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  1. Definitely need some more of this. Nothing says Yuletime quite so well as this and OdinClaus
  2. This is my go-to general mood elevator for occasions like family gatherings, hospital visits & so forth. When I want an uplifting scent and to nudge those around me to a better frame of mind, this is a winner. (and darn, it's SO :-( )
  3. The ethereal, sweet and clean, slightly occult scent is just perfect now that the weather in New England has taken on some notes of fall and the Halloween ads are appearing.
  4. Though they have only a few ingredients in common, on me today this seemed reminiscent of "Jack" . During the business part of the day, it and H/T certainly seemed to have been helpful in interacting with folks down at City Hall today, both behind the desk and in-line, which certainly didn't hurt
  5. I agree with Honeybee that it is a good all-around, any-time kind of scent. I have noted that it has some sweet tones on me, which I ascribe to the teas, which is quite pleasant (rather like tobacco but less dominant), with the ivy and musk lending some depth and strength to it. It definitely worked nicely with a bit of 'Charisma' as well
  6. Many have already commented on the scent itself, so I will speak more to my impressions of it (and put in a bid to have it if not permanent at least re-brewed from time to time) This is an excellent office-wear scent, with a "solidness" to it. A strong, leaderly, no-nonsense air to it of someone who has just come in from wrestling with the sea on a ship, or from the battlefield. Someone not afraid to get their hands dirty and come out the winner. As tezza23 wrote earlier in this thread : "Overall it's a sort of sharp, bracing, "Brrrr!" scent, that makes me want to go conquer something." Exactly, no matter what the venue - office, home, sports...you will smell like a conqueror, and feel like one too. It is also exactly, by the way, how SCA (medieval enthusiast) fighters should smell, especially the ones portraying Vikings, Saxons and the like. ;-)
  7. EveningWolf


    This smells wonderful and the evocation of the magical sylvan ambiance is perfect, expecting to see Peter Pan or Robin Hood perhaps around the next corner. It seems that it would also work nicely with something like Charisma (maybe Open Windows?Swimming with Sharks?) perhaps to spread that feeling of exuberance and adventure
  8. There is something, perhaps the sage, that smells a might "sharp" to me when wearing it and the imagry that the scent brings reminds me very much of the beach. Coupled with "Charisma", for me it seems made for an active summer day out tossing a frisbee on the sand or the like.
  9. I have been wondering how similar it is to AlphaDream's Corporativo
  10. 2 weeks ago, during a weekend of staffing large interactive theater event, Thunder was decidedly my scent of choice. The uplifting fresh scent and the Open Windows was the perfect complement to ensuring that everyone was having a good time, despite the stresses of running the event. I think that helped a lot towards things going very smoothly.It did feel a touch "god-like" to walk around and spread a dose of good feelings around where most needed - and kept me feeling great as well no matter what came along.
  11. Thank you very much! I'm glad I asked, seeing as it may have helped some others as well.
  12. Hello, I was wondering anyone has experienced a "warm up time" to when a specific blend starts showing results? I ask, as over on PT people are noticing one new product (AD's L2K) takes up to 2 hours to start showing results and was wondering about the blends here - like PM and True Confessions - as I look at adding some to my next order. (yes, I know that personal chemistry can have a big effect on that). Any insights would be welcome.
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