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  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE H&S! I have a UN trial of it in oil. It never fails to put me in an amazing mood- I swiped some on when I was feeling extremely PMS-y and grumpy, and within half an hour I was choking up with laughter at the silliest of things. This is an amazing social too- it really makes everyone love you, and it does make you the centre of attention, but not in a bad way at all, like the way SS4W very occasionally makes women catty or jealous. It is a FANTASTIC mood lifter- I went to the doctor for a check up wearing this, and the sour-faced nurse that is permanently blackfaced was actually smiling and being very cheerful when she took my weight and blood pressure! It makes the boyfriend extremely affectionate and touchy as well! Just the other day he joined my family for dinner, and to my (slight) embarrassment, he couldn't go 5 minutes without stroking my arm, giving me a kiss on the cheek or head, or pulling me towards him! hehe it was adorable- he is usually touchy, but the H&S really sends him overboard! It's not JUST about fun and silliness though- it can move towards the more positive heart-to-heart sort of talks as well, not to mention it works great on the boyf for getting him in the mood for slow, passionate love-making This has got to be right at the top of my favourite phero list! I LOVE H&S and I'm gonna be buying a full UN-bottle! I'm trying to decide if I should get it in oil or spray though- perhaps 60/40 would be a good compromise. Any advice would be appreciated!
  2. Sorry if I seem ignorant or missed this somewhere, but what's the difference between this and LFM in terms of effects?
  3. Hi all! Thanks for the recommendations and advice! I decided to go with SS4W in the end, as I've never tried OW or TH, so didn't want to risk it since I knew and love how SS4W makes me feel I was DYNAMITE! hehe I was breaking ice and nabbing girl hearts left right and centre. I did find that it makes me a little catty though- not in a bitchy type of way, but more like making jokes at others' expense? Not that I offended anyone, everyone seemed to love me! Whew! Oh, and the boyf was super touchy and affectionate even in front of all his friends, he'd lean over to give me a kiss on the forehead and cheek every now and then, and would pull my chair closer to him so that I could lean on him I LOVE SS4W
  4. Hi all, So I'm going to be meeting a group of my BF's very close friends for lunch tomorrow afternoon (in about 12 hours' time)- I need advice! Which of my many LPs should I use to make the best, most awesome first impression that's gonna make them LOVE me? The group of friends will mostly consist of other girls I also want the boyf to be very touchy and affectionate though! Lace, SS4W, Perfect Match, Popularity Potion, LAM, BAM, BLAM?, La Femme Mystere, Cougar, Heart &Soul, Open Windows, Treasured Hearts Need advice quick quick! Thanks in advance!
  5. This reminds me of Passion in Pink, but without the overwhelming caramel! I guess it's the rosehips.
  6. Wow, thanks everyone for the enlightening responses! I haven't had too many opportunities to try either- in fact, I've only tried each one once, so perhaps I'm not in the best position to judge their effects! But I almost seemed to get opposite results from what Eggers reported? I spritzed on some Passion in Pink with H&S before heading out for a late-night supper with the boyfriend, and even though we would both usually be quite quiet and sleepy at 3am in the morning, we were both giggly and chatty- it really gave me this "ah this is why we're together" sort of feeling, if that makes any sense? Whereas when I dabbed on some UN-PM beneath AToP before hitting the beach with him, we were both really quiet- not in a bad way, but in a "I'm relaxed and feeling wonderfully lazy" kind of way. After about an hour or so this went away and we had fun frolicking around the beach. I'm not sure if it was just an "off" day to have used the PM, but I much preferred the effects of H&S- I'm usually quite a bubbly person, so the "quietness" felt a little uncomfortable for me. Hmm. Guess I'll just experiment a little more to see.
  7. Hi all! So I was looking at PM and H&S when I realised that both have a pretty similar list of pheros: PM contains B-nol, A-nol, Androsterone, Epi-androsterone, Androstadienon, DHEA H&S contains Est, B-nol, A-nol, Androsterone, Epi-androsterone I'm quite curious to know if there're any notable differences between the two in terms of effects? I understand that effects will definitely vary from person to person, but I'd love to hear from anyone who's tried both!
  8. I must be the only one here who isn't a huge fan of the scent On initial application, all I get is the extremely overwhelming scent of soap, very sharp to the point where I almost get a headache from the scent wafting up my nose. After about 4 hours it does die down and the cactus honey peeks out, which is lovely, but after 4 hours it doesn't exactly have much throw.. I HAVE tried coupling it with OCCO Pink, though! You'd think they don't go at all, but I was completely surprised when the initial soap smell dissipated a little to morph into this gorgeous, sweet and almost creamy scent! I almost bought this unsniffed, but thankfully I had the sense to get a sample instead! While it's tolerable with OCCO Pink and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the effects of SS4W, I think I'll just have SS4W boosted into something I'd wear more Edit: Cuddle Bunny is my NUMBER ONE favourite LP scent ever, but unfortunately this had no love for me! While CB smells sweetly-clean and cuddly with a complex scent to my nose, SS4W was just sharp soapy soap :/
  9. So does that mean there will be less pheromones left to diffuse after I'm done? Does that question even make sense lol
  10. Sorry to resurrect another dead thread! hahaha but I was wondering if it's okay to use a hairdryer (on a warm NOT HOT setting) for drydown? Will this cause the pheros to break down or start smelling terrible?
  11. Sorry if I'm like resurrecting a dead thread hahaha but I just got my trial of this a few days ago, and decided to test-drive it today since I was going for pole dance class and then meeting my boyfriend after. I spritzed on two sprays to my chest. MMMM! It smelled AMAZING! Fruity and floral, a very refreshing scent that really perked me up. I felt quite alert, almost as though everything was in HD, if that makes any sense? hahaha About an hour of wear later, the scent morphed into a cloying, sharp scent that reminded me of toilet cleaner- you know, the stuff they use to clean/sanitize shopping mall bathrooms? Eurgh. I think my skin was amping the unpleasantly piercing notes of pineapple. I also think I'd OD'd on it, because soon after, I started feeling extremely sluggish and lethargic- all I wanted to do was laze! Not good when I was supposed to be practicing pole moves, lol. So I pretty much lazed the whole lesson away.. Oops After class, I tottered off to meet my boyfriend for dinner. "What do you think about my new perfume?" I asked. He leaned in to sniff me, then recoiled a bit. "Sorry baby. But you smell like an expensive bathroom." "That's what I thought too." I shrugged ruefully. Our conversation started steering in silly cutesy directions, and in the car, I started getting EXTREMELY giggly- like I was really laughing at everything! It was ridiculous hahahahahahah. I couldn't stop giggling even at the stupidest things! He kept asking, "what did they put in your food at dinner?" lol! He couldn't help but start laughing as well at some of my lamer jokes, although he wasn't afflicted with my fits of giggles. Overall, even though I wasn't too fond of smelling like a bathroom, the effects were quite enjoyable- I'll try other a-nol boosted scents, but just one spray next time..
  12. I've got Lick of Cream and Ali's VV in the mail on the way to me, so I'll see how I like those Thanks for the suggestions, though! So generally anything very foody/gourmand-y will most likely be fine, yes?
  13. Could someone advise me as to what perfume would blend well with Sexpionage if I want to get it as a boost (versus layering with the UN)? I've tried Compromising Positions- as much as I LOVE the fact that I can barely catch a whiff of cops straight out of the bottle or when wet, as well as the creamy yummy vanilla scent, I HATE the patchouli dry down I like foodie gourmand scents, but no musks, slutty honeys, resins, ambers and woods, which I'm guessing are the best to cover up crazy cop-heavy mixes like Sexpionage. Advice?
  14. I had no idea that would be too much cops! Lol that would explain a lot- I did feel pretty invisible! Not a single hit or even glance when I went out grocery shopping. I'll pass on the lollipop nextime for BI/anything super cops-heavy and instead just go for neck, back of nack and wrists- do you guys think that would be okay? I'm also curious to know if the pheromones are as effective when the perfume scent is weak or faded- like I said in my previous post, the NOCO White I boosted with BI doesn't smell strong at all (an extremely mild cupcake vanilla), so I figured I'd just put on more so it'd be more effective. So about the Cuddle Bunny lotion- I only saw him about 3 hours after application, but the scent had pretty much faded off by that time, barely a lingering whiff left! We did have some bedtime romping, but I'm not sure it had anything to do with the CB, heh I have yet to try out Compromising Positions! Maybe tonight if I'm sleeping over at the boyf's. I worry he won't like the incense-y base notes though- I'm not too fond if it either >< And to be honest I'm a little impatient to stick to one phero mix for a few days- I have too many goodies to try so I'm excited to switch them up for different occasions! Like SS4W to meet friends or family, CB/BI for one-on-one BF time, Blissful Caress for chilling with buddies.. I guess once I figure out how the pheros work for me I'll be able to adjust accordingly
  15. Hi JOC! Hehe, you're right, we've only been together a couple of months (but we seem to be fast-forwarding through the relationship- it feels like we've been together for at least a year!), so I suppose you're right that the 'mones are confusing him. I worry about testing the same pheros over a few days as I feel I might grow "immune" to them after using them over consecutive days, if that makes any sense? Like my neurons will get used to the same pheros. That's why I like to switch them up over a few days. And nope, we don't live together, but I do stay over at his place every couple of days. And he is definitely okay with PDA- in fact he's super touchy! hehe not that I'm complaining I've been on the pill for over 4 years (I'm in my early 20s) so I'm wondering if I might need more cops even though I'm relatively young. And about the alpha phero, that's a great suggestion. I do have a little vial of Compromising Positions- I'll see if I can use that one of these days so see how it works out.. It's not that we don't get much action- in fact we do, hehe, I just sort of want to use pheros to get a super crazy lusty reaction, if that makes any sense? lol!
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