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    Wolves are mirror images of our soul.

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    anything and everything of the metaphysical, I make "wearable art", and my cats,"Pumpkin Head"and "the Monkey" (no real name yet)

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  1. liz

    New Releases for OCTOBER 2017! ~ Boo!

    GREAT LABELS !! Killer Bunny
  2. they look Fabulous !!!​
  3. they look GREAT !! and sound AMAZING !! Goddess of the Blue Moon !!!!! OMG !!!
  4. GREAT JOB LOVESTRUCK !!! Minions of Santa...
  5. liz

    Titian Sweet

    DITTO Wendylynne, a tart would be ideal !!
  6. WOW !! it was like Christmas morning at my house this a.m. !!! mailman's arms were chock full !! but the Pièce de résistance was from LPMP​​​!! Thank YOU Mara, John and Gang !!​ hadn't ordered in a LONG while, now off to OD on my new smellies
  7. liz

    New Releases for OCTOBER 2015! Booo!

    WOW !! the labels are AMAZING !!!!
  8. liz

    Private Editions for August 2015

    Thx Luna, didn't make the connection in "Jennifer's"
  9. liz

    Private Editions for August 2015

    ok what's in Jennifer's Persephone Potion !!??
  10. liz

    'Scent Lockets' are here!

  11. wearing this on one wrist and LP Red on the other, OMG !!! This has aged and melded together BEAUTIFULLY !!!
  12. liz

    Spell Collection 2015 - Sigils!

    YOU had the BABY ???