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  1. I've been wanting to try scandalous as well, but was too late, it sounds delicious!! I hope this one is brought back
  2. Karmiel

    Top Five

    1. Sugared Amber 2. LP Red 3. Silken Moonlight 4. Rocket Fuel 5. Suki's Boy Bait
  3. I just ordered a custom scent of amber, brown sugar, and honey. I layered honey and amber together and it smelled amaaaazing , and added brown sugar for even more sweetness.
  4. Yeah mine was shipped super fast it seemed like, only a few days after ordering I got it. But this scent has become my absolute favorite, I love how warm, feminine, and sexy it is . Got plenty of compliments on the scent. I don't use too much cause I wanna save it, and I think she only made a few bottles.
  5. I asked for white sugar, the same vanilla used in love potion white, and amber, that's all as far as I know.
  6. Mara...Danna....it's perfect!! It's so soft and comforting, I love how smooth and subtle it is. I'm sniffing my wrist right now and I can smell the vanilla and the amber rounds it out so nicely, and although I asked for even more white sugar to be added, it isn't overly sweet, it's just right. The bottle art is beautiful as well, great choice and a great name! I'm not too good at describing scents, but I'm definately getting another bottle, and I just picked this one up today
  7. Ooooh I can't wait to get mine, so it's called Suki's Boy Bait? Lol I already have so many orders coming in, can't imagine the size of the box when it gets here
  8. I just finished ordering!! I can't wait. I've been wanting to try blood martini for the longest time, and the fig and myyrh sounds amazing, already got full sizes of both of those and more! I'm gonna have a time with the huge sample pack!! Thank you so much Marra and Danna!!
  9. Karmiel

    Top Five

    1. Pink Emerald (I'm officially hooked on it!) 2. Sugared Honeycomb 3. Betrothal III 4. CFM 5. Treasured Hearts/True Confessions combo (almost everyday)
  10. Alright I'll add mine, I asked for a blend of White Sugar, Vanilla, and Amber. I wanted to get something similar to Love Potion White, and Mara said she'd use the same vanilla that she used in that LP. 3 of my favorite scents wrapped into one! :angelstar-kaos058: I know this is gonna go great with suagred honeycomb too
  11. I actually just ordered a custom scent of white sugars, vanilla, and amber, I'm hoping to get something smelling a little similar to LP: White, it was the perfect scent for me!
  12. I forgot to ask for an invoice, but could I get one for one bottle of sugared heather and one bottle of the white sugar, honey, cinnamon scent?
  13. I wasn't too sure where to post this question, but for the add pheros option, how much copulins are being added to the scent in relation to cops levels in other scents like phero girl or cuddle bunny?
  14. I'm a taker! The sugared heather sounds nice, whose idea was it to put white sugar, honey, and cinnamon together?
  15. If you want to wear cops in the daytime I'd suggest wearing something like the unscented cuddle bunny which has cops, or maybe intellectual woman? (I haven't tried that yet personally). I went out with some friends wearing blatant invitation one night for the first time, and guys were way more sexually aggressive than usual, one guy actually followed me back to the car and my two friends ended up confronting him and making him leave. I'm sorry to hear about the lady being such a douche remmy *hugs*
  16. Has anyone checked the private editions? I just ordered two bottles of betrothal with added est, don't know why I didn't buy a full size after loving my sample but I made up for it! Also got another bottle of Pink Emerald just in case it runs out, and I haven't even gotten my first bottle yet ! (Don't you just hate it when you love a scent and go back to see it's sold out?)
  17. Just got my box today!! At first it was really sweet, kind of reminded me of flavored/scented lip gloss. But after rubbing my wrists together and waiting a few seconds, it became warm and musky but sweet. It's girly and flirty, but an older girly and flirty. Until now I've never been a sweet scent person, but this is delicious! . The sugars and musk go very well together. Definately putting another bottle of this on my wishlist!
  18. I keep refreshing the limited edition page I always miss out, not this time!
  19. Same question, can we ask for one here? I want to try both of them
  20. I literally squealed when I checked the forums today! The artwork looks so cute and fun, can't wait to buy my sample pack!
  21. This was one of my very first scents I ever tried from here, it was a sample, and it's one of the reasons I decided to keep ordering from here. I figured I'd be able to order a big bottle some other time but it got sold out, but now I know if I want it I better snatch it up!
  22. I picked up my box today and tried this on right before going to sleep, while wet it did have a soapy clean smell, but when I woke up about an hour later I kept sniffing the air, wondering where that lovely scent was coming from! I remembered I put some Tamashii No Tomo on and it smelled so different, on my skin it when from the soapy clean smell to the smell of cherry blossoms, roses, and some lemon I think. I really like this, it's light, delicate, and non-offensive, even a friend of mine who hasn't commented on any of my LP scents other than synchrinosity says she really likes this one.
  23. Lol and I was just thinking of starting a september release thread too It's crazy how excited I get around this time each month, and I sit glued to the computer everyday.....I've admitted it to myself....I'm an LP addict! Can't wait to see what fall scents they come up with!
  24. I've read about androstenone being the male aggression pheromone, but I'm not familiar with alpha and beta androstenone. How are they different from regular androstenone?
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