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  1. dolphindolls2

    Witty Kitty's Sweet & Juicy

    I love this blend, on me its just a smidgen of Ginger but the honey comes front and center and then as the day wears a bit of the fruits come out
  2. dolphindolls2

    Garland & Lace

    I love Garland and Lace and V6 is a great version, I really have loved all that I have tried but this one holds a special place as it really does Christmas Magic...
  3. dolphindolls2

    Pherodise w/Lumina

    I just adore this scent and so happy I found an up opened bottle in the back of my perfume closet... This scent brings me to a place of calm.
  4. I was so hoping this blend would work for me. It goes on beautifully but then after about an hour it turns to plastic on my skin... My skin does this with certain Peach fragrances and its such a bummer because I love peach so much
  5. dolphindolls2

    Love Potion: Summer Solstice 2015

    I love this blend so much, It's like a big wet juicy pineapple all over me... After about an hour I can faintly smell the rest of the LP base and then after 4 hours everthing completely fades on me...I Even thou on my skin it does not last I love this variant so much, that I hope more things are made with Pineapple
  6. dolphindolls2

    La Femme Mystere

    I'm always trying new things but I tend to go back to my true hits... I still love this blend all these years later. I have been using bang a great deal as well and have had great success... Don't ever give up....
  7. I need to use this one, I'm know hooked on Sugared Lavender and I'm using that up like crazy
  8. dolphindolls2

    Pallas w/ Lumina

    I got it in the oil, I travel a ton for work and the oils are better for me...
  9. dolphindolls2

    Pallas w/ Lumina

    I rally like Pallas, I stocked up during the sale and already have one bottle half gone. This is such a bright and happy blend, it goes on very smoothly and all of the notes blend so well with my chemistry. I can pick up the Rose note first then it fades after about an hour to the background where the grapefruit keeps the blend uplifting...Love it
  10. dolphindolls2

    Witty Kitty's Sweet & Juicy

    I'm so looking forward to getting this one... I love ginger and I'm excited that it's there to warm it up a bit...
  11. dolphindolls2

    Charmed Chiara

    BlackCat I just ordered this blend during the sale as I'm in love with pineapple, mango and coconut and I'm so excited to get this blend...thanks for the outstanding review...
  12. dolphindolls2

    Lady Victoria's Black Panther

    I wore BP+ Mega Watt I wore this a few days ago at a business meeting that I travelled to via air travel and on the plane I had two passengers ask me what I was wearing as I smelled amazing. The flight attendant moved me to first class even though I had been told that no upgrades were available both at check in and at the gate. I land and go to baggage claim to get my luggage and 3 different guys helped me with my luggage (I'm no spring chicken and I'm in my late 50's) so I was amused. I get to the meeting and the 2 VP's who always give me crap and never agree to anything that I'm rolling out all thought my presentation was great and how could they help to roll this information out to their teams... This blend is so sophisticated and elegant and when you team it with a phero you are unstoppable... I need to request a re-brew of this as I'm on my last day
  13. dolphindolls2

    Howl w/ Teddy BB

    I’m so bummed this one still does not work on my chemistry, I’m not getting a biter lag in my skin. I wear it to bed for the Teddy effect. However I live trying out new LP’s because I never know what creation will be my next must have
  14. dolphindolls2

    Private Editions for JULY 2018

    Can I reserve a bottle of Rocket Powder
  15. dolphindolls2

    Rik's Southern Lights

    I just did as I just used up the last of my Un Levitation Spray and since the sale is going on, I figured I would buy it now and get a free bottle...