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  1. Oh good! I was starting to think LPMP wasn't doing unscented pheromone samples this year. Are they not available until December or am I just not seeing where to order them?
  2. Reveal phero's as my secret weapon!? Never! I don't think it'd be a good thing if I told my best friends and then they all started phero bombing people with BI or Sexpionage not knowing what they're doing I think my mom has seen the bottles but she's never questioned them. They're in a drawer to stay out of the light though so I've never had to deal with anyone asking about them. Plus I don't think most would believe the effects if I told them.
  3. I love the LFN, I think my SO was confused when I wore it because he felt compelled to blurt out all his feelings and the private things going on in his life but couldn't figure out why. I'm thinking I'll have to test PM out on him more. I've had ridiculously blatant results wearing it with other guys. Shaking and saying I'm so gorgeous and completely out of their league. Every time I wear cuddle bunny he's super nice to me and wants to know how I am and do things for me. I've wondered if sexology would work just as well but people seem to prefer the cuddle bunny here.
  4. Thanks everyone! Looks like an order of Gotcha and Treasured Hearts is in order What base do you guys prefer them in? So far I've mostly used oils but it doesn't look like Treasured Hearts has cops.I really wanted to try silicone for the extra throw but I use an alcohol spray over top the oil which I think helps diffusion. I wasn't sure if silicone with alcohol over it would wear off too quickly since summer is almost here. My guy is definitely an EST responder. That may be why I've not noticed much of a reaction when I wear it by itself with him. I have a bottle of 2x alcohol spray from a trade and the same territorial behavior happened but he also constantly wanted my attention and wanted to make me laugh. Sexology and BI by themselves give me hits, but together I get WOW hits. Guys fighting over me and telling me I look like an angel lol. Or my guy being so affectionate. He always bites when I wear BI, even when we were dancing in the club. Last night I wore True confessions knowing I'd be hanging out with my SO's best friend and on a long car ride with him. That was a mistake! We went to one of his friend's houses and I had never met any of them before. Holy crap people were telling all kinds of crazy stuff and wanting to have really intense conversations and talk about touchy subjects or their personal issues. Then it backfired because when I was sitting across from my SO's best friend later on I ended up phero bombing myself and spilling all kinds of stuff. And Livinlavidacabo I have an alcohol sample of open windows I'll have to try! I'm really loving these phero's. I don't wear very much to get big hits and although certain things give me wow hits I've yet to wear a phero that didn't still give me noticeable hits.
  5. Hi everyone! I've been playing with samples and am having a really fun time with them. They amaze me a lot of the time because I forget I put them on then people will do things or say things that blow me away and I'll realize later it was probably the phero's I wanted everyone's experience/opinions on their favorite phero for bonding, promoting intimacy, and especially creating a deeper emotional connection with a significant other. Obviously I'm not trying this with a stranger or a guy I know doesn't like me, it's with a guy I've been seeing for a year now and previously we'd been best friends. He's young and unsure of a lot of things in life and I wondered if I could have a little extra phero help push him into my arms lol and feel extra secure with me. He responded very well to LFN and really opened up spilling secrets. He also reacted well to sexology and blatant invitation mixed for a club night and told me I was so close to being the one he thinks he's just scared, then was super affectionate- initiating holding hands with me and wrapping me in his jacket with him in front of people which he's never done before. Perfect match works exceptionally well on me with other guys (I went to a ball and my date was shaking telling me how out of his league I was and such) but I wore perfect match with a smidge of cuddle bunny for scent the other night with my guy and he was still very cuddly and flirty but got ridiculously territorial when a friend arrived :/ I think that would still be a hit though? Sorry for all the info, I just wanted to give back story and what my guy responds to So for creating emotional intimacy what are you guys thinking? More Perfect Match or LFN? Or do you guys prefer Heart and Soul, Treasure Hearts, or maybe even Gotcha?
  6. I'm wanting to order UN La Femme Noir, UN Sexology, and UN Blatant invitation. My question is, what are your favorite mediums for these and other pheros as well? So far I've tried LFN in oil and always have noticeable results but I wondered if anyone likes it better it better in silicone or who tries these in a 60/40 blend? Same question for sexology and blatant invitation. I think blatant invitation would be fun in a 60/40 blend but how long does it last and is it just too much phero wise so that a silicone would be better? I also layer the sample oils I have with an alcohol fragrance because the oils (except for sexology and cuddle bunny) make me smell like a candle. I get the feeling the alcohol helps with the diffusion of the oil. Thanks for any help! I'm really having a blast using the pheros
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