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  1. I was very excited to receive my fragrances yesterday! I had had the worst day too I fell and sprained and tore ligaments in both my ankles and feet so came from hospital feeling pretty depressed and in pain when I saw a box in my letterbox!! It really cheered me up! So I have been in bed but have been smelling the fragrances and wanted to share my initial thoughts. So there were four that really really caught my interest (LAM was only full size one) First is LAM which I bought the full size oil of. It is sweet without being too sweet and is just stunning!! I can't wait to wear it. Secondly is Cougar. This one is amazing! I know it sounds weird but when I smelt it I just felt like it smelled like pure lust! I have been enjoying just smelling it so much its amazing! I hope it works like that on men then I'd really be unstoppable lol!! I will definitely be getting a full bottle of this. Third is Cuddle Bunny - this is so cute! it just makes you feel that you want to be cuddled I love the scent!! Definitley need a full size Fourth one I love is Red love potion. Smells soo good a great nighttime fragrance!! I also like pherogirl a lot too but I think I need to feel daring to wear that one as its strong on the pheros hehe I think I will like it though So those are my favorites from the bottle but I will wear them all at some stage and see what reactions I get!!
  2. I'm sure Ill have lots of questions!!! Thanks to yourself and everyone for making me feel welcome
  3. Hahaha!! I love it that the excitement still hasn't stopped! I am excited to get my perfumes and seeing how they work for me which ones work best and how people react!!
  4. Thank you!! Yes looking forward to seeing what changes they bring and hopefully in meeting people esp men lol. Or even just enjoying the lovely fragrances!
  5. Thank you! Yes I will definitely report back on what I think, though I know a lot depends on time and how I find people to be to me when I wear them. Will be very exciting! LAM and BAM sound like a good combination!
  6. The order I decided with for my first order is mainly samples to try a few things and see what I love Though I chose a full bottle of LAM Pink Amber And suggested samples for starters of Hallows Eve, Love Potion Red Lace, Pouncing Potion, Phero Girl, Cuddle Bunny, Rocket Fuel and Cougar
  7. Like a magnet and pherogirl are great starts by the sounds. Do you recommend the oil or sprays?
  8. YAY! Thank you! those samples sound great
  9. Excellent thank you!! I like foody scents too - yum!
  10. I can tell im in for some fun here!! Im having a great time reading the posts!! Pink Amber sounds delicious!
  11. Thanks so much! I like sweet or fresh fragrances or floral.. theres not many fragrances I dont like but I tend to not like chyrpes / civet / leather. Is LAM Like a Magnet?
  12. Thanks so much! I didn't see that you could order samples? Pherogirl sounds great I love orange flower. Thats true I bet in the mixes the copulins aren't as noticeable so people can't tell that you've sprayed them on yourself.
  13. Thanks for the reply, I am so excited by all the replies and suggestions!! I do tend to get overlooked as I don't think I have that kind of sex appeal some women have unfortunately and that kind of effect on men I wish I had. As for scents I love all different kinds mainly either floriental types (more so for cooler weather or night) of fresh scents for the day. I like Chanel Coco, Guerlain Insolence, Allesandra Del Aqua, Kai, Child, Amariage by Givenchy to name a few!
  14. Hi everyone, I'm a new member, have been reading through lots of posts about the different pheromones and fragrances and a few have caught my eye! I also noticed everyone on here seems really nice!! I feel like its a very welcoming place which is great! Its hard when you are new to pheromones and feel silly when you don't understand the lingo so thanks in advance for you patience! Maybe this isn't the right place to post this but anyway what got me interested is my love of fragrance and perfume (you could say obsession!) and also being single and wanting to meet someone so looking for that extra boost to help as Im tired of always being overlooked by men. I am cute but not considered 'sexy'. Im a bit scared of copulins though so would prefer something low on those or that isnt strong smelling. I love the idea of the cover scents here and all the amazing mixes! So what I am looking for at the moment is related to a specific purpose (and I have someone in mind!) but even in general to attract men. There is a guy I like at the moment and I would like to try to get his attention!!!!! Look forward to any suggestions on my first order as am a bit overwhelmed with all the choices! they all look so good!
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