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  1. Yes, I have returned! It has been quite an experience these past weeks playing with a myriad of new scents since receiving my order. I have been somewhat overwhelmed in experimenting with such a broad & diverse batch of potions. I've determined that there is no clear cut "winner" as each is unique in its own way. All the scents evolve as they are worn. Most come on strong at first, then mellow out, sometimes in unexpected ways. I am beginning to enjoy an appreciation in picking an appropriate scent for the day and/or evening. Sometimes there are surprising results for those around me as well as myself. There is not one scent that is a loser, although some are beginning to be more used than others....only time will tell. It has been a challenge sometimes to choose between straight and pheromone enhanced scents. I am intrigued with the effect of pheromones more now than ever. I have read so much about pheromones' ability to impact others, but the impact on the wearer is much underestimated. Also, I wonder if there is a long term impact as one continues to wear these scents. Perhaps, a residual build-up effect or an evolved receptivity that develops with the wearer as well as the receptor. I do think that over time a new dynamic develops which is positive and uplifting. The combinations appear endless and I have not yet discovered any particular potion or combination that is a "go to" standard. Each situation is different with so many options for what to wear. The process of deciding what to try next is a big part of what makes this so fun! It's like a big living chemistry experiment. For a good all around scent, Watson seems to fit well. It has a strong upfront aroma that is persuasive, commanding attention. A good male scent. Over time it mellows well having a long lasting, pleasant afterburner. This seems to have a good chemistry with me. It does well when out with a crowd. I am debating on what pheromone mix would be good to use with Watson... TMI and Teddy Man 2 are very intriguing potions that do surprisingly well with me under a variety of circumstances. They are pleasant to wear and not over powering. I feel good when wearing these scents. Reactions from others tend to be welcoming & stimulating. These are good for me in social situations as well as when relaxing at home. I see these both as being mainstays in my future collection of scents. My next order is forming as I write.
  2. Yes, LPMP looks like the beginning to quite an adventure! My order was shipped yesterday so it should arrive next week. Looking forward to experimenting with all the new scents. Will keep all posted on what happens. Thanks to everyone who have extended such warm welcomes. The feedback & suggestions have been very helpful. Do it!
  3. First, I want to thank everyone for a most wonderful welcome. All comments have been received with great interest. This looks like the beginning of a grand adventure with LPMP! I thought it wise to initially search for potions akin to my past preferences. The baseline would be Tuscany Per Uomo, my personal favorite commercial fragrance to date. It has been described as “a wonderful, suave aromatic fougere that smells divine… citrus... along with the brilliant opening of basil and lavender…The heart of earthy caraway and herbal notes is where this opens up brilliantly. The taragon and anise...in perfect proportion … the orange blossom keeps it lighter and more floral... the brilliant, sharpness of the patchouli shining through from the base. It becomes more earthy and warm with the oakmoss, leather and key note of tonka bean.” From this point, I begin. I must say that the LPMP product descriptions are most well written and enticing. They are wonderful pieces of art in word! Makes it a joy reading about all the scents. I can hardly pass on any of these perfumes given how well they are described. Many have suggested going with a sampler which sounds like a great approach affording me the opportunity to experiment with a diverse selection economically. Also, despite my early preference for pheromones being kept separate from perfumes, I'll likely try phero-enhanced samples to better assess both attributes simultaneously before making a larger purchase later. Based on recommendations, reviews and explorations through LPMP’s vast inventory of perfumes, the following are likely to be included in my initial foray: Brother Brimstone, Bodice Ripper, Love Potion Homme and The Sand Box. For something crazy...and in deference to our three "mystical" Maine Coon cats, we'll, also, throw in Tails of Mystery. Should be quite the entertaining mix. For the other half of the sampler we'll likely go with pheromone enhanced scents including: Super for Men 2, Salute, Teddy Man 2, TMI - Unisex and Voracious. For even more fun we'll throw in the Dirty Old Man as it appears I am imminently qualified for such a mixture, as already attested. BTW, the female predilection at LPMP is refreshing and exciting. Who better to develop such creative potions! I am fascinated with opinions from the opposite sex, especially where perfumes are involved. After all, one of my primary targets is to be well presented to my female partner! To that end a female perspective is critical and most welcome. Also, the feminine POV will be critical when I'm ready for suggestions on what to buy for her. In any event, I always welcome any help I can get. Thanks again to all! Any other thoughts will be welcomed as I'm sure this is just the beginning. We'll keep everyone posted as the journey continues.
  4. I've recently been rediscovering my long-time interest in essential oils and found Love Potion while surfing the net. I'm somewhat overwhelmed by the wide selection of products Love Potion has to offer and am at a disadvantage not being able to sample many of the fragrances beforehand. Perhaps, I can solicit suggestions from others that are more experienced with these products on which perfumes and pheromones I might try. I am a 57 year old male, happily married, thankfully retired, physically and socially active and every day offers me the opportunity for a new adventure! Some commercial fragrances that have done well for me in the past include my all time favorite, Tuscany per Uome by Aramis. This is one of the few colognes on which I will get compliments when wearing. Others I use, but not limited to, include Black by Kenneth Cole; Double Black by Ralph Lauren and Code by Armani. In addition, I am very interested in expanding my experience with pheromones. I don’t know that I want to purchase any pheromones that are premixed with fragrances as I like the idea of being able to mix & match with other fragrances as desired. I am initially looking for one or two mixes that lean on the social side for when we are out with friends and at least one mix, if not more, with a strong sexual component that would best enhance our "intimate soirées". Any suggestions on what to consider would be most helpful and welcome.
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