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  1. have never tried the LP White, w/all the rave of original had to get a FB (and that's all I could get this time
  2. This has to be my NEW favorite I just LOVE this blend !! when I wear this for work (mostly on Wednesdays, when hunky, not so new anymore atty works) I seem to get my "whiskey-muscles" and flirt (shamelessly)
  3. got my Victorian Trading Co catalog yesterday and saw this !! http://www.victoriantradingco.com/item/10-pe-1022418/100103109/love-potion-serum-sensual-harmony http://www.victoriantradingco.com/item/10-pe-1022421/100103109/love-potion-serum-seduction http://www.victoriantradingco.com/item/10-pe-1022417/100103109/love-potion-serum-raspberry-chiffon
  4. isn't it DE-LISH ?!!! i'm gonna go mine out
  5. ok Erma...is it soup yet ??
  6. Great stories Mara and Eggers !! DEF want to give this another test drive, outside of work...but I NEVER go anywhere anymore grocery shopping is OUT, only men that insist on wearing pants too loose, or the kind that wear pants that they belt UNDER THEIR F'g BEER GUT, ugh
  7. I tested this today, OMG... this morphed dirty like CRAZY !! just one little swipe on my neck this a.m. I can STILL can smell it !! no one at work commented negatively, perhaps it was just me, I liked it but I should prob only use outside of work BUT I had also sprayed (only) one squirt of UNLevitation on my chest over a bit of Amazonia Zee, wonder if the Aja and UN Lev just don't mix well on me
  8. I don't believe it, I don't know WHAT to order ??!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ settled for Levitation (UN) in spray, 2 freebie samples
  9. phew ! got the invoice, I'll send pymt on Thursday (payday)
  10. Mara? does this PE contain "same" Pumpkin used in Cauldron Cake?
  11. liz


    from the vial doesn't smell like much, even after shaken well (gets cloudy, so I'm thinkin' I shook it well) on my wrist, light, touch of sweetness, a tease of Marshmallow, no smoke I'll let it age a bit and give it another try
  12. liz

    Cauldron Cake

    from the vial this smells DELISH, on my skin...plast-ICKY , perhaps the pumpkin ?? odd, the notes (and/or combo of them) in this always work well on my skin, but come to think of it 2 of the Baby Drac series did that TOO and had to sell those eta: the plastic has subsided a bit, but kinda lingers in the background
  13. will be receiving an invoice? if yes, do you (Mara) mind if I pay on Thursday (payday)? Thx
  14. liz

    Eye of the Moggie

    WOW, this IS the Cat's Eye I can wear to WORK ! most of time I can only wear it on my wrist and huff/enjoy by myself on me it's softer, powdery, glad I bought the full btl
  15. hope I'm not too late I'd like to reserve 1 (one) Lina's Pumpkin Cake Batter please !! Mara, do I have any credits?
  16. I have to go back to bed, could I RESERVE a bottle of this ? if there are any left please ? I'll probably miss the announce while I'm at work tomorrow if it does get announced tomorrow, Thx ! Nighty nigh " ps: Mara, do I have any "credits" left ? Thx
  17. ordered...itchy finger cured, back to bed
  18. a tad late... Hi Treispeace85 and Welcome !!
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