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  1. My bottles show as reserved and I have now requested my invoice...thanks
  2. Can I confirm that the email I sent to request an invoice is: LovePotionPerfumeStore@yahoo.com?
  3. I would like to cancel --- Gossamer Threads w/ Cuddle Bunny I would like to order 1x FB --- Delectable
  4. Please reserve: 2B: Sticky! 2 bottles of this blend.
  5. FB's 1 each Gossamer Threads w/ Cuddle Bunny Carta d'Amor - Enhanced w/ DHEAS & Alpha-nol
  6. Officially requesting One (1) Mystery Box at $50 Theme: Harry Potter (no DVD's please as I no longer own a player) Love Crystal Love anything that Sparkles I love everthing Harry Potter
  7. Oh wow, how cool is this going to be, you get to say what theme you want, I love this so much
  8. I must say over the years, I was not really a fan of Sneaky Clean but in my last order I got a sniffle and dang now I need a bottle. This just smells like the color white every-time I smell it. I also get Lily out of it...
  9. I love this idea... I loved to do a box with with a magical theme, I love Harry Potter and I love those crystal sun catchers... I love old classic TV shows... Wow what a cool concept...
  10. I wore this last night for a work function and everyone was going nuts asking me what I had on and how wonderful I smelled...Gotta love the attention this baby brings to the table..
  11. Thanks for the Flash Sale, it allowed me to get a few staples that I needed....
  12. I'm hoping another rose bland similar to Pallas comes out soon... I loved how that one blended on my skin...
  13. I always forgot how much I love LP: Pink... its so yummy and a great summer scent...love it...
  14. I can't wait till a re brew can be made of this one again...I'm down to 2 bottles... This is my signature scent... I love this blend so much...
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