins, (aka Essence of Woman or EOW), which most definitely require a cover scent - unless you get a bottle of scented copulins - and ample dry-down time, otherwise yes, they stink to high heaven! Copulins are really what you don't want getting on your clothes, or to wear too close to your face, and most definitely not in your hair, because they can give off the impression of you being "unclean". So. All pheromones require body heat for diffusion. However, copulins require the added dry-down time because they need to sort of "meld" with your skin via body heat. Dry-down time is estimated to be around 20 minutes, but there are ways around this. I should probably note before I go on that by far the easiest way to use copulins is to get scented, and there are a wide variety of scents to choose from, most notably the OCCO line (OCCO: Overt Cops for Your Covert Ops), which has at least 6 different scents to choose from. Mara occasionally makes special OCCO sets which include other fun scents as limited items. Because you don't want to overload on copulins, (which can have the opposite effect to what you're looking for), it's best to be relatively sparing when applying them. I generally draw a small lollypop around my navel and call it a day. It will dry slowly or quickly depending on what the weather is doing - humidity makes it take for-EVER. So I usually either stand in front of a fan for a minute or two to help it along, and then I do this very technical thing we regular LPers call "smooshing". Smooshing involves using your wrists to gently tap or smoosh the application point out a bit, so it's not in a big puddle, but more of a thin layer, which helps it dry A LOT more quickly. Smooshing can help to the point that the cops are almost entirely dry by the time you finish putting on your face cream and makeup. The little bit you get on your wrists is fine. Where it gets confusing is that various blends available here contain varying levels of copulins. Some are very "cops-heavy", and basically require that you allow for dry-down time. Some cops-heavy blends are Sexpionage, Sexology, La Femme Noire, Cuddle Bunny, Blatant Invitation, BAM, Like A Magnet (LAM) and Bang Bang. These require dry-down time, even the scented versions. There are other blends that contain a much lighter dose of copulins which are considered "hair safe", meaning you can apply them to your hair/on the nape of your neck without fear of reeking. Some of these blends are things like Cougar and Lumina. You can apply these to your hair, your clothes - anywhere you feel like applying them. Again, you don't want to overdo it because in the world of highly concentrated pheromones and copulins, more doesn't always mean more. Less is almost always better. And when it comes to copulins, or any blend containing a high amount of copulins, an oil base (not spray/alcohol) is best, as it allows the cops to meld more easily with your body chemistry. The two items you bought are both scented. No need to apply another scent on top. 20.20 I believe contains the pheromone blend, Perfect Match. This one you can apply whenever your heart desires, really. There's really no smell to this pheromone blend when it's in a scent. In fact, I've never noticed the unscented smelling funky either. The easiest way to apply it is to make an upside down lolly-pop on your torso: draw a line from your cleavage down your torso, and around your belly button. You could also put a tiny bit - like an inch or so of a strip on one of your forearms, and smoosh it with the other to spread it around. It doesn't really matter if any phero that is copulin-free gets on your clothes. 20.20 with Perfect Match could also be applied to the nape of your neck, as warm hair is a very good diffuser of the scent, and therefore, the phero. You can do that with this one because it contains no copulins at all. That isn't to say that you can't apply copulins separately, if you have a scented version you think would compliment the scent of 20.20. You can always "sex up" a social blend with cops, if you're so inclined. I do it all the time. You can wear Perfect Match anywhere you want, whenever you want. It's not going to offend anyone. It's particularly nice on date night, or during a quiet night in when you just want to cozy up on the sofa with your partner. Now 10:31 with Like a Magnet is a cops-heavy blend. It contains alpha androstenol, (which help you give off a happy vibe), and copulins. When I wear anything with Like a Magnet, I generally do a modified lollypop, and then do my smooshing thing. I'm generally dressed in about 10 minutes after application. I put it on, start letting it dry down, put on my face cream, any makeup I've decided to wear, and fiddle with my hair. Then I smoosh and make sure there are no shiny puddles. I wait to smoosh because I don't want my wrists accidentally touching my hair. You don't have to get too precious or worry too much. You just want to make sure that it's mostly dry. Smooshing helps a lot. This phero blend is for happy, fun times. I often wear it out to shows with my BF. Heck, I often wear it just because I like the way it makes me feel. In terms of application - how much to apply, when to apply, the timing of your application - it's all a matter of trial and error, and is pretty fun once you get past the intimidation factor. You can feel pretty conspicuous at first, especially when cops are involved. You mentioned that your husband's uncle is living with you. Chances are that, so long as he is generally a well-behaved man with strong social filters, wearing cops around him won't be an issue. That isn't to say that they're innocuous. With copulins you're definitely sending out a sexual signal - they're designed to pique men's sexual interest - and men are unpredictable, sometimes scary. If you feel unsafe around your hubby's uncle, I'd advise keeping the Magnet scent for sexy times, or for times when your hubby is definitely around. If you feel you're in a safe environment, I think you're probably okay to wear it. Like I said, I wear Like a Magnet and other cops-heavy scents out every now and again, but usually when I know my partner or other people I trust are going to be around. In 8 years of wearing copulins, I've had one semi-scary encounter with one of my BF's friends, and a number of more irritating/overly-interested interactions with other men. Having said that, I should point out that I wear a small amount of copulins almost every day, and have for 8 years. I tend to apply a little bit more when I'm looking for sexy times. Just be smart about when you wear them, and around whom. Remember, copulins are not only worn for the opposite sex. They're often worn just to give the wearer a boost in mood, a boost in feeling their own femininity, just because they can make you feel good. Also, you're a woman, you already have a copulin "signature", so your uncle will unconsciously be aware of that anyway. Now, about the kids... I can't really answer that, and I'm not sure that anyone here really can with any amount of certainty because to my knowledge, there's no research on the topic. But most people here with kids err on the side of caution with very small ones at home, or if you're pregnant. Most people avoid pheros while they're pregnant and around babies, to be on the safe side. I've noticed people here with pre-teens and teenagers tend to be a little less so and haven't really reported any issues. I've worn pheros around my friends' kids on a number of occasions, and always seem to wind up with them on my lap! Which is scary to me, because I'm terrified of children! On that note, dogs and cats seem to respond with more enthusiasm when I'm wearing pheros, too. Dogs seem to especially like cops. One of my cats, (who's already a humpy humperson always starts humping a sock or a t-shirt whenever I'm wearing cops. On how long they last... Cops and pheromone blends containing cops can last well into the next day. Some blends are "stickier" than others. In some cases, with some blends, the effects appear to be even greater the next day. I've experienced this with Cuddle Bunny, often, and it's really fun! I would say use your best judgement. If you and your hubby have had a good romp the night before, then yeah, you'll probably feel inclined to have a shower so that you don't reek of sex. If you're just sporting yesterday's cops, (no romp involved), I would say don't sweat it. Just have your shower at the normal time. There's a wealth of information in the review threads, and I'd highly suggest reading as many of them as you can manage. I know time with kids makes it difficult. But they're worth a read because they'll give you a good feel for how much others are applying, and for what the effects are that others are experiencing. Because that can sometimes differ, depending on the person, the phero, and sometimes even the "delivery system", (oil vs spray). For instance, for at least 2 of us here, wearing La Femme Noire in oil doesn't bring sexy times. In oil, that phero makes both of us go on crazy cleaning and cooking binges. Seriously. It's only when I wear La Femme Noire in spray format that I get the sexual effects that others get. That's a pretty out-there example of the differing effects some blends can have. So read reviews of any blends you're getting, or thinking of getting. Not only are some of those threads a great, fun read, you'll get a lot of really useful information in them. And yeah, I know it can be intimidating and overwhelming at first, but you'll get the hang of it and become "addicted" just like the rest of us! You'll get a little bookmark in your order that outlines how to best apply your pheros. I think you did well, choosing scented ones. Those are most certainly the easiest to manage at first. I hope I've answered all of your questions. And I hope I didn't just overwhelm or confuse you more! Let us know how you're making out with them, once they arrive! And HAVE FUN!!! Edited to add that when you're experimenting with any of your new phero blends, start small. Sometimes it only takes a little bit to get the effect you're after, sometimes it takes a little bit more. But if you skip to the little bit more, you risk skipping over what could be your "sweet spot". And every phero will be different. It does take a little patience to figure out a sweet spot, but it's also really fun. And then once you find it, you're in business!
  4. Oh WOW!!! I love these labels Mara! Are they all line drawings They're beautiful! Can't wait to hear more! 😃
  5. Yikes! Definitely sounds like you dodged a bullet with that first fella! Personally, I'd shy away from LFM too. It tends to make people "admire me from afar", like Eastwood says. Popularity Potion and Lumina are both good picks for your situation. Some others you might want to consider are Lace, Heart and Soul, and my favourite for almost every situation, Open Windows. Lace, because it gives off a happy, approachable vibe. Plus, the slight giddiness it can induce in the wearer might help bring a more playful feeling to situations, rather than a "dating = marriage proposal" thing. Maybe a good pick for games nights. Heart and Soul because it makes people want to know all about you, and it gives the wearer a good-natured "sweetheart" vibe. It's friendly and sweet as opposed to overtly sexual, but can be made more sexual with a small addition of cops, should the occasion call for it. Open Windows is one that I suggest for most occasions. It's got a way of boosting not just the mood of the wearer, but the mood of those in your "cloud", too. People feel good around you. It also gives a boost in confidence, as well as a boost of charisma - both very attractive traits.
  6. 😲 What are these fun looking things?!
  7. These are the best sugar scrubs, ever! The best scrubs I have ever used, actually, sugar or otherwise. 😊
  8. @halo0073 Yes! I was going to mention La Femme Noire in oil because it has that get-up-and-go effect on me, too. The only reason I didn't is because of the sexual component. But LFN in oil definitely makes me want to get off my duff and get shit done.
  9. I'm glad you brought up sugar, @androstenol. I cut sugar out completely about 5 years ago, and after I got over the initial withdrawal symptoms, (which were admittedly unpleasant in the extreme, being that I suspect I'm actually addicted), I experienced a huge rebound in energy, mood and a noticeable lifting of "brain fog" type of symptoms. I allow myself a little sugar these days, but cut WAY back again if I notice I'm letting it get out of hand again, because I don't want to go back down that foggy, low-energy, low-mood path again. Abstaining from sugar aside, the biggest game-changer for me has been yoga. I know, @bruja, that you were just asking for phero recommendations. But since @androstenol was adding her 2 cents about sugar, I figured I might as well second her 2 cents, and add my own. Yoga is a fabulous mood & energy lifter.
  10. Dominance tends to highlight my flash bomb temper. I learned that the hard, embarrassing way. A few times. Leather lends me a dose of "git 'er done" mentality. It's all the fire power I can personally handle.
  11. @luna65, is this reminiscent of Stealing Heaven? (Please say yes!)
  12. I'm sorry to hear that you've been feeling so poorly. I've had issues with major depressive episodes and anxiety on and off since I was about 12. I definitely second all of Luna's suggestions. Balm Bomb is of particular help to me, being that it seems to help ease both anger and sadness when I feel overwhelmed by them. I have a girlfriend who has panic attacks, and she finds Balm Bomb very soothing. I work at a job that requires me to be excessively social for my comfort level, something I find frustrating and draining. At work I often reach for Open Windows, which seems to help give my mood and energy a gentle boost in the right direction. Now that I'm thinking about it, I think the reason I like BB and OW so much is that they both tend to temper other people's behavior toward me. Balm Bomb sort of softens people up a bit. Open Windows tends to spread a little good cheer. I shy away from Dominance because it sets my temper on a hair trigger. But I have been known to use light doses of Leather on occasion, when I feel I need a little discipline, backbone or just plain old "oomph".
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