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  1. Thanks for your account, Eastwood! So far I've been getting happy pleasant customers with Girl/Girl, especially the women. I’ll have to give Themyscira a shot at some point, it interests me
  2. I’m trying out Girl/Girl after I found an old sample of it with Love is Love. I had worn it at work waiting tables and got great tips, had a nice time and people (men and women) were friendlier around me. Since Love is Love isn’t available anymore (such a great scent!) i got a roller of straight Girl/Girl. I have it on now and even thought it’s the straight pheromones and not mixed with a perfume, I detect a slight, very pleasant aroma. Anyone else have more experiences with this one? I’m getting a calm, happy feel for self effects. Can’t wait to try it at my job tonight.
  3. Hello my scruptious smelly friends, I got my order!!! It was so sweetly wrapped with some little scent samples, thank you Love Scent! I have Lumina and Heart and Soul on right now. I'm at a cafe and the gentleman at the next table won't start staring and trying not let me know by glancing back at his book and pretending to work. It's kinda funny. And I'm wearing a wool cap which practically covers my eyes, jeans and a t shirt. Unshowered, uncaffeinated, lol. My sweetie has been grumpy and miffed lately, with lots of crazy stuff happening in our lives right now, and I wore BI yesterday and last night and he got pretty snuggly while watching the movie, which I was not expecting. I tried Bam earlier in the day a bit too, the original scent, but it is pretty powdery on me, is it supposed to be that way or is it a chemical thing with my skin? My sweetie thought I smelled like moth balls, lol. Then he gave me a big kiss. I am so looking forward to experimenting more, finding the right amounts and picking the right moments to wear the right ones. I have a big social event tonight with sweetie and think I might try Lumina with some BI for fun. What do you ladies think? Hi moonholly209! Wow that chart sounds great, how sweet of you to make one I can't wait to check it out when i get to my other computer. Yes so much info to go through, and at one point writing it all down and organizing it crossed my little brain, like most things, but then something sparkly caught my attention and I never did and now I am forever disorganized. So I love that you did! Yes I am already planning the next purchase! And boosting scents is also something I want to try. Thank you! Xoxo This seems soo lovely and scruptious!! Yum. I am looking for a delicious caramel scent too. Thank you so much ravenwing!! Yes I wonder about alphas wanting a bit of extra oomph to lean against and reinforce their alpha-ness, maybe, do you think? Hmm leather might be on my next order. I was already thinking Lace. I am beginning to realize I might need all of them depending on situation/mood! Yay thank you for the sweet welcome. Hi SportyCurve5, yes there was a LPMPA(nonymous) group once I think. They met for cocktails every wednesday but ended up swapping scents and planning orders instead of quitting. Now they have taken over the world and spend most of their time on vacation getting massages and pedicures and having men and women follow them around like puppy dogs saying "you smell so wonderful". Oh wait i think i dozed off there. Thank you all, I am already having so much fun
  4. Thank you! There is so much info here! Thank you for the welcome, missdarlyncherie! xxoo Hahaha dancing bananas in a row? That is way too much! Yes I would love to work my way around to the perfumes as soon as I get my little reeling brain to figure out the pheros. I love the intent part, makes all the difference. I can always feel that. Thank you ElizabethOSP! Us addicts have to stick together to find our next fix, strength in numbers! Yep Lace might have to be next I think. And your Cougar! I am so excited. Thank you! xxoo That makes me feel good, thanks Raq On! I think I am on the right track so far :) Hi Eggers! I read some of your other posts and it makes my heart happy that you see some difference in your relationship. Sometimes all that is needed is a subtle change, because subtle can make the most difference. Like in a work of art I already feel so giddy and welcome here, thanks to everyone! I managed to get some drops of my other pheros (ISb from androitics) by unscrewing the top and scraping the inside, as I am all out right now... I put as much on as I could today and even though my sweetie and I just finished having an argument and he is a bit miffed at me, he couldn't help buying me cute pants at the mall and complimenting me, lol. They really do work so I am super excited about the Love Potion ones, I know they will be wonderful. Cheers all!
  5. Thank you, thank you. You are all so sweet!` Yes I was looking at Sexology, that might be in the next order. And I will check out TH too! Thank you tyvey! Lace looked very tempting too, I almost ordered it! Thank you! Yes I wanted Lumina for self effects too, and socially, for myself... Cougar as well. I'll check out LFM as well, oooh baby this is so much fun, I have to pace myself or I will run out of money. Love your avatar Gabylicious! Bisou (i like this smiley)
  6. Hello everyone! Nice party I discovered this website looking for pheros and am overwhelmed with the selection and apparent quality of the products, and the wonderful people on the forums. I first got some phero to go bottles from Androitics, but am not a big fan of the neroli scent, and I went through the to go bottles so quick! I love foody and peachy-creamy scents. I love oils (not so big on alcohol spray, although its ok for me sometimes.) I am kind of new to pheromones. I got interested because I have been with my sweetie for over 10 years (hmm, off and on at times) and we are slipping into sort of a friendship, which is nice in some ways, but not really what I want. He says I'm like a sister to him (whaaaa? Lol). It makes me a little sad. I need a bit of a lift! I have some EoW which worked when paired with Androitics ISB ... and worked pretty well, I was pleasantly surprised and definitely got him going I had a "wow these pheros work?!" moment. Then I ran out of my to go bottles, and we both got colds, and things have definitely cooled off. Then I found LPMP! How did I not know this existed? Right away I ordered : Blatant Invitation UNscented Lumina UNscented BAM sugared vanilla and honey Heart and Soul UNscented He is definitely an alpha male sort, so I almost got Cuddle Bunny, and I may later. I want to uplift my spirits a bit, and make us closer in both a sensual and heart-felt way, and also want to make him go wow! I want a just fallen in love feeling. Now I know this won't happen if it's not already there, but I think it is, it's just hiding I'm not sure if I have any well formed questions right now, except if any of you ladies have any advice on my situation and anything I must have? Oh and if I start wearing pheros on a regular basis, does this change people's impression of me, like i'm trying on a new personality (if that makes any sense?). Of courses get I have to act congruent, which I am ready for... a change would be nice, and I am wondering how you ladies feel pheros help with a change like that? I also want Cougar, just for fun, cause I tend to be submissive (mostly) and maybe I should try something new! Wow I dont normally talk this much, is someone wearing Open Windows in here? Thank you for listening Xoxo Bisou
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