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  1. oceanjewel, you can find Shannon Stamey via Facebook and Instagram listed as October Illustrations. You will find a vast array of works available for viewing &/or purchase.
  2. I think the three labels that are not available as prints were originally paintings that sold or were given as gifts to family and friends, before prints were made. 'Unbeleafable' was a piece he actually completed in the gallery in which it eventually was placed for an exhibition. Can't remember which site, but there is a video of him painting at the gallery. I am absolutely on pins and needles to find out what is in these new releases.
  3. Stamey is amazing! I have the great honour of considering him a friend and am fortunate to have several of his prints. Not only is he incredibly talented, he's crazy funny and very intelligent. My husband, who is in publishing, has the piece Mara chose for Mommy's Little Monster hanging in his office. The prints are gorgeous. His paintings are exquisite. Having an olfactory representation of his artwork is going to be such a gift.
  4. Oh, good heavens, Mara! You don't need to give me points. We were just yammering. In love with the entire concept. Fantastic!
  5. Still Life..what the heck can this be, I ask You? Pumpkin, both pumpkins..help me. Clove Sand..seriously, so intrigued. Flying Potion..ALLLLLways. Thank you very much. Blood, but with the Germanic or Hungarian umlaut..is this a play on the word hungry? Clever, very clever.
  6. ElizabethOSP, "I.wipe.my.mouth. I..WIPE..MY..MOUTH!!!" One of the finest moments of female defiance in all of film.
  7. Bloody Hell! These are incredible! Ms Davis is blowing you heart-shaped smoke rings from the great beyond.
  8. May I please add a Peace and Calm from the new releases ($29.95 size) to the reserved wax, or should I do a separate order?
  9. I need to check something. Please hold..
  10. Definitely want one of each: Drive by Fruiting with Open Windows Caramel Apple with Treasured Hearts Lemon Cake with Treasured Hearts Irish Coffee with A'Nol
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