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  1. DDDDOOOLLLLYYYEEEEEE !! yes I like that face as well, I make that face quite a bit, I 'm really uninformed, uneducated and unaware of scents, their availability, etc... and so on. I did go on the love-scents.com and smartmones.com, both quite interesting. Oh, and the forum, apparently I've been living in a cave ! Dolly ! you may have single handedly-sp? created a *monster*. I'm very curious to try EOW ! Question ? the cover scent, should it be bold ? or can it be delicate ? I vary, as I imagine most woman do, in any case would you say, experiment alittle ? What a great way to begin a new year (49). Hope you don't mind all the questions. Liz
  2. PHEW ! Thank you Ladies, for clearing up the difference !!! While I've been known for trying anything at least once, I think I'll try the latter first. Okay, now where would one find, read about or purchase ? I did buy a trial size of PHERO GIRL for mySELF and PHERO BOY for my lover, should I just see how that works before experimenting too much ? Liz PS: Congrats Dolly on your engagement !
  3. In reading the Reviews, I kept reading EOW (Essence of Woman ?), I'm new here, and at the sake of sounding a bit dumb , what exactly is it ? Liz
  4. Ok ! I'm game. My name is Liz, I found this site while "getting my feet wet" in the 21st century (1st computer). I've placed 2 orders and can't wait to get them. The scents sound AMAZING, Potion Master and Sinister Girl are quite talented in their creations (it is PM and SG ? Mara and Danna ?) Oh and I simply love the way "ivorypixie" ends her messages with the little food references. Hope to join in on the chats and perhaps contribute ideas or suggestions for future scents or just BS alittle. Liz
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