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    Cooking and baking;family and friends and dogs; gardening;travel; photography; nonfiction focusing on history and folklore; genealogy; Hallowe'en; dating my wonderful husband; fine arts/tattoos/music from the classical spectrum through dubstep/wine, whisky,craft beer and cheeses..food and drink.

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  1. Wendylynne

    Garland & Lace

    How close is this to A Wake?
  2. Oh, good heavens, Mara! You don't need to give me points. We were just yammering. In love with the entire concept. Fantastic!
  3. Wendylynne

    New Releases for OCTOBER 2017! ~ Boo!

    Welcome in Mr. Blackthorne.
  4. Wendylynne

    New Releases for OCTOBER 2017! ~ Boo!

    Thanks for the recipe, sweetness.
  5. Wendylynne

    New Releases for OCTOBER 2017! ~ Boo!

    Still Life..what the heck can this be, I ask You? Pumpkin, both pumpkins..help me. Clove Sand..seriously, so intrigued. Flying Potion..ALLLLLways. Thank you very much. Blood, but with the Germanic or Hungarian umlaut..is this a play on the word hungry? Clever, very clever.
  6. Wendylynne

    New Releases for OCTOBER 2017! ~ Boo!

    ElizabethOSP, "I.wipe.my.mouth. I..WIPE..MY..MOUTH!!!" One of the finest moments of female defiance in all of film.
  7. Wendylynne

    New Releases for OCTOBER 2017! ~ Boo!

    Bloody Hell! These are incredible! Ms Davis is blowing you heart-shaped smoke rings from the great beyond.
  8. Wendylynne

    Wax Melts!

    May I please add a Peace and Calm from the new releases ($29.95 size) to the reserved wax, or should I do a separate order?
  9. Wendylynne

    Wax Melts!

    I need to check something. Please hold..
  10. Wendylynne

    Wax Melts!

    Definitely want one of each: Drive by Fruiting with Open Windows Caramel Apple with Treasured Hearts Lemon Cake with Treasured Hearts Irish Coffee with A'Nol
  11. Wendylynne

    Love Potion: Carnival w/Audacious

    Lady V., sadly, I agree. Patch HATES my skin. I added some to a plain wax melt and the patch was less obvious, allowing me to detect the rest of the notes. Can't wear it, but in a well-ventilated room, it works.
  12. Wendylynne


    Leaves, cider and a wee bit of caramel at first. I've been wearing this for about four hours and now I get a caramel marshmallow apple with a hint of leaves.I really like the unfolding process in this scent. It takes its time. Another autumnal scent I really love.
  13. Wendylynne


    I did not reread the notes before I tried any of the samples. So, I was confused at first, almost had a berry-pie-dripped-in-the-oven, but in a good way. Somehow, there was a rounding out and a warmth overall (sandalwood?), and any sharp berry scent was pleasantly berry with a slightly over-browned sugared topping. Very autumnal.
  14. Wendylynne

    Ellie's Elephant Snacks

    Well, this one is just all about fun. I get every note, but it melds beautifully. I feel like I'm at a game eating a sweet treat. Yum!
  15. Wendylynne

    Distant Calliope

    I love Hauntings. I love Distant Calliope. There was no doubt in my mind that this would be everything I'd hoped: soft, cocoa-scented come hither, draped in velvet.