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  1. NuTrix

    Baby Boo

    This one is SOOOOOO delish! Because I am determined to "wear" down my previous perfume stash, it took me a while to wear this. In the vial after arrival, it was LURV at first whiff. Wearing it is a dream. It was so familiar and yet I wasn't able to put my finger on it until I read above the likeness to Scotchies - and that's totally it! Side by side they are very different but there are unmistakable similarities. The pumpkin and spice are a delicious twist, and ooooh so YUM!
  2. NuTrix

    Popularity Potion

    Hmm. Get up n go? Pep. Yes, I could say that. It's a fun blend and I feel motivated and up when wearing it, but I'm not sure if it's the same as what you're describing... I love PP, but I have to practically fog myself with it to get the affects I want (but I still love it, lol).
  3. NuTrix

    Beta Androstenol review anyone?

    Before you say goodbye to them, get your hands on a tester of Cuddle Bunny and/or Lace and make sure you've pinned down the responsible molecule ❤️
  4. I haven't ordered anything from LP in so long...trying to dwindle my rediculous stash, lol. But I caved... Dugan Elume - can't wait to smell this incarnation of Allumette! Baby Boo But I only ordered 1 of each, that should count for something?
  5. NuTrix

    La Femme Mystere

    @Vicki Lee Travel shock only affects fragrance. Your un LFM will be ready to go as soon as it arrives ?
  6. NuTrix

    La Femme Mystere

    The fragrance sprays are 1/3 the strength of the unscented, so your sweet spot would definitely be different only as far as number of sprays, not mcgs. You would need 3x the number of sprays of a fragranced perfume...which depending on your sweet spot could be a LOT of perfume A 30ml spray bottle of LFM has 1000mcg per bottle (about 5mcgs per spray), so cut that by 1/3 for an enhanced fragrance. I like the variety too and have everything I love unscented, that doesn't stop me from ordering all the delicious fragrances too though, lol ^_~
  7. NuTrix

    La Femme Mystere

    Yes! To both, lol. Once you know your sweet spot for each, you will have the best idea of what they will do for you together, but even that will need to be tweaked
  8. NuTrix

    Forum Upgrade!

    I'm so befuddled. I don't know where my "content" stuff is like it used to be...I'm'ma just sit back n watch for a whilz...<3
  9. Not necessarily true. I haven't purchased the trials this year, but if they are in oil like last year, it would be just like ordering the mixing kit from LP. The bottle of 2/3 perfumer's alcohol to add your Un phero oil to, to turn it into a spray. See here:https://luvpotionperfume.com/listing/207863072/diy-bottle-alcohol-ready-for-blending An Un oil and Un spray are the same strength. Happy mixing!
  10. 2018 pherotine sampler fragrances for women and unisex. I. Must. Sniff. Them. All....I am sooooo going to regret this. They all sound so good, I can hear my account whimpering already, LOL!
  11. Wow! Sampler...must have Mark's Girl Nip, hehe...Well, really at this point I think I need them all, but sampler set is a good start Labels, as always, are fantastic. LOVE Frisky Buisiness!
  12. NuTrix

    Pherotine Questions for YOU...

    Oooo! My brows perked at the idea of BCP in combo with PP! What fun! Should be paired with something lighthearted, and maybe a little sexy, for sure! I'm a fan of the oils myself, but maybe that's only because if I really want, I can make it into a spray, so my vote would be biased
  13. NuTrix

    New Releases for OCTOBER 2017! ~ Boo!

    I'm late! I'm late!,, *runs in circles wildly* everything looks fantastic! Mara! So glad the store is doing so well and prospering, congratulations!
  14. WOW! Looks who's been CRAZY busy with all of these new fantastic goodies! Just, WOW! To everything!