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  1. Thank you all for the warm welcomes! Yes, the kitty is my goofball catdog Sasuke. He plays fetch, eats my shoes, talks back to me, and loves hamming it up for anyone who will notice. I have another male cat, Niska, but he's more serious and cat-like. He's not so fond of cameras.
  2. Haha, thank you! I would take you up on the offer, but I am almost positive I would never recognize my own posts if I changed my name!
  3. Thank you, Zion! Sounds like Perfect Match worked very well for you! I haven't ordered that one yet, but of those I have tried I would say my favorites are : T.M.I., Velvet Kisses, Darling Catalina, Purple Puff, and Teddy Man 2. Other than my family gushing over how good I looked and smelled the last time I went to visit (could have just been that I was wearing matching clothes and contact lenses for once) and generally more positive conversation and responses while wearing T.M.I., I really haven't noticed many reactions from others. Definitely some great self effects from those I mentioned, though!
  4. I was a bit nervous reading some of the notes in this but figured its main purpose would be for calming self-effects rather than wearing out and about. The scent is very comforting; rich and nutty with a well rounded and soft outdoorsy green presence, softly merging into clean linen on drydown. Man, this works almost too well for me. I first dabbed some on my wrists after an emotionally draining noon appointment. I felt my mind empty, my body droop, and 5 hours later I woke up :0 I used it again at my proper bedtime later that night and slept a restful 8 hours despite having slept a good portion of my day away. Considering I have nights that neither Ambien or Melatonin can hold me down, I was pretty impressed. The true test came last night when my friend, too exhausted to drive home after a daylong tournament, flopped on my bed and started snoring. After ascertaining he had not been abducted and replaced with a chainsaw, I wondered how the heck I was going to sleep with this new soundtrack of the night. Teddy Man 2 to the rescue! I swiped a line of it down the nose of the Teddy bear I sleep with and was out (and possibly also snoring) 5 minutes later. Very, very nice.
  5. (In my mind I am grabbing a Magic Marker and signing a "Hello! My name is..." sticker with mcreepers, inwardly chastising myself for signing up for a forum with my obnoxious pet name from an ex-boyfriend long gone. Could have gone for something super sweet and creative, but no. I will forever be subconsciously bound to the name that makes me sound like a window peeker. ) I tend to shy away from participating in forums, social networking, etc., but in the last month having discovered LPMP and reading hundreds of reviews, testing samples, and plotting orders I realized I really love this site for so many reasons. The perfumes are extraordinary and refreshingly, so is the energy of the forums. I feel very uplifted in having found this company and the people who enjoy it as well
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