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  1. My new order arrived.Gave my mum her wax melts and love potion red for an early mothers day gift.She liked the smell of the red a lot.Got my lp homme in oil also.Kind of missed its weird and powerful diffusion which doesnt seem to happen with the spray.It hits and creates a trail which is fun(:P)Thanks for the samples as well mara.My mum said strange and unusual was strange and unusual when she smelt it without me telling her the name so you definitely hit the nail on the head with that one(:P)Passed her tease and love potion autumn as well.Art of war was interesting.Mango tango is interesting but dont like mango that much(>_<)Got 1 more too but forgot the name,need to go check again later(>_<)

  2. Back to the testing which is long overdue.Watson for men today,its a very clean and smooth musk.The vibe reminds me a bit of dad for men of a reliable yet distinguished gentleman.It smells pretty different though so you cant really say the two are the same although they share a lot of notes.Dont really detect any difference after aging on the skin.It smells pretty much the same from first app to current wear which is pretty interesting and is similar to dad for men.Mara definitely got the essence of sherlocks trusty helper,watson though. A character that will always be there when needed and is reliable and skilled in there own right.Can see it as an everyday wear scent,strong enough to wear at night if you use more and weak enough to use during work/day by using less.I'm bad at picking out notes but the most obvious ones are musk and sandalwood but its pretty well mixed with the other notes to become a unique scent like all of mara's creations ^_^ Would have to say that its a worthy spiritual successor to dad for men though :P

  3. Ah, mother's day!! thanks for reminding me!!

    I personally love LP Red, but I hope it's not too foody on your mother.


    Thanks for bumping your thread btw, I enjoyed reading your reviews.


    Think should be okay,she doesnt mind foody scents as long as they arent sickly/cotton candy sweet( ^_^)She is still really enjoying her vintage musk which i got for her birthday last year and wears when she goes out.It combined 3 of her favorite notes of musk,vanilla and sandalwood so she liked it a lot( ^_^)It settles more into an aura diffusion though so she says she wears it more for herself than for others to smell it(>_<)Thanks for reading,will try to keep it a little more active when im back in scent collecting mode :P

  4. Lol,been busy with work and havent been going out much lately so havent gotten around to testing mara's lovely creations lately.(T_T)Been mainly playing around with my lp homme spray lately.I do like it a lot but havent quite gotten the hang of using it.It smells really nice but doesnt seem to travel quite as well as the oil sample which is a little weird(>_<)Anyways ordered some wax melts for mothers day for my mum and a love potion red for her since she was interested in that particular one for a while now(^_^)Will post what she thinks when she trys it.

  5. And you have a sweet gift from your friend in Australia reserved for your next shipment too. :)


    Yup,it was really sweet of her ^_^ Its one of my favorite scents so definitely going to enjoy it :bananajoy: .Still think you have the best collection of emoticons ive seen on any forum :P

  6. Definitely get a sample for Mom! Meng, you need to have the trio at least in sample form!


    Haha,definitely getting all 3 in at least sample form. :P Think will probably use the monthly forum freebies rather than the sale since im a lot more interested in these ^_^

  7. Personally, I think this is the best one yet. I left out any note of citrus in this incarnation, even though it is apt for the aura, because I always detect a little note of Pledge wood cleaner whenever citrus and wood are together at the same time. None of that here. This is my favorite thus far.


    Lol,if you say that its the best one so far and your favorite.Im going to have to get some :P

  8. I used most of the same ingredients as DAD but in entirely different measure. I did not try to match them at all. I didn't even dig out a comparison vial until after it was brewed. But yeah, it's got most of the same ingredients so it's in the same family.


    I think this one is really quite masculine. I thought about it, whether I would wear it, and in the end I thought, no. I will definitely wear Elementary myself, but this one is all man.


    Sounds great.Think its probably going to be another favorite ^_^

  9. I believe it was purposely created to be as much like DAD as she could make it.

    BB: it's very masculine (or at least DAD was) so I guess it depends on how comfortable you are with that kind of aura. I'm thinking Quince will approve of it now that it's got a different name. :lol:


    Lol,yeah.Watson will probably work better for convincing peopl than dad.Recommended dad to one of my friends but he said he didnt want to smell like a dad :P

  10. 74 posts on this thread although it was started barely 8 hours ago! Wow! I can't believe it! Okay, I can't see the pictures but I'm drooling over the new musks ......


    I get that problem too.For some reason,internet explorer is the only browser that lets me see the labels on the forum(>_<)All the pictures this time are awesome though :P

  11. I have a friend who is an elderly Englishwoman and fellow Sherlockian, and she says, that it was never meant to be a "period piece", it was the cutting edge of it's time, and thus is comfortably updated to the present or any era. She said the Basil Rathbone series was updated to THAT era, and she loves the current BBC series. I like that attitude.


    Yup,its cool how some things can be timeless and change to fit the time its in ^_^ Was also fun how some of the things in sherlock that he uses for deduction are widely used now as well.Was quite forward thinking of arthur conan doyle

  12. Do we have a special guest contributing to the descriptions of the Sherlockian scents, I wonder????


    Its cool how you used the dissapearance of lady france as an underlay for the background of watson.It was one of the few which featured watson heavily and sherlock as a background character.I like all the labels though :P 221B in particular.The overlapping clock/gears/wheel effect is genius :P

  13. LOL! I knew you'd get it. Ok, you've twisted my arm - it was the one by Wendy, and when she was describing to me what she wanted over the phone I asked her if she was a Who fan and she says, "YES! How did you know!" And I said, "You're describing Petrichor." Bwaha! It's one of my very favorite smells and equally wearable by both sexes. Only one other person has asked for something similar for a PE over the years, and John and I stole the rest of that one cuz we loved it so much. It's a gorgeous aroma.


    NO! I didn't get to see it cuz our satellite dish got whacked by a meteor or something. I might have to wait and buy the series after it ends. Was it awesome?


    Haha,definitely sounds like an nice scent.The amy created scent in the later episode with the catch phrase "Petrichor - For the girl who's tired of waiting" was also fun for doctor who :P May have to try that PE then,lol.So many fun scents this month(>_<)


    That a pity that you missed it.Haha,it was really good.Lots and lots of daleks and the doctor was in good form with the quirky quotes.The new companion makes a cameo too,she plays really well off him.Cant wait till shes a regular character.Haha,would drop some more hints but the episode was so awesome that i dont want to drop too many spoilers before you watch it :P

  14. I KNOW! I'm exhausted! :lol: Now everyone knows why it was so late this month!



    Thanks for the kind words everyone!



    Meng - Watson is the one that has the same ingredients as DAD, but in different measure.


    Haha,they all look amazing.You outdid yourself this month.Going to be spoilt for choice. :P Thats cool,ill pick up some watson then once its available in the store ^_^

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