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  1. I love sherlock holmes so it was cool that mara threw in elementary.Elementary and roberts attacked in the stacks turned out to be amazing.It doesnt really call out to you in the bottle but on,its amazing.Its mild,yet mysterious.You can be a man of mystery or solving mysteries,its all what you make of it.Its a nice musky scent with some tobacco and other notes that greatly add to the experience.They are well matched and i cant pick them out though.Not too sure how mara does it but her scents are amazingly addictive.This was another one that i had to keep smelling throughout the day.Its a easy scent to wear and is subtle enough for the day while being attention grabbing enough for the night.Next time someone asks what im wearing,i can say "its elementary" (:-p)
  2. This scent is amazing.Dont let what you smell out of the bottle fool you.The coffee scent you smell is well balanced on the skin.This is an extremely complex and unique scent with a very addicitve quality on it.Think once a person has smelt it,they will want to smell it again and again and again,lol (>_<) I was suprised that the coffee scent isnt actually that strong on the skin like how it is in the bottle.Shows you should never judge a scent by its bottle(:-p)It is mildly sweet but it merges well and fits well with the scent.You wont really notice it even if you dont really like sweet scents.Reckon it has a very good drawing power and would have people sniffing around to find you at its source.It seems to have good transferance abilty too,you can actually transfer the scent by touching and probably drive the other person crazy with it(:-p)It doest start off a little strong smelling when it starts off but quickly dries down to just the right strength.Overall,its very nice and i could see it being used in many different situations.Its also one of my favorites now()
  3. Masked man is definitely an interesting scent.Its starts off with a very well balanced sweetness with a strong vanilla note.This one definitely has a yummy vibe to it and could pass off as baked goods.My mum and me agreed that is smells like freshly baked cookies which isnt really a bad thing(:-p)Its definitely a great scent if your a foodie or just want girls to want to chase and munch on you like a gingerbread man.Be ready to run quickly(:-p)My skin seems to amp vanilla very strongly a lot of the time.Its just sweet enough to not be overpowering and is a very unique scent that im sure would have people asking you what your wearing without fail.
  4. Super for men 2 is a nice scent.It starts of fairly sweet with maple but is balanced well with its tobacco and lavender notes.Its pretty strong smelling for around the first 20 minutes but once it dries down,it is an excellent smelling scent.You get a slightly smoky sweet scent with a hint of lavender.There are other notes but im sure a better nose than me will be able to pick them out(>_<)The level of sweetness is just right and is enough to reel them in while not smelling too much like food.Once its dried down,its also mild enough to be smelt easily without suffocating people near you(:-p)Its a definite night scent and would be a great scent for dates or intimate encounters.Would test the pheromones in it but dont have any willing participants at the moment.Maybe soon() Its definitely one that smells better on the skin than in the bottle so everyone should give it a chance to merge with your chemistry and make your own unique scent.My skin tends to amp the sweet parts of scents interestingly enough.
  5. Yup,it is amazing and is definitely very very sexy()Even my mum loves the scent,lol.With some pheromones under it,i think it would almost be unfairly attractive and addictive(:-p)
  6. This is an amazing scent.Its very well balanced between the vanilla musk and the tobacco notes and is super addictive()Cant help sniffing yourself everytime the scent drifts past you.Can definitely see it as a unisex one,it smells just as nice on my mum.The vanilla musk adds some sweetness but its not too sweet and is just right.Could see it having a great draw factor and would get people interested in what your wearing very,very fast(:-p)It lasts long too,could still smell it 7 hours later which was a good thing and put a smile on my face everytime it did()
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    LP homme Roberts Attacked in the stacks Elementary Daniels Zen garden Dad for men
  8. Tried Roberts Attacked in the stacks today.Eggers wasnt kidding about the awesomeness of it.The vanilla musk is obvious and smells great()Its as good as LP Homme and just as addictive,lol.Couldnt stop smelling it(:-p)Also got a bit of tobacco note and that was about all i could figure out.Its a great sweet musk scent while not being too sweet.Think you would end up with a few stalkers trying to smell you,wearing it(>_<)Could definitely see it attracting and making someone addicted to you.Must wear it more and get more(:-p)
  9. Portmanteau today.On first application,it was musky and sandalwood with heavy vanilla.It had a sweet smell something like masked man.Interestingly enough,the vanilla vanished once it dried down.It became musk and sandalwood dominant with a bit of woods.Its definitely a nice scent and one my mum liked as well.Not too sure what to make of the scent though since the musk seemed to be the main dominant note and none of the other notes seemed to stick out.Ill probably have to try it a few more times though to get a feel for what the other notes are()It is a good scent though and would be good for the purpose it was made for which is during bonding time with your loved one.This one is probably leaning more to the day scent side and and is a similar type of scent to ambuscade.Will be fun to have another run through and see if i can find the notes that are hiding from me next time though.Not too sure about the pheromone effects.Dont think i was wearing enough to see them.(>_<)
  10. Have elementary on today.Was really looking forward to playing with this one since im a big sherlock holmes fan although wasnt really sure about it smelling it out of the bottle.Fortunately on,it smells amazing.The scent is great and smells as good as zen garden and almost as good as lp homme.Its also mild enough that i could see myself wearing it during the day with no problem yet strong enough to be attention grabbing.It seems to be a pretty complex scent and i cant really pick out the notes in it,they are well mixed though and give rise to a unique/mysterious and addictive scent.Could really put you in the mindset of sherlock with it on.Cant help but want to sniff yourself with this one,the only other ones that had this effect on me was zen garden and lp homme.This is definitely going to be one of my favorites()
  11. Thanks,thats cool that you have it in so many forms.Its definitely a nice scent and im sure it smells good on you as well() Had a go with pashazade today,was putting it off because wasnt sure about it when i smelt it out of the bottle.When i put it on,it still smelt very heavily of cloves.Fortunately it reduced greatly once it dried down()After dry down,it was a spicy powdery scent something like incense.Its definitely a good scent with an interesting middle eastern vibe.If you want to smell mysterious or unique,this would definitely be a good one.Its actually a nice smelling scent after dry down although dont think its something i would wear much though.Its a little spicy for my tastes(>_<)It may grow on me later though on repeat testing.Wasnt quite wearing enough to see the phero effects because was mainly testing out the scent so not sure about those.4 more to go and some repeat testing and ill probably be getting my first big bottle()
  12. Happy birthday.Thats cool that your getting a scent from love potion to treat yourself for your birthday.If you dont have LP:Homme,you should definitely get it.Its an easy favorite for me from my limited testing and is the nicest smelling of what ive tried so far()Other than that zen garden,super for men 2 and dad for men were nice too but im sure youve already got them(>_<)
  13. Playing with teacher's pest today.If dad for men was manly musk,teacher's pest is definitely sexy musk.It starts off with a musk that is heavy on the vanilla and reminds me a lot of masked man with around the same amount of sweetness.Once it dries down,the tobacco note becomes more prominent and the vanilla note reduces creating a interesting balance and a nice smoky sweet musky smell which works well.There are other notes under the surface but those are the main notes that i can pick out.All in all,its a very pleasant musk with a hint of vanilla and tobacco to give it a sensual vibe.Reckon it would be another good one for inspiring nibbling,snuggling and other games Although it seems mild enough for a day scent,i think it would be much better suited as a night scent.Its definitely a good scent but both me and my mum still agree that lp homme is the best so far,lol.(>_<)
  14. Haha,its definitely a good one to look up.It smells nice and my scent expert(my mum) liked it this morning. It contains the intellectual man phero blend,for the gentleman who want to be appreciated for his mind Havent seen the effect since think would need to use more than 1 spray but does sound like a fun phero and would be good for work and socializing.Thanks for the kind words.
  15. Playing with dad for men today.Its mainly heavy on the musk with a bit of sandalwood and lavender.This was one of the few that smelt the same on the skin after dry down.That being said,its an awesome smelling scent.Not really sure how to describe it but it would probably be addictive and manly musk,lol.Theres a few other notes in it that i can smell faintly but cant really pick them out.This is easily the top of the day scents so far though.LP homme is still the king of night scents but i could see myself wearing this more during the day.Not too sure about the pheromone power since didnt really test it around people.So far Dad for Men is the best day scent for me and LP homme is the best night scent.Still have 6 more to go so this may change though.
  16. Thanks.()Yup,it is pretty cool how the scents change over time and on the skin.They are all quite complex scents though so its difficult to figure out some of the scents.They all smell nice though so dont think it matters Wearing Merlins blend today,its definitely a pretty earth and wood type scent.Smells a bit like tobacco,smokey and earthy to start it off.Didnt get much of the green scent till after it dried down on the skin.The green is now playing nicely with the earth and woods Its a good mild and pleasant scent that i could see it as a multipurpose,its not as attention catching or as addictive as some of the night scents though.It would be a good day scent when you want to smell nice while not being obvious about it though like for work or casual hang outs with friends .Its somewhat similar to pendragon in that aspect although its more noticable to the nose than pendragon after dry down.They are both nice scents but think i like the obvious strong night scents more since i plan to use these mainly for dates and things()
  17. One more review down,tried super for men 2 today.Reminds me a little of voracious in how its best after dry down.When i first tried it on the skin,i found the tobacco and lavender notes were pretty strong and the maple not so much.My mum thought the maple note was overpowering though so not really sure(>_<)She doesnt like sweet/food smells though so shes probably more sensitive to those notes.Like voracious,it was very overpowering for around the first 20 minutes and dont think you would need much.Once it dried down,its a very nice scent.Still tobacco and lavender with a bit of maple when i smell it myself but its just strong enough to be pleasant and unique without being overpowering.Its probably around in between masked man and voracious in terms of sweetness and strength. Didnt like it straight out of the bottle but on the skin,can see why its one of the favorites on the forum.Fortunately it doesnt smell too sweet on me Think its probably a 3rd on my list of favorites,just after lp homme and zen garden.Think its definitely a night scent though,its not really mild enough to be a day scent.
  18. Haha,will definitely get around to trying Robert's Attacked in the Stacks since you liked it () LP homme is definitely nice. Yup,Mara creations are amazing.Definitely different from stuff that is normally available. Today is masked man.Its definitely an interesting scent.My mum and me found it a dead ringer for freshly baked cookies though,lol(>_<)Its nice though and would be a good scent if you like food scents.It reminded me a bit of voracious but the sweetness is a lot better balanced and isnt as strong which is a good thing. The vanilla note is pretty noticable and compliments the scent nicely. Its definitely something good to wear if you want to be unique although its not quite nice enough to knock off LP Homme from its new throne as my favorite(:-p)If you know someone who likes freshly baked goods,could see them become tempted to nibble or snuggle on you like a gingerbread man though(>_<)
  19. Haha,its definitely nice.So far that and zen garden are my favorites.I still have 10 more to try though so that may change.Probably will try masked man or super 4 men 2 next since it sounds fun.Have to get around to trying it on the skin sometime to see if it smells different since didnt really like it out of the bottle.A bit too sweet(>_<)Pretty normal,we guys tend to like to stick with what works.Its difficult to introduce change(:-p)Good luck with that though()
  20. Been a little slack with testing them out lately because was a little busy.Got through 2 more scents in the meantime. Pendragon was a very clean and pleasant scent at 2 dabs with the wand on my wrist.Its a bit mild for my taste or on my skin though and think would have to put on quite a bit for it to be smelt by the people around you.On the skin,it wasnt really that noticable once it dried down.While it was drying down,it did smell pretty nice and is mild enough that it would be okay in most environments.Could see it as a pretty good day scent although i like something stronger so that people can smell it easily if your wearing something instead of having to put the app point near theirs or your nose(:-p) Wearing LP homme today,wasnt sure if i would like it when i smelt it out of the bottle because of the heavy coffee scent.Interestingly enough on the skin,there is hardly any coffee smell.In fact,it smells amazing and is a complex/unique scent.Its easily one of my favorites now and is the one that i will most likely get a full bottle of if nothing else jumps outs to me and knocks it off its place as i test them.It has a mild sweetness but it fits well with the scent and its a scent that would draw people in easily.Its very easy to get addicted to the smell too and the strength is just right( )Its strong enough to be nice while not being overpowering and i could see it being used for daily wear when i want to smell nice.
  21. Daniels zen garden starts off with a very strong fresh/green scent which is very pleasing to the nose.It also has a nice and addictive sharpness to it which makes you want to smell it repeatedly.Once it dries down,the sharpness reduces to the perfect amount making it a nice fresh scent with a bit of shaprness to it while being nice and mild.It has a very calming vibe to it and when you sniff it,you cant help but smile and be put into a good mood.It is a fairly strong scent and it is unlikely you would need to use very much to get the desired result.It makes a good unisex scent that could be used by both men and women.Definitely something i could see wearing for fun or when im out and about.
  22. Haha,no worries.Will post it again over there when i get around to it.Lol,been a bit busy last couple of days(>_<)Hmm,could be.Im not that familiar to how things smell in perfumes.I quite like the smell of green tea though()Hmm,definitely interested in eternal sunshine for my next go.Not sure about suddent impact though. Wearing ambuscade today.Just 2 dabs from the wand.This ones a lot milder and lighter than the last 2,probably will need to use more on my next try. On application,it was a very pleasant musky scent.I can only pick out the musk and sandalwood scents though () My mum quite liked the scent of it,it was also one of her favorites smelling out of the bottle.She likes musk scents a lot though so thats probably why.After dry down,it became a bit too light so think i didnt use enough.Can only smell it a little bit once in a while now.Overall from what i can smell of it,it seems to be a nice pleasant scent and would be excellent for day wear.Lol,need to decide what to try tomorrow()Its fun(:-p)
  23. Haha,i dont mind slathering once in a while and having a pherobomb.They are usually pretty fun although not always practical (>_<) I figured i should get a feel for them before doing that though Definitely dont think will need to use much with these. Ended up trying voracious today because i cant smell the spray bottles and was wondering what they smelt like.On first spray,it smelt very very sweet.Something like cotton candy.My mums not that into food scents and though it was a bit sweet too.After letting it dry down as advised,its actually a quite nice scent though.Its now just sweet enough that its still there while becoming more of a musky earthy scent with a twinge of sweetness.Its still a bit strong to be a daily wear scent but as a night scent.Could definitely see it working though.Will have to give it a few more trys to decide how much i like it.So far like Zen garden a lot but think voracious may grow on me Would try picking out notes but it seems to be a pretty complex scent that merges everything together well and it covers the mones extremely well.Cant smell even a bit of the rone or none.Its definitely an interesting and unique scent after drying down though,doesnt smell like any perfume ive smelt before which is a good thing
  24. Haha,my mum loves scents and aromatherapy so got her one to try out.If she likes it,may get her some samples or a full bottle Im interested in what voracious will be like.Need to open it up and try it soon. Wearing Daniel's Zen Garden now.It started off with a very strong fresh/green scent but was very pleasing to the nose(:-p)One of the notes feels quite sharp on application but not sure which one it is.Its sharp in a good way and very addictive though,its my favorite note whichever it is.Now that its dried down a bit,its still fresh but a more mild scent and the sharpness has reduced to make it awesome. Its very calming and has a strange addictive quality to it.Cant help but want to sniff it once in a while. Interestingly enough love potion stuff is amazingly strong.I just used about 2 swipes using the wand type thing attached to the cap.Probably could have used a bit more but its strong enough to smell and you get a pleasant whiff once in a while throughout the day.So far it smells awesome and is greatly relaxing and leaves me in a good mood.(>_<)Its definitely unisex as well,could see it being worn by either a man or woman as well as for day or night.Let my mum sniff it this morning too,she liked it a lot.Glad that the first one i tried was just as awesome on as it was in the bottle.Looking forward to digging through the rest of the collection Maybe a spray of voracious tomorrow
  25. Thanks for the tip Will definitely remember to let it dry down.Haha,will definitely use each one till the sample runs out.Going to be fun Haha,yup.Definitely going to be fun I'll try my best to review but not really that familiar with scents.Mainly got into them when i got into pheromone sprays and found that i enjoyed the different scents as well.Will be learning as i go though Yup,think ill wear one tomorrow to work to see if it lifts up my day.Thats interesting about how the scents grew on you.Definitely going to be interesting and exciting Haha,hoping that i will like super for men 2 when wearing it since it sounds amazing from what the others are saying.Wasnt too sure what to make of it out of the bottle.Haha,ill try daniels zen garden for you tomorrow at work.That one will mainly be for me though since i only work with my sis(>_<)It smells amazing out of the bottle so have high hopes for it though Was going to wait for the weekend but ran out of willpower Haha,think i will tomorrow.A drop or twos enough?
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