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  1. Haha,im stalking the september scents as well.Particularly the replacement for dad for men
  2. That molecules pretty fun.My mum likes the bottle of it i got for her from alpha dream.Has quite consistent mood boosting effects.Though how much of a boost depends on the person as with most pheromones(>_<)
  3. Revisited elementary for men.It still smells really nice but strangely enough the tobacco note is much more prominent now.Still a fun scent to play with,its a very tobacco musk vibe to it now.Something you could probably see sherlock holmes wearing as he puffed away on his pipe while solving his next case.Tried using it as a cover for phero's but its a little on the mild side and didnt cover them very well so looks like my big bottle is most likely going to be LP Homme and he dad for men replacement when it comes out in september.As a scent,its definitely nice though() Looks like im going to need to revisit all my scents since they seem to be making minor changes to themselves.The joy of new discovery
  4. Lol,was playing with a strip of roberts attacked in the stacks and lp homme yesterday.Interestingly enough,the smells have changed a bit.Guess its the aging like fine wine Either that or im storing them badly,lol. Interestingly enough attacked in the stacks seems to smell more musky and less vanilla now and lp homme has a more distinct coffee smell to it.Going to have to play with my toys more often to savor the transition.
  5. Haha,voracious is nice.Definitely good for night time or a date Its very good at grabbing attention,make sure you let it dry down though.Its a little strong on first app.
  6. My mums quite likes her sample of this that i gave her.She says she saves it for nice occasions so that its not wasted.Ive smelt it on her a few times,its a pretty light musk with a bit of green.Think its moss or bamboo but i could be wrong since dont trust my perfume nose that much. Its a pretty pleasant scent that makes you smile when you smell it,it also seems to have a strangely calming feel to it.Feels a little like zen garden to me but a lot more subtle.Its a strong yet subtle scent which seems like it would be good in any environment. She hasnt noticed the pheromone effects but think she wears very little when she puts it on,either that or shes not sure what to look for(>_<) Overall its a pretty nice scent but my mum said she would like something a bit stronger on the musk so hopefully the vintage musk i ordered for her will fit the bill
  7. Yay,got my shipping notice the day after ordering Looking forward to when it arrives
  8. Haha,no harm hoarding because of both the awesome smell and the awesome label. Everything Mara makes is awesome smelling anyway so the label is a perfectly viable selection option
  9. Welcome to the forum.Reading stuff around here is definitely fun The awesome scents and people are good too
  10. Haha,i didnt upload the avatar so im pretty sure i have Mara to thank for the awesome picture It would make a great label,will definitely hoard it if it becomes one
  11. That is a pity since its a pretty nice scent.Since you say i will like the title and intent of the new one though,i will be waiting very very impatiently Looking forward to it since anything you come up with is sure to smell awesome
  12. That sounds amazing.Great review
  13. Lol,the ranks are all pretty interesting.Mara must have taken a lot of time coming up with all of them one by one
  14. Thats really nice about them Definitely looking forward to it happening to mine,although ill probably end up using up all of my favorites before i see that happen to them.Always fun to go treasure hunting,lots of hidden treasures tend to get unearthed
  15. Welcome to the forum Carmen.Your going to have lots of fun here Lots of amazing people to hang out with.Haha,dont edit your posts down,long posts are much more interesting Looking forward to catching ya around.
  16. Thats a great story.Definitely see LP Homme as a great scent for collecting compliments with()
  17. Brads days of summer is a very green and fresh scent with a nice sandalwood overtone to it.Its a pleasant and relaxing scent that is mild enough to be used for any purpose.Definitely a work friendly scent.It gives a summer vibe of wanting to be outdoors with the greens in it.Could see it as a useful multipurpose day scent.It smells nice but its dont think it is really one to wear if you want to stand out as it seems to be a quite subtle scent which is good for a day scent.(>_<)More testing is required to get a good feel for it though.
  18. Dad for men is definitely a nice manly musk.Its pretty strong on the musk and is balanced well by a touch of sandalwood and lavender.It smells the same on first application to the skin and after dry down unlike quite a few of the others ive tested.Its a pretty awesome scent and is quite addictive and relaxing.The musk,sandalwood and lavender seem to be the main notes of this scent and they compliment each other really well. The other notes seem to be more as supporting notes since i cant really pick them out.This one makes for a great day scent that you could wear anywhere and anytime.I also think it would be a good work scent.The intellectual man pheromones in particular would be helpful in that aspect.From what ive tested, dad for men would be my go-to day scent even though my night scents have been dominated by LP homme and roberts attacked in the stacks.
  19. Pashazade is an interesting mysterious scent with a fair amount of middle eastern influence i think.It starts of pretty strong when its first put on,my skin seems to amp the cloves in it a lot(>_<)After dry down,it became a spicy powdery scent.It smelt a bit like incense to me but in a good way.Its actually not too bad as a scent but dont think ill be wearing it that often since it doesnt quite fit my tastes.Its a very unique scent though and would be good for catching attention.
  20. Haha,already have some unscented pheromones i can wear under it.Not sure whether my first full bottle will be this or LP Homme though since this smells so amazing(:-p) That is cool about the aging.Will be interesting if the scents change over time() Its definitely a pleasant suprise.The name doesnt quite inspire the awesomeness of what it is(:-p)
  21. Lol,if it can do that from just the scent.It would be interesting what it could do paired with pheros(:-p)Its cool how mara can create intention in perfumes though.
  22. Brads days of summer today,its a very green scent with a nice sandalwood overtone.Its pleasant and relaxing and is mild enough to be a good day scent.My mum was spoilt by roberts attacked in the stacks so she said it smells not bad but nowhere near as good as that one,lol. Its an interesting scent and has a good outdoors summer vibe going for it with the greens and has a very fresh vibe to it.Although its nice,i think i have been spoilt by the other scents as well.The others are just that nice and this didnt really leave a lasting impression on me(>_<) With that,i have tested all the samples and can now look forward to enjoying playing with these amazing creations() My mum really likes her goddess of the blue moon too.She says its a nice pleasant musky scent.Havent smelt it on her so not really sure what it smells like though.
  23. Im sure it smells nice on you()Its definitely a good scent for both sexes.Although roberts attacked in the stacks and lp homme are still the sexiest ones for me
  24. Haha,yup.Sweet smokey smells are nice() Lol,true enough.I need to get out more and find some i have enough pheromones to sink a ship,lol
  25. Teachers pest is a very sexy musk.A perfect one to wear to start off a sensual vibe.It starts off with a musk that is heavy on the vanilla and has a similar vibe to masked man.Once it dries down,the tobacco note becomes more prominent and the vanilla note reduces creating a interesting balance and a nice smoky sweet musky smell which works very well.There are other notes but the vanilla and tobacco seems to be the main notes for me.Its a very pleasant musky scent with well balanced vanilla and tobacco to give it both a slightly manly and sensual vibe.Reckon it would be a good one for inspiring intimate activities(:-p) Although it seems mild enough for a day scent,i think it would be much better suited as a night scent.
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