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    Dragon Potion

    This is one of those perfumes I smell and instantly think "Wow, that is SO Love Potion Perfumerie." It just reminds me of the LPs in general. It's kind of spicy-ish once it settles, but it smells very green while wet to me. As for effectiveness, things are only as effective as you want them to be
  2. Awww. So I picked up a bottle of this around Christmas and I actually don't really like the smell of it... which is so sad because "white" scents are usually so "me". Well, if this does run out and anyone wants mine, let me know. It's up for swaps.
  3. Oddly enough, this smells very buttery and vanilla-y to me rather than spicy. Hmm... definitely warm though. And effective.
  4. Jessmo

    Spider Silk

    I agree completely. This is one of my favorite LP perfumes. Not only do all my closest male friends suddenly assume a "protector" role and shower me with care (hey, who couldn't use some attention once in a while?) but I smell delicious... it's not too powdery to me, nor is it quite vanilla... I can't describe it but boy is it fantastic. I think this reminds me of really fragrant flour before it dries down, actually. Like the kitchen when you're just setting out ingredients to make cookies with. Then it's gone, and I just smell... sugar and musk. <3
  5. I use pheromones on a regular basis, so I'll give you my take on this. Essence of a Woman (which is apparently in the female phero blend) has NEVER failed me. I don't know the dosage... err, how much is in the perfume... but with just a couple of drops, my boyfriend usually jumps me within the hour. Which is to say, you want to use this with as much caution as you would Love Potion Red... though you already seem to be familiar with the amorous reactions People who know you personally know your pheromone signature, and when you wear a different pheromone you're kind of... forcibly changing it. The people you're close with may react in different ways - they may be a little iffy around you, or they might not even notice the difference at all. With strangers, it reads more strongly, which is why the Androtics (people who supplied the alpha nol, etc) customers tend to test out new products in public places, where strangers can re act to the pheromones as opposed to family or friends either being a little freak ed out, a teeny bit affected, or showing no reaction whatsoever. As for pheromones becoming part of your signature as time goes on, I can't answer directly, because I never wear any one mix for an extended period of time. It is discussed somewhere on the pherotalk forums if you feel like digging around there, though. As for how they're percieved, it's purely subconscious... I mean, I could be standing a few feet away from you, and you certainly wouldn't think "Man, those are some amazing pheromones she's wearing!" None of the people I come into contact with wear them, so I can't say if I would notice them on someone else. But unless you're around them all the time (and even then) I think it's just a very subtle suggestion to your brain. Or something like that. xD
  6. I can't say much about the magical properties of this but it does smell very tropical (not in your typical way, though!) and very nice. I like This actually helps me sleep more than Sandman does.
  7. This sounds divine... can't wait to get my hands on some. I love the smell of coffee.
  8. Jessmo

    Valentine's Chocolate

    I have both a bottle and sample of Valentine's Chocolate, and let me tell you I love this scent. It smells like... oh man, the richest chocolate in the world. x_x It's more dark chocolate to me, amazing quality, like walking into one of those high-end candy shops (or... Godiva ). The unfortunate thing is that it lasts maybe half an hour on my skin, but it definitely satisfies my late night cravings for junk food, and of course it doesn't go straight to my hips.
  9. Ahhhh! This scent sounds so amazing, but I'm flat broke *sniggle* I won't be able to afford a bottle of this until about Thanksgiving, because my DH and mother's birthdays are BOTH right before Thanksgiving and their gifts are sucking up my money. Will this stick around until then? I certainly hope so... any fragrance with white or pure associations has got my name written all over it, and I'd be heartbroken if this one got away...
  10. Jessmo

    Candy Pop

    I must say I don't get much Pink Sugar out of this. Really, all I get is cotton candy and bubblegum. This scent is very, very pink. Not a bad thing, just not my thing. It did make me smile though, when I first put it on. After two hours of shopping it has become very close-to-the-skin, minimal throw.
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