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  1. Dolly

    Could wearing pheromones backfire?

    Thanks hun! Going very well thus far!
  2. Dolly

    Could wearing pheromones backfire?

    Yes, we ended up splitting up because I moved cross-country to take care of my mother, and decided to end the relationship because he needs to be in that area for his kids (even though they are grown, they still need him), and because our relationship was also going downhill in general. I am with a new man now, and testing is "interesting".......will be posting in my journal soon.
  3. And that is not only to Potion Master but to Eastwood as well......
  4. They look great! Fabulous job Mara and elves!
  5. Dolly

    Pherotine Questions for YOU...

    I like PCMP in oil, personally. Never did try the Big Easy.
  6. Dolly

    Soul Food

    I agree wholeheartedly on that! I still adore my stash of Hathor.....dark but smooth at the same time! As a matter of fact, I think that is what I will wear today.....
  7. Sometimes it can be the man you're with....they may want a woman who is just more flirty and feminine, sometimes it is a man who wants a woman who is sexually aggressive. For instance, some men don't do well with Est.....every man is different, so you have to find the ones that he, personally responds to. In some cases, as Lynne mentioned above, it can be context too.....wearing half of a bottle of OCCO to work.....not a good idea....OH they may think you are very sexy, but too sexual for an office setting. So someone who keeps upping their cops dosage at work, and gets no reactions....well, probably because of context. Most educated, informed women are aware that men and women are wired differently, and datadragon, I really don't think, personally that we need a lecture on the science of erections.
  8. Dolly


    Yeah, I have made about every mistake you can imagine....been using pheros since 2002/2003 or thereabouts......if you get bleed-through one time, in the wrong situation, you will REMEMBER......LOLOL
  9. Dolly


    Here's a little tip.....I wouldn't worry too much with Wicked, because it is a heavier scent......BUT, that said, if you are adding cops, and it is a scent that is on the lighter to medium side, scent-wise, add a few drops, shake it, and then let it sit for at least 24 hours before testing for bleed-through and adding more if necessary. If you don't know what bleed-through is, let me describe it as such.....you are standing there, smelling lovely, you move around, your perfume wafts around a bit, and you say.....WHAT IS THAT that I smell.....is that COOCH? So, yeah....sometimes EoW can take a while before it "blooms" in a scent. Here's another frame of reference too.....I believe that Mara said that the OCCO scents only contain like 30 drops of cops per 10ml bottle.......so, if you're not trying to knock somebody over the head with your cops load, you could easily just start off with a few drops in a bottle and see what type of effects you get.
  10. Quantum Leap was one of my fave shows when it was on.....can still find it now and again in reruns. They all look great Mara!
  11. I punched the ex-asshole with a right cross dead to the center of his chest. Got him off-balance......he forgot that I was practicing kick-boxing......he slapped me for something I said, I set my feet, right cross to his chest, he hit the floor. Boom. Will never EVER be an apology. EVER. Hopefully, the bulk of my interactions with my ex-asshole are over. My son will be 19 this December and he chooses NOT to have a relationship with his father who lives right around the corner. Hasn't seen him in about 3 years. Any interactions that I HAVE TO have with him will be when I am wearing Dom.
  12. Me decking him, or him backing down the stairs like a scared little boy? I personally wish I had BOTH on video......LOL
  13. Yeah, my soon-to-be-ex prefers the alpha females, so it would totally feel "normal" to him. But my son's Dad, (one of my ex-assholes) was an abusive man who always had to be in control, and preferred the subservient females. When I wear Dom around him, I think it reminds him of when I "snapped"......sheesh, toward the end, right before I took my son and moved out, I decked his ass when I decided I was taking no more. I am 5'1" (and about 160-ish at the time) and he was 6'2" and 240-ish. He hit the floor, and I told him the next time he even THOUGHT about hitting me he had better knock my ass out cold and start running, because when I caught him, I would kill him with my bare hands, and I would LOVE every minute of it. It scared the hell out of him, but I think it also turned him on a little, KWIM? So yeah, when I deal with him in person, I always DOM the hell out of him......he LITERALLY backs away from me.....almost tripped backwards down the front porch stairs at my house one day......it was hilarious.
  14. I wear Dom around my son's Dad......who is in general, a big PRICK......and a bully. When I Dom him, he falls all over himself to make sure he doesn't offend me or piss me off.