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  1. Stunning young lady !! this is SO MUCH FUN ! Great idea !!
  2. Sugared Bananas is my...MOM !!! The original pic is in a book about Hartford (CT) " HARTFORD : New England's Rising Star", taken during a Thomas Hooker Day Parade (he founded Hartford) in 1999, I dressed her head up like Carmen Miranda, she had a bowl of PLASTIC fruit that need to be used in something else than the centerpiece of our dining room table, HAH ! this book was given to her directly from the Mayor, and then that landed her in a photo in the local city paper. I just gave her the news that she'll be on a bottle of Sugared Bananas, she cracked up PS: Mami says " Muchas Gracias Mara !!"
  3. I have a sample of a coconutty pecan pie from another site and hoping I can use/layer your Brown Sug'd Pecans w/ my Sug'd Coconut to recreate ! think she's Sugared English Toffee
  4. OMG THAT's YOU Bats ??? I LOVE THAT ONE !!!
  5. I SO want to try this one TOO !! CALII !!!! Jeez I haven't seen you in forever ! Don't you just LUV the shades ?!! B-E-L-I-Z-E ok...so what label are YOU Mz Calii ? Adorable ! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ditto, EVERONE looks Fabulous VERY Nicely Done
  6. WOW !! They ALL LOOK AMAZING !!! I'm coconut
  7. d'oh...guilty I apologize but... finally added the CS email addy to my contacts
  8. THIS one was a nice surprise, I like it ! I wore by mistake today thinking I it was Flutterby cause I wanted the H&S for me but the TH worked well for ALL at work
  9. I think it's me but in the bottle (just sniffing) it smells like good ole LP Red, wet on skin it smells like "Everything Nice 2013" (not sure why, neither share that same ingredients), dry down is honey and apricot on me maybe I'll let it age a little
  10. I apologize StacyK, I could have sworn IDKbut it's Green was like LP Green, I thought the hoopla about it was if you like LP green you'd like that...I must have made it up, again I apologize
  11. oils mostly, I like the way the scent blooms from my body heat (hope I said the right), but...I like scents blended w/Pheros in spray, coverage I'm not as savvy about pheros and cops as most here, I just know what works on me
  12. I'm hoping I don't like the sample, cause I REALLY WANT THIS !
  13. ooooh, like one of those scents that haunts the "smeller" ??
  14. oooh I forgot about Hot & Sticky, gotta drag that out ! ps: they (PEs) look GREAT ! Molls, what's in yours ?
  15. hee...Thx ComingUpRoses and I figure if I DO miss out, it prob wasn't meant for me cause something better will come along
  16. Hope there's a btl left, couldn't swing it this time
  17. got the sampler and a FB of LP Rouge (went w/roll-on), teetering on LP Exotica and LP Flutterby
  18. This sounds LOVELY, so delicate and feminine (did I spell that right ?)
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