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  1. Full bttl for sure, just can't decide whether I should get roll-on or spray
  2. WOW !! ok haven't bought anything in a while, THIS set is a must ! just...WOW !! AND A FB OF LP Rouge !! when can we order ?? AND a FB of LP Incandescence !!
  3. just in case...not ALL of them are available just the 2(or 3) in March 2014 PE thread
  4. I'll go look anyone else ?
  5. Has anyone gotten this ? that remembers the 2007 version ? is it the same ? marshmallow-y ? too smoke-y ?
  6. I'd like to order but haven't figured out how...anyone?
  7. Mara, Heather, Luna, is THIS Sampler set still available ?? my neighbor is interested
  8. can't find post telling us how to order the "Sugareds", help pls and is Mara still accepting photos ? photos of ourselves? I'm so out of the loop
  9. OMG ATOMIC MANDARIN IS SO CUTE !! DYING to know what Cerulean Blue is like !! Nicely done GANG
  10. I get it ALL ! Bananas, orchids and CAKE ! then I get what I thought was *frosting* but instead is CUSTARD YUMMY !!
  11. ooohhh SW, sounds like a winner ! waiting for my bottle
  12. Make a Wish...and Blow! by Spring 12 available bottles: (Hearts, LadyV x2, CinnMel, Invidiana, IvyFiddlefox, Liz, Spright, Salex, StacyK, Cherise, Tyvey, Storemy...ALL GONE!!) Paid, THANKS Mara OMG LV, I would DEF order that !!!
  13. ooh they look FAB !! Save me some ! I´ll be back soon
  14. Reserving a ¨Make a Wish...¨ I think, out of the country at the moment, THX !
  15. Very NICE !!! Light and feminine not having tried the 1st brew of this, I can't compare but I DO like this I DEF get the Jasmine, White Tea and a slight hint of Apricot and Sugar think I'll take this on vaca w/me
  16. pretty package just for the full set Valentine samp/btls? anyway got my order today afraid to smell it though
  17. don't get paranoid...hmm , as in I'm jealous too I put in an order right away and haven't gotten a confirmation, $'s been debited though so that's good I guess * got my notice this p.m.*
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