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  1. Thank you so much for letting me know! I just ordered and asked for Pink Emerald earlier today, can't wait til it gets here. Lol I keep ordering bottles one after the other, Mara and Danna are probably mad at me
  2. I didn't know Pink Emerald was even in the store *sad face* I wanted to try some after hearing esmeralda talk about it, is any left?
  3. Are there any bottles of Musk in the Dust left? I'd like to purchase one!
  4. I'm really liking this scent, it's fruity but not the wal-mart brand bodyspray type fruity. Very rich and juicy, lasts a long time too. Another thing I like is that it's pretty layerable, I tried it with chocolatini and got a delicious chocolate covered melon scent , usually everything clashes with chocolatini or is too strong. This has been one of my every day scents as of late.
  5. I think I've finally gotten a hang on how to apply my cops, I use one of Ail's methods. Now I just get a 10 ml roll-on bottle, and decant about 5ml of Eow oil, and then fill up the rest with my vanilla essential oil into the bottle and let it sit over night. Now covering is pretty much optional, but now my lighter perfumes and body spray can cover it. I have a roommate so I can't just sit in the room and let it dry down like I usually do, now I can apply and go, and the oil is easier to over (IMO) than the original, and it's not as sharp.
  6. I noticed something, on the actual bottle of unscented Treasured Hearts, the ingredients are Alpha and Beta androstenol, androsterone, and epi-androsterone. On the site description it says it contains 5a-Androstenol, Androsterone, and Epi-Androsterone. Is it a typo?
  7. Alright, just received my huge order and started sniffing away. CFM to me is a sophisticated and sexy scent, but you can wear it anytime. I love the mix of spiciness and softness I get after it's on my skin for a while, I think it's cinnamon I'm smelling. I'm definately gonna have to get two more bottles to hoard. Quick question, even though this already has tal in it, would it be possible to add one of the unscented pheromone blends to it?
  8. Oh wow I'd think all the scents would clash! Lol when I read about your brews I imagine you throwing everything into a huge fogging pot with a witch's hat on but that sounds like a pretty amazing hit! Did you mix all that into a tiny roller bottle?
  9. Just bought Sugared Vanilla Bean (just saw it on the low stock list) with Treasured Hearts added (I'm in love with this), and I've never even smelled sugared vanilla bean, I'm hoping it's the basic not overly sweet vanilla.
  10. Made a huge order recently 2 bottles of Sugared Roses with added Taa Blatant Invitation (can never have too much!) True Confessions Treasured Hearts (I'd die if I ran out) PheroGirl Dominance (I've been called intimidating already, but whatever) Nakai Nectar NOX (as my freebie) I already have so many bottles floating around it's ridiculous
  11. I actually ordered BI added to Sugared Honeycomb so I wouldn't have to worry about covering it, and running my roommate out of the room with the stinkiness . But I have to agree, BI paired with True Confessions and Treasured Hearts makes for some good good lovin :angelstar-kaos058: BI has been my little pocket rocket as of late. I'm so glad I found this site.
  12. I recently tried Treasured Hearts while I was at home with my 11 year old nephew, and we're usually constantly arguing with eachother whenever I have to look after him. I say this works great because he was a lot less argumentative with me, and tended to follow me around the house more than usual, he was still annoying but 10 times less than he usually is. I'm surprised this blend didn't include Est, I thought it would when I saw the picture of it in the new releases thread.
  13. It's official, I'm gonna need another full bottle soon because I'm going right through this stuff. I get a reaction with Blatant Invitation each time I use it, it does work like a popularity potion, not only with the guys but women react favorably as well. Just wanted to give props to Mara and Danna for making top quality products!
  14. Ohhh man, my eyes watered when I found out I was too late for mx135/kittenish
  15. Ooookay I think Blatant Invitation works a little too well, the one night I wore it out a guy tried to kiss me on the mouth after only talking to him for a few minutes (even followed us back to the car, where my friends started getting a little rowdy and threatened to beat him up), and a soccer team that was in town tried to pick me and my friends up. There were several incidents with guys hitting on me persistently, I think I may have to lower the amount of BI I wear from now on.
  16. Lol I'm already having a hard time catching up, so many phero blends to test, I just ordered 3 unscented ones! They seem to get better and more potent every time.
  17. 50% more than 150mcg per spray? That's 225mcg per spray? I could dilute to a lower mcg/spray and make several bottles, it really seems to me like I'd be getting my money's worth.
  18. Hmmmm......I don't see alphanol on the phero list, but I also don't see it on the "going, going, gone" thread with Est, is it sold out too?.
  19. I'm glad to hear it! I can't wait for this month's new batch, it's like a holiday each month
  20. Karmiel

    Turkish Delight

    I also did the monthly sampler too, saves me the trouble of picking and choosing. Turkish Delight brought back memories of India (their perfumes, the resins and attars, even the tea!), it's so authentic smelling, I might use it to scent rooms instead of wearing it on myself though.
  21. I'm curious about this also, they've already got my two favorites (est and alphanol) add betanol to the collection in such a high strength and I'll be set.
  22. So that's 30mg per ounce? Is this more potent than 50mcg per spray?
  23. Karmiel

    Dirty Sexy

    I gave it a few shakes before I applied it, it's dried down more now and it smells like vanilla and amber, much better than earlier, I'm really liking this scent. My skin really amps up the vanilla in fragrances so it really doesn't smell anything like it does in the bottle anymore.
  24. Karmiel

    Dirty Sexy

    I just got my full bottle of this and applied some, I thought it would smell like my sample, but right now I'm not sure how to describe this scent, not bad, but different. I let my sample age in my dresser drawer for a while, and it had a delicious slighty fruity/vanilla/musk smell, I'm gonna let this bottle sit for a while and come back to it.
  25. When I first applied mermaids it smelled of incense, but as it dried down I smelled it again, and it has a wonderful rich smell. I picture a beautiful beach and the smell of ocean water when I put this on, not heavy but it sticks around, a lovely scent.
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