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  1. I found the same thing, the first time I wore it a very unpleasant note that gave me a headache was very strong at first. I didn't try it again for a few weeks, but when I did it was tolerable and no headache inducing note seemed to arise. It was quite nice after a while. I just retried it again last night and rally enjoyed it. I do think this benefits from ageing.
  2. I also get a LOT of this from Red (more than I care for), but a few hours later those notes are toned down better and the spices and other notes finally appear
  3. Hi! I heard about this from the Lush boards - I tend to lurk more than post. I'm just getting into online buying of oils and perfumes so I appreciate detailed scent descriptions and reviews. I'm a single mom (Gemini- ironically) to twin 4 y.o. boys, so there is not much time to pamper myself - I think that is why I've really gotten into bath products and fragances the last couple of years. It is really uplifting to catch a whiff later in the day - an instant pick me-up. I'm currently dating someone who seems to notice what scents I wear. I thought I would take a chance and see if some of the potions might have some of the desired effects. I know he tends to react favorably when I've used Lush products with patchoulii so maybe he might be susceptable to being "nudged" . I'm still trying to figure out what to try first - I personally like light oriental or other fragrances with some "spice", woody and green notes, but am open to most things other than blatant foody scents. Any suggestions?
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