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  1. It was COMPLETELY lethal.......it should have a warning label!!
  2. And I was right.......it is AMAZING over Blissful Caress!
  3. actually, I am thinking this would be FAB layered over Blissful Caress......hmmmmmmm
  4. OH YES! I have been testing my OCCOs today......this one is very nice! I am always a fan of cherry, and it is bright for about the first 15 minutes or so.......after that, the scent mellows and deepens and rounds out with the tobacco and oud......I love it!
  5. On me, this is a soft and slightly sweet skin scent that I would wear when I need a little "boost" for playtime, but don't want my scent to be over-powering. I get the light sandalwood and musk, and vanilla as a backdrop. Lovely!
  6. OMG! This is a resin-lover's dream! I get ALL of the amber and patch......along with the oud and sandalwood in the background......then in the background, the sweetness of the cocoa butter and honey. This is TOTALLY YUM!
  7. LOLOL......made me spit my icewater!
  8. As my skin tends to amp both grapefruit AND currant......for about 30-minutes after application, this one was a little painful.....LOL...... But, once it calmed down, I really like it! It does have the sparkle, yet isn't quite as bright as the original after it settles (at least, that is the way it reacts to my skin). @Vicki Lee I definitely recommend trying on your skin before throwing in the towel. My skin says "HI I'M GRAPEFRUIT!" any time I wear a scent with grapefruit in it. It does similar things with currant. But, they tend to turn out beautifully after they complete the drydown.
  9. This one is a little lighter than the Medium from "way back when" (2006/2007-ish, I think). That one was thick and rich (a little dab would do you), while this one is rich and resinous without being too heavy. And there is that little touch of sweetness. Knowing I would love it, I boosted mine with Blatant Invitation and cops, and it carries the phero load quite well. This is truly a unisex scent, and perfect for those of us who tend to slide toward the darker side.
  10. I hear you saying it! It WAS a very good idea!
  11. Hot and Sticky is DA BOMB.....glad I have several bottles stashed! I also have Wet and Nasty (don't you love that name), which is KINDA like Hot and Sticky but more mandarin and less grapefruit.
  12. Thanks hun! You're making me blush! That pic was taken about 9 or 10 years ago (more wrinkles and age showing now), but it is one of my better pics.....my man fell in love with it, and snatched the 5 X 7 when my ex sent it back to me......he has it sitting on his nightstand. He tells me that he likes being able to wake up every day, looking at a beautiful woman.
  13. Decided to pull this one out of the box just for fun. Think I will be wearing this one on my next "date night" with the man. It fades pretty quick on me, so I will probably wear it with my cops-amped sugared cherries or some aphrodisia solid......it is yummy with either!
  14. I so don't want to give him any idea that he has something that I want!
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