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  1. NuTrix

    Forum Upgrade!

    I'm so befuddled. I don't know where my "content" stuff is like it used to be...I'm'ma just sit back n watch for a whilz...<3
  2. Not necessarily true. I haven't purchased the trials this year, but if they are in oil like last year, it would be just like ordering the mixing kit from LP. The bottle of 2/3 perfumer's alcohol to add your Un phero oil to, to turn it into a spray. See here:https://luvpotionperfume.com/listing/207863072/diy-bottle-alcohol-ready-for-blending An Un oil and Un spray are the same strength. Happy mixing!
  3. 2018 pherotine sampler fragrances for women and unisex. I. Must. Sniff. Them. All....I am sooooo going to regret this. They all sound so good, I can hear my account whimpering already, LOL!
  4. Wow! Sampler...must have Mark's Girl Nip, hehe...Well, really at this point I think I need them all, but sampler set is a good start Labels, as always, are fantastic. LOVE Frisky Buisiness!
  5. NuTrix

    Pherotine Questions for YOU...

    Oooo! My brows perked at the idea of BCP in combo with PP! What fun! Should be paired with something lighthearted, and maybe a little sexy, for sure! I'm a fan of the oils myself, but maybe that's only because if I really want, I can make it into a spray, so my vote would be biased
  6. NuTrix

    New Releases for OCTOBER 2017! ~ Boo!

    I'm late! I'm late!,, *runs in circles wildly* everything looks fantastic! Mara! So glad the store is doing so well and prospering, congratulations!
  7. WOW! Looks who's been CRAZY busy with all of these new fantastic goodies! Just, WOW! To everything!
  8. NuTrix

    Thinning the Catalogue - Discontinued Blends....

    Just catching up on this thread! Was wondering how I got lucky enough to get 2 bottles of H&S! Honestly thought they were 2 of the last 3, but it looks like more were made! I like Treasured Hearts, but it lacks the components that make H&S so great for me. TH is a fun blend where H&S is an awesome bonding blend. Understand if it needs to go at some point, but glad it wasn't quite yet
  9. In a panic, I ordered 2 bottles of H&S for fear of it being gone forever...I hope it was a terrible rumor, but if not, I will have a stash for a while
  10. NuTrix

    Naked Twilight

    Pulled this one out today and I am going to SOOOO miss it when it's gone. I didn't care as much for the sister scent, Naked Dawn, but this one is wonderful. As it's aging, I've convinced myself to stop trying to wear it only for special occasions Wouldn't mind a re-brew if it were possible...
  11. NuTrix

    Glace au Cafe - Summer 2017 Collection

    Why are more people NOT raving about this one? Particularly my coffee lovers out there? Oh Heavens! The first punch of strong bitter coffee followed by a luxurious dry down of sweetened, creamy goodness! There is a place in a town near by me that sell an Espresso milkshake - made with a double shot of espresso! It takes FOREVER to make because they make the espresso for each one as it's ordered, but it is SOOOOOO worth the wait! THIS reminds me of that. Roll in it like catnip! ETA: Forgot to mention...Now that the bottle has sat for a while after shipping, it is just as creamy and delicious first on as it is in the bottle. Those who have it MUST re-test for creamy goodness and report back so I know it's not just me!
  12. NuTrix

    Lady Victoria's Black Panther

    Thank you, Luna, for the explanation. All the scent possibilities must be mind boggling! I don't know how Mara continues to come up with all these wonderfully divine combinations, but I am Ooooooooh so glad that she does!!!
  13. NuTrix

    Lady Victoria's Black Panther

    What is a sweet musk? Whatever it is, it's WONDERFUL! And black amber?! How did I miss that? I have Brown Sugar, Black Amber (I will have to look, but I believe it was a PE also) and ADORE it. Mmmmm, this combo is just amazing!
  14. NuTrix

    Kizz Me

    I purchased this from Etsy thinking since I like Cocoa Amor that this would be right up my alley. However, they are wearing nothing alike on me. Cocoa Amor is much more foodie on me than this, but in the bottle Kizz Me was all dark chocolate and some off smelling sweetness (the honey and raspberry no doubt) and I didn't very much care for it and thought, "Oh no, what am I going to do with a full bottle of this?" WELL! It's completely different on my skin. The orchid is the star. Neither the honey nor raspberry make it foodie and the chocolate isn't at all how it is in the bottle, very understated, almost like it's adding a bitterness to tone down the sweet of the raspberry and honey resulting in a perfect, rich floral fragrance. This is wearing close to the skin for me but I've been huffing my arms since application I was worried I had made a mistake in ordering a bottle unsniffed but I see now that this is going to be a favorite!
  15. NuTrix

    Lady Victoria's Black Panther

    Oh.My.WOW! The orchid in this is amazing! This is velvety and juicy sweet. My nose isn't well trained enough to know what musk but, whichever it is, it is completely compatible with both my chemistry AND my third eye. This is the svelte, stealthy, sleek gloriousness of the panther from every angle. Glorious fragrance! Glad I didn't miss out on this one - EXCELLENT conception Lady Victoria & Potion Master :heart: